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  1. To Thomas Yi……why did you reply to my blog on Tocumen Airport with your lottery comment? Are you spamming?
  2. Bud and I traveled from Mexico City to Panama City last week and noticed a substantial difference in the handicap assistance at Tocumen as compared to other airports. (Yes, I know the airport in Mexico is bigger than Tocumen in Panama City.) While waiting for two hours at the Mexico City Airport, Terminal 2, for our next flight, we counted 42 wheelchair assistance operations. In contrast there was Zero wheelchair assistance when we arrived at Tocumen Airport even though we had requested this service ahead of our flight. Every staff person we encountered at the Mexico City Airport spoke both Spanish and English, and clearly understood what they were doing while using politeness and efficiency. Not true at Tocumen. Tocumen is a major airport in Panama and for The Americas. Tocumen needs substantial improvement to welcome travelers to this country.
  3. Bud and I had an interesting experience in airline travel last week. We boarded a crowded plane at Panama City (PTY) and then sat on the tarmac for about two hours! Engines were running and the plane full of passengers were in their seats with seatbelts fastened. The pilot announced the reason for the delay in take-off was a problem at David airport; the destination airport was closed to all air traffic. Finally attendants offered water and a snack. Passengers were allowed to use the plane toilets. We didn’t hear a single complaint from other passengers (predominantly Panamanian) about this long delay. Everyone waited patiently without grumbling. When our flight landed in David two plus hours later than scheduled, an attendant told us the reason for this late arrival was because David Bomberos could not respond. Explanation was if Bomberos cannot respond then no plane can take off or land at the airport. (Never heard of this before!) Another example to support “Panamanians are among the most tolerant and patient individuals in the world”. 👍👍
  4. Last week Bud and I had a scare at a Florida airport for our return flights to Panama. We trust the information posted on Chiriqui.Life and had even called the airline prior to going to the airport to verify the Covid-19 documentation requirements was still current. However when we arrived at the airport check-in counter two customer service personnel refused to issue our boarding passes. The issue was that they believed all international passengers had to show a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of leaving the US. They said we didn’t meet required criteria, walked away and got busy helping other customers. Bud requested to talk to a supervisor. This gentleman reviewed two screen sources on his computer and announced the information did not agree with what the prior two agents had said. We told him what we understood, which also agreed with what we had confirmed by telephone the day prior; what we reported was the most recent version for travel to Panama. We had not yet entered information for this return flight into a Panama website to get our QR codes, which is now a requirement. By using our iPad, and with help from the Supervisor we were able to document our vaccination status and each of us got our QR codes via email. The supervisor issued our boarding passes. When we arrived in Panama our iPad screen information allowed us to pass through passport control without delay. Message learned: Always have electronic equipment (cell phone or iPad, etc.) to collect/document information and request a supervisor for support when encountering a barrier.
  5. Bud and I were waiting in the check-out line at PriceSmart when a Panamanian couple joined the line behind us. She was very pregnant. A birthday cake was their single item for purchase. We asked this couple to go ahead of us. Another Panamanian couple observed our gesture and stepping aside, invited us to move ahead of them. The husband asked the clerk to move his items aside and place our purchases ahead of theirs. We were impressed by this Panamanian style courtesy. They noticed what we had done and repaid our thoughtfulness. A Win Win.
  6. The recent CL posting about border hoppers (Click Here) by Mr. Abel Gomez (a well known Boquete attorney), reminded me of when Bud and I were sitting in the Mexican Naturalization Office waiting for finalization of our Mexican residency visa paperwork. We couldn’t help but overhear four Americans had overstayed their Mexican Visa allowance and now faced a major fine. One woman exclaimed “we can’t pay that much money, we’ll come back later”. The Naturalization Officer told the complainer “come back tomorrow and the fine is higher because the amount due increases each day it is owed”. The American female shouted “we don’t have that much money, what can we do?” The Officer calmly explained “because you remained in Mexico beyond your visa allowance time, now you can pay the fine or go to jail, your choice”. Sensing what would happen next, Bud and I quickly moved to the back row in the waiting room of the Naturalization Office. P.S. Not sure if these four people are still in a Mexican jail !!
  7. Well said, Alison 👍👍 Without hesitation we totally agree with Alison’s labeling Rodny Direct as an “essential necessity” when living in the Chiriqui highlands. Rodny Direct truly is an essential component to achieve a more secure life in Boquete. Questions? Contact Rodny at info@rodnydirect.com.
  8. Excitement in El Santuario this afternoon. We lost electrical service for a second time today (Friday, June 18th), with the first outage being scheduled maintenance. The first outage lasted about seven hours, ending about 2:00 PM. A second outage started about 3:15 PM, and a few minutes later a neighbor called saying a high tension wire was on the ground and “arcing and sparking” in front of his house. We alerted Rodny Direct, who called Naturgy’s emergency number. Rodny called back within a few minutes to report that two Naturgy repair trucks were Immediately dispatched from David to our location. As a sidebar, Rodny informed us that when Naturgy dispatches more than one truck to site that it is called a brigade. Bud alerted our neighbor then drove to meet and direct (using flash lights) the Naturgy trucks when they arrived and moving up the hill into El Santuario. A fire truck arrived in case a fire started, and also to block the area immediately around the downed wiring. That fire truck refused to allow a taxi driver and a few other vehicles from entering into the danger area. Naturgy arrived with two trucks and assessed the situation. Electrical power was shut down to the high tension wiring. Naturgy estimated three hours for the repair to be finished. Great job, Rodny. 👏👏 We’ll certainly renew our yearly subscription for Rodny Direct. This service is the best buy in town. Pictures available tomorrow after electricity is restored.
  9. Have you heard of the “entitled people”? Because of surgery on Bud’s hand and arm, we decided to fly first class on a recent trip in US. During our flight when Bud went to the toilet, a fella from economy section sat down in Bud’s aisle seat next to me. The flight attendant told him he couldn’t sit there. The passenger said that’s where he wanted to sit and started an argument with the flight attendant. I unfastened my seat belt and grabbed my cup of hot coffee because I could sense a fight happening, and I wanted to help the attendant. When Bud returned to claim his seat, the economy customer finally left and returned to his assigned area. On another leg of our travel the attendant requested three times that everyone be seated so the plane door could be closed. Suddenly the attendant from economy section rushed forward and said there was a female customer who didn’t like her seat and wouldn’t sit down. She demanded a “better” seat. The Captain announced “the woman can sit in the seat she paid for or get off the plane immediately”. End of discussion and plane was airborne. Our attendant rolled her eyes and said to me “some people sure feel entitled”.
  10. until

    Please post menu and prices. Thanks.
  11. Could the fact that Chiriqui Province has the highest number of COVID cases is because we still have no vaccine available in this area? Just wondering!!
  12. Why is cost not posted in this advertisement ?
  13. Happy ending to this Boquete fund-raising project. Thanks for posting end results....always interested in knowing how donated time and money is used.
  14. I believe many of these 88+ thousand vehicles arrived in Boquete because there were several traffic jams on the down town streets .‼️‼️
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