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  1. The President of Panama created a new Golden Visa for Panama to encourage foreign investment in the country. Unlike the existing immigration categories, this new permanent residence permit has four important advantages: 1. VIP counter for the reception and analysis of the Golden Visa. 2. Processing of the application in a maximum period of 30 working days. 3. Option of presenting the application without personal presence in Panama. 4. One-time application with the right to permanent residence permit and E-card (“cédula”). How is the new Golden Visa different f
  2. The death of a loved one takes many people by surprise. Besides the emotional burden and grief, one suddenly has to deal with legal, financial and administrative procedures, especially if the deceased did not have his/her assets organized. Everyday life can very quickly confront us with situations in which it is absolutely necessary to consult a legal expert. Knowledge edge in legal matters helps you to make an informed decision and protect not only your investment and assets, but also your family, heirs and loved ones. Two case studies from our legal practice regarding inheritance law i
  3. UPDATE: The cost for the rapid test at Tocumen Airport is US$50.00. Three stations have been set up in Terminal 1 (prior to passport control) to perform the rapid test. The results are available in approximately 20 to 30 minutes.
  4. How to Keep Your Panama Visa as a Part-Time Resident With the current restrictions implemented on international air traffic, border closures, and controls due to COVID-19 it is difficult for many temporary, part-time or permanent residents in Panama to travel to Panama and thus maintain their current permanent residency status. Most foreign residents in Panama know the golden rule of "having to travel to Panama every two years to maintain your resident status". But are there any exceptions to that rule? Can I lose my residency in Panama? The answer is, "Yes." In fact, the law e
  5. Dear Jacqueline, the International Airport of Tocumen will install three (3) control points inside the passenger's terminal to perform the rapid tests (if applicable). The cost of the rapid tests has not been determined with the Ministry of Health yet. It also has not been defined whether Tocumen Airport or the Ministry of Health will be the responsible authority for contracting the laboratories that will be installed within the terminal area to analyze the rapid tests. Safe travel, Abel
  6. Dear Christine, Currently there are two types of diagnostic tests: 1. Molecular (PCR) tests and 2. Antigen tests. Both are acceptable to the Ministry of Health in Panama. There are several new diagnostic test methods available, including rapid tests (point-of-care diagnostic tests) where results may be available in minutes. These rapid tests (POC) may be molecular (PCR) or antigen tests. For further information see the Coronavirus Testing Basic published by the FDA: https://www.fda.gov/media/138094/download Best regards, Abel Gomez
  7. Traveling to Panama: New Entry Requirements Starting October 12th Panama is reopening for international visitors, reactivating international flights, tourist activities, hotels, and more. At the same time, there are new entry regulations and COVID-19 precautions that all travelers must comply with upon arrival in Panama. Upon arrival to the country every national, resident or foreigner must present a negative PCR Test Certificate or antigen, no older than 48 hours. By complying with this measure established by the Ministry of Health of Panama, the traveler will be able to ente
  8. Marriage On The Test Bench: The Marriage Interview When Applying For Family Reunification In Panama There are times in my legal practice when I observe clients frustrated with the bureaucracy of certain legal processes in Panama. It is for this reason that today I want to tell a personal anecdote since I am probably one of the few lawyers in Panama that have been an attorney and an applicant in an immigration process at the same time. My wife is Austrian and in 2011 after many years of living and working around the world, we decided to return to Panama. This same year we got
  9. The real estate market in Panama (as in the world) is changing. In our practice, we can observe an increase in the purchases and sales of properties in the country for this year. Below we would like to inform future buyers and sellers about legal changes regarding ESCROW services in Panama. What is an ESCROW? An ESCROW is a custody service, where a neutral third party offers (through a binding legal contract) to hold funds or assets until the other parties fulfill certain duties and obligations. Upon completion of the transaction, the ESCROW agent releases the funds according to the
  10. Panama Accounts: Despite Pandemic Restrictions the Liquidity of Panamanian Banking System Remains The risk rating agency Fitch Ratings expects a reduction in the profitability of banks in Panama for this year as well as next year as a consequence of the current situation caused by COVID-19. However, the agency states in its latest report that liquidity levels are adequate and deposits have increased. The contraction of the economy, business losses due to no sales this year, rising unemployment and lower credit growth will put pressure on the profitability of the banking system in Pa
  11. On March 14th, 2018, in a matter of minutes, the public announcement regarding the closing down of the law firm, which played a leading role in the well-known "Panama Papers", is being published worldwide. The law firm Mossack Fonseca & Co., Bufete MF & Co. or Grupo Mossack & Fonseca has closed its activities on the 30th of April, 2018, in all of its branch offices around the world, including its head quarter in Panama City. In Panama, the "offshore" incorporation and financial business sector is an important pillar for the national economy, and sustains almost 50% of the service s
  12. until
    Free consultations at GOMEZ TOMICZEK LAW FIRM (ENGLISH AND/OR SPANISH SPOKEN) Instructions: The consultations will be managed by a first-come, first-served basis. Our address in Plaza San Francisco (second floor), office #23, near Magda Crespo Seguros. The free consultations will be performed by Lcdo. Abel Gomez covering his different legal expertise areas, as: -Corporate and Commercial Law -Relocation Services and Migration -Foreign Investment -Asset Management -Maritime Law -Tax Law -Intellectual Property and Patents -Real Estate
  13. Private Interest Foundations in Panama constitute an alternative to Offshore Corporations or Companies and to Limited Liability Companies, because they are meant to provide asset protection, playing an important role, similar to that of a Trust. For this reason Foundations directly compete with Trusts as a vehicle for wealth and estate management, permitting separation of assets between the founder and the beneficiaries, but without necessarily losing control of such assets, as it happens in Trusts. A Private Interest Foundation is the combination between a corporation and a will.
  14. GOMEZ TOMICZEK is a full service, intercultural law firm located at the Plaza San Francisco in Alto Boquete. We are specialists in the fields of migration law and relocation services, corporate and commercial law, financial consulting and wealth protection, real estate and investment. Consults available by appointment in English, Spanish, and German. Please contact us using the following information: GOMEZ TOMICZEK Plaza San Francisco, Office #23 Boquete, Chirqui Province Panama (+507) 730-9313 / cel (+507) 6575-4414 www.gomitom.com email access
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