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  1. What will be left? A ruined economy, 20%+ unemployment, small business decimated, public debt sky high. For what? A virus that is turning out to be a little more dangerous that the flu. The PCR testing, upon which the World relies to give results regarding infections is very unreliable. Deaths this year are not substantially higher than previous years, just many more are attributed to “Covid” so this charade can go on. Next? Mandatory vaccines that are totally unproven after you are forced to sign a waiver that you cannot sue the manufacturer or the government if there are significant side effects. As me what I really think.
  2. He still has his Mae Lewis office. AKIF, after the Covid thingie the San Fran office is reopening, but it may be affected this week by mother’s day.
  3. So, what you are saying, Alison, is that a 6 month lockdown didn’t work? Maybe another one won’t either?
  4. Bit late I think. I also think HCQ was not meant to treat near-terminal patients, but to help those in the initial stages.
  5. Ooohh, look, over there, a squirrel! Meanwhile, the Country goes to hell in a handbasket.
  6. In all this doom and gloom, just want to say a positive word about Ramtec. I went into the Terronal Mall store yesterday to look for a new washer. I met a delightful young sales lady there who showed me what they had and mentioned that if I needed something special to just let her know, she would source it and give me a price. Then if we agreed on the price they would order it for me. Long story short, returned there today and bought a washer. Good service. I asked for home delivery, it was there as we arrived home about an hour later. Recommended!
  7. Hi Tom, In general, Panama is very nice and its people are easy to live with. The climate is excellent (especially for those of us escaping snow) and the availability of many different types of climate to suit your needs is second to none. However, this pandemic has highlighted the fact that we have a very draconian government who have the explicit backing of the National Police to do pretty much anything they want. Lawyers I speak to tell me that the measures brought in by the government go against the Panamanian Constitution, but they just don’t care as there is no real opposition. In general, the Panamanian people will unquestioningly do what the government dictates, they just don’t have the background rebellious nature of some Countries. If that bothers you, then this is not the place to be. However, for me, the positives outweigh the negatives (I likely wouldn’t be saying that if we were still under house arrest) and I do like it here. Hopefully, as we come out of this thing cooler heads will prevail and a more sensible approach to these sort of problems will be developed.
  8. That statistic means absolutely nothing. More testing equals more positives. More testing in concentrated neighbourhoods where a case of covid has been found results in an even bigger skewed result.
  9. Hmmm, “get what you pay for”? Before I fired Cable Onda they were charging me $50 for 3 meg speed. Those with fiber were getting up to 100 meg or so for the same price, so I don’t see how that argument stands up.
  10. I think the government just said “haha, fooled ya” re lockdowns. It was clarified by Sucre last night that only weekend lockdowns apply to Chiriqui, Bocas and Colon. Rest of the week is normal. Shouldn’t be a problem.
  11. Again, this government has borrowed BILLIONS of dollars - perhaps they could use some of that money to provide such “necessities”? Oh, wait, they can’t even get food bags to all who need them.....
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