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  1. Suggest this information should be posted on Chiriqui Life in the topic of Maggie List (Animal Care Resources of Chiriqui Province)
  2. What Boquete restaurants are members of Panama Restaurant Association (ARAP)? I’m asking because this article indicates that only members of the Restaurant association can reopen on September 28.
  3. We bought two big bags of bananas, broccoli, pineapple, tomatoes yesterday. Clean store & friendly service by owner. Great prices, too!!!! We definitely will visit again 👍👍
  4. Yesterday (June 2) was our first trip to David in two months. Arrived at PriceSmart at 8:50am. Only three people entering the store. Staff person sprayed each customer’s cart handle with sanitizer while another staff member checked individual forehead temperature reading. Some items on my grocery list were not available, but shelves were being stocked. Checkers were separated from customer by a clear plastic sheet hanging from ceiling area. When leaving the PriceSmart parking lot at approximately 10:00am, there were about 20 people in the queue to enter the building. Each business we
  5. Purchased two face masks from Magaly for DogCamp Boquete support. These masks are two layers of microfiber with cloth in the center which works as a filter. Washable. Come in a variety of colors. Maybe the best feature is eye glasses don’t fog when wearing this mask. $10 each. Available at La Granja pet store (near GAGO in Alto Boquete).
  6. Boquete Market and the only community theater both gone. How sad.
  7. Anyone know why banks now allow only $200 to $250 withdraws but still charge a $5.25 per transaction fee. True of all banks or which ones in Boquete? Allow only one withdrawal per day?
  8. At 11:00am this morning (May 6th) I put on my face mask and gloves, and headed to the public health clinic across from Bomberos to get my flu shot. Of course, lack of parking was my first problem. Located a space about 300 feet down the street from the clinic and trotted back to join the waiting line. After a couple of minutes a young man wearing a face mask motioned me to step to front of the line and asked my medical need. Told him I wanted a flu shot. He instructed me to walk around the metal barriers separating two lines and join the other area. I approached the table (outside
  9. With fewer vehicles on the road because of lockdown, these “cowboy” drivers are speeding, so probably more deaths will occur in these crashes. Be extra careful !! Stay safe !!
  10. Alison.....Today (May 1st) is a holiday. All government offices are closed, so clinic may or may not be open for flu shot.
  11. Last Tuesday (day for males to be out of residence) was a “almost gotcha” when Bud arrived back home at 12:57pm. Waiting in long lines at grocery stores plus delay caused by two police check points caused the problem. Thinking someone needs to figure out that only the people following the lock-down rules are being punished.
  12. Sounds like Friday (May 1st) women are allowed out of their residence for shopping, but stores may or may not be open because of the holiday. All government offices will be closed on this Friday. Complete quarantine for everyone on Saturday & Sunday (May 2 & 3).
  13. At first lots of hair from our rescue Siberian Husky from Magaly & Javier. Good diet and vet care is solving the problem. I agree with John 13....our vet said females shed more hair with change of season. Just keep brushing your Weasel. ❤️❤️❤️ To you for your new dog.
  14. Anyone remember the public meeting at Boquete Library with John Feeley? Considering Varela’s economic agreements with China, could there be good reason for Erik Bethel with years of banking/finance experience plus speaks Mandarin to be named as US Ambassador for Panama?
  15. Our electrical service has been interrupted daily (sometimes lasting several hours), Netflix reception poor (maybe because of heavy usage by stay-at-home folks), long waiting lines at grocery outlets, more & more empty shelves in stores, restrictive hours allowed for necessary errands like medical consults, “cowboy” drivers on almost empty roads, etc., with no end in sight to the quarantine. Feel like we are “camping out” in our home. The next scary situation is I may have to start braiding Bud’s long hair because no haircut !! The good news is that we have our water supply back today
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