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And Now I Know - Overstaying a Tourist Visa




The recent CL posting about border hoppers (Click Here) by Mr. Abel Gomez (a well known Boquete attorney), reminded me of when Bud and I were sitting in the Mexican Naturalization Office waiting for finalization of our Mexican residency visa paperwork. We couldn’t help but overhear four Americans had overstayed their Mexican Visa allowance and now faced a major fine. One woman exclaimed “we can’t pay that much money, we’ll come back later”. The Naturalization Officer told the complainer “come back tomorrow and the fine is higher because the amount due increases each day it is owed”.  The American female shouted “we don’t have that much money, what can we do?” The Officer calmly explained “because you remained in Mexico beyond your visa allowance  time, now you can pay the fine or go to jail, your choice”.

Sensing what would happen next, Bud and I quickly moved to the back row in the waiting room of the Naturalization Office.

P.S.  Not sure if these four people are still in a Mexican jail !!



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