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  1. Message for U.S. Citizens: U.S. Embassy Panama City, Panama (September 23, 2020) Location: Panama Event: Planned Commercial Humanitarian Flights The Embassy has identified three upcoming humanitarian flights with seats available. Any traveler with the appropriate passport/visa to permit entry into the United States is eligible to purchase a ticket. Travelers should carefully plan their onward travel as hotel options may be limited. Once in the United States, all domestic travel arrangements are the sole responsibility
  2. Hello Everyone, Well we finally got the brand-new, recently established "ok" from the MIDA and ARAP for our farm to sell fresh organic shrimp after we finished our intensive government tours, filled out our necessary registrations, answered all pertinent questions, provided detailed explanations, fulfilled all obligations to the government inquisitions and satisfied our pertinent non-perfunctory, apparently necessitorial transactions after we sated all requests for acquisitions. Well it was certainly worth it! Now we are living dream again, another day in paradise! woohooooooo! We o
  3. Automatic Extension of Expired/Expiring Cedulás The Tribunal Electoral (TE) announced that cedulás (including e-cedulás) that have expired or will expire up until the end of January 2021 will be automatically extended until January 31, 2021. This action is being taken because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The TE reiterated this past Sunday (September 20th) that it extended, until January 31, 2021, the validity of all personal identity cards that are expired or will expire before that date, as well as that of the juvenile identity card and cards of permanent resident for foreigners li
  4. Only 24 hours left last call, get your bids in. If you can not see image Click Here Click Here to Join the Bidding
  5. Saturday, September 19, 2020 This is an announcement from Finca Santa Marta Organic Produce about next Tuesday's, September 15th, delivery to Boquete Note: Everyone should check their orders before leaving the the pickup point. Send a copy of your order with whomever is picking it up. Also, make sure you practice social distancing at the pickup point. We will be delivering your orders for pickup to a residence (apartment) on the main road into town. The location is on your right as you enter Boquete, 2 doors down from the new location of Insi
  6. Roadway Improvement Project for the Inter-American Highway Overpass On the Boquete-David Highway The Minister of Public Works and the mayor of David recently announced a roadway improvement project to complete the roads associated with the overpass over the Inter-American Highway in David. That overpass is on the Boquete-David roadway, and between the Kenny Serracin Stadium and the Kentucky Fried Chicken business. This project was begun many years ago but only partially completed, having been abandoned around 2014. There are few details, but it is reasonable to assume that
  7. Do not miss your chance to get beautiful art work and support a great cause in Boquete. Click Here to view if image does not show Start Bidding Now Click Here
  8. Meet Some Of The Cats at Los Mininos For more information (and more photos!) go to www.losmininoscatsanctuary.org Your donations help care for these, and many other, cats. Thank you! Judy Odom
  9. Our farm has had an abundance of organic, non-gmo produce. Here is our selection: Pear tomatoes, table tomatoes, and heirloom tomatoes, all fresh. $1 per pound. Tomato sauce. Pear, table and heirloom tomatoes prepared with onions and garlic and lightly flavored with basil and oregano. Ready to eat or further prepared to your liking. 24 ounce portion, $5. Tomato soup. Pear, table and heirloom tomatoes with onion, carrot, garlic and basil finished with cream and pureed. 24 ounce portion $6. Sweet corn chowder. Our own sweet
  10. Over the last eight years, Rodny Moreno Fuentes and his RodnyDirect Chiriqui Helpline service has provided Boquete and Chiriqui with a unique and valuable community service. Whether it's roadside assistance anywhere in Panama, a medical emergency, translation service or reporting a power outage, Rodny has served our expat community like few others. With very limited use of his arms and legs, mobility is one of the most difficult issues for him to deal with. Just before his last birthday, Rodny made a birthday wish for a new, modern type of electric wheelchair that would greatly enhanc
  11. Do not miss your chance to get beautiful art work and support a great cause in Boquete. Click Here to view if image does not show Start Bidding Now Click Here
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