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  1. Rodny Direct is a service that every expat should seriously consider. It is much more than a 911 style emergency number that answers in English; most of our calls deal with issues with public services and utilities that answer only in Spanish. Our main benefit by contacting Rodny is that he knows the "systems", what number to call, who to talk to, and how things work in Panama. Our original Rodny Direct placard was faded from being placed on our fence and exposed to the bright sun. Time for a new placard. Contacted Rodny by email. He verified our member number; said he would order a repla
  2. Every resident applying for a renewal Panamanian driver license (good for 4 years) must pass an eye and hearing exam. For people 70-85 years old, a certificate of good physical and mental health from a Panamanian doctor who specializes in internal medicine or geriatrics is required. All this plus an actual test in parallel parking and back-up maneuvers is required for residents over 85 years old. For us seniors the renewed license is valid for only two years. Since I meet the requirements for the actual test, I used my very small car (named Tiny Tim) and practiced for a week prior to my t
  3. As long term customers of the Box Shop in David, we are happy this service is now available in Boquete. Box Shop Logistics for delivery of packages is now open in Local #5, Plaza Los Establos, Bajo Boquete. Phone 778-0595. www.boxshoplogistics.com. (To WhatsApp the David office, use +507-730-1041 or +507-778-0270.) Arial, the friendly staff person, speaks excellent English. No charge for registering for an account. Credit card accepted for payment.
  4. We shopped at this wonderful fruit/vegetable stand again yesterday. Getting to be one of our favorite places to purchase great produce. Clean, well displayed items, and the guys working there are helpful, speak English and are so friendly. Best prices in the area. Suggest you arrive early for best selections. (P.S.... I found picture-perfect broccoli and carrots plus onions.) Bananas and papaya ready for eating. Plenty of parking, too !! Good addition to Boquete.
  5. For several years early on Tuesday mornings our garbage has always been collected from the elevated wire bin with lid container in front of our electric utility meter. We pay for that contract service through the Municipio de Boquete. Today going outside our gated yard to install the new 2021 garbage contract placard we noticed our garbage in black plastic bags had been removed from the bin, but stacked in a pile near the paved street. That has never happened before, and certainly made no sense to us. The local stray dogs could scatter the rain soaked contents and make a big mess. We
  6. Interesting experience at PriceSmart last Tuesday. After reading the latest Minsa report, Bud and I tried to enter the store. Management type employee (female) indicated men only allowed inside. We attempted to explain current Minsa requirements. Her reply was “You are wrong, goodbye”. I waited in the car (for 40+ minutes) while Bud did the shopping. I observed lots of dog food, laundry detergent, dry cereal, and bottles of water were purchased as I waited in our car near the store exit door. I noticed the female buyers had apparently called in their order and then came to PriceSmart to
  7. Thankfully we tested negative for COVID-19, actually twice, once in Mazatlan and then at Tocumen. A report for tests performed on January 2nd on passengers who entered Panama thru Tocumen Airport indicate 404 tests were performed and seven passengers were detected positive. Our test results at Tocumen were written in both Spanish and English. Confusing layout....I actually helped some individuals on where/how to locate test result information on their document. Yup....situation could have been a lot worse for us!!
  8. This past December we took our first international trip since the pandemic started. We have a condo in Mazatlan (Mexico) and typically go there every Christmas season. Arranging the flights was not easy; we engaged Andrea Cook and she worked some miracles for us. We finally got our reservations completed, but they were changed many times (I recall at least five changes, and they were major changes, not just minor time shifts, etc.). Previously we were able to go from David to Mazatlan in the same day. Not this year. Copa was the DAV/PTY/MEX connections, and AeroMexico was from MEX to MZT. Two
  9. Did the Minister of Health, Luis Sucre, announce a “warning” that Panama will experience another lockdown because people are not taking necessary precautions against the escalating Covid-19 situation ?
  10. ACCB Tuesday Talks at Boquete Community Playhouse on December 1st featured Dra. Digna Virginia Diaz. Excellent information about the second wave of Covid-19 in Panama plus ways to protect yourself from this disease.
  11. With our first step inside David Airport for our first trip (Friday, November 27th) since the pandemic began, we were stopped by an attendant using a camera-like device to take individual’s temperature. Then it was a very long walk to board the COPA flight. After arriving at Panama a bus ride (20 passengers per trip) delivered us inside terminal. We had no luggage to claim, so we went immediately to taxi pick-up area. Very few passengers in Tocumen Airport. Boarding return flight was time consuming with attendant taking forehead temperature and carefully checking all hand-carr
  12. Suggest this information should be posted on Chiriqui Life in the topic of Maggie List (Animal Care Resources of Chiriqui Province)
  13. What Boquete restaurants are members of Panama Restaurant Association (ARAP)? I’m asking because this article indicates that only members of the Restaurant association can reopen on September 28.
  14. We bought two big bags of bananas, broccoli, pineapple, tomatoes yesterday. Clean store & friendly service by owner. Great prices, too!!!! We definitely will visit again 👍👍
  15. Yesterday (June 2) was our first trip to David in two months. Arrived at PriceSmart at 8:50am. Only three people entering the store. Staff person sprayed each customer’s cart handle with sanitizer while another staff member checked individual forehead temperature reading. Some items on my grocery list were not available, but shelves were being stocked. Checkers were separated from customer by a clear plastic sheet hanging from ceiling area. When leaving the PriceSmart parking lot at approximately 10:00am, there were about 20 people in the queue to enter the building. Each business we
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