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And Now I Know - Entitled People




Have you heard of the “entitled people”?

Because of surgery on Bud’s hand and arm, we decided to fly first class on a recent trip in US. During our flight when Bud went to the toilet, a fella from economy section sat down in Bud’s aisle seat next to me. The flight attendant told him he couldn’t sit there. The passenger said that’s where he wanted to sit and started an argument with the flight attendant. I unfastened my seat belt and grabbed my cup of hot coffee because I could sense a fight happening, and I wanted to help the attendant. When Bud returned to claim his seat, the economy customer finally left and returned to his assigned area.

On another leg of our travel the attendant requested three times that everyone be seated so the plane door could be closed. Suddenly the attendant from economy section rushed forward and said there was a female customer who didn’t like her seat and wouldn’t sit down. She demanded a “better” seat. The Captain announced “the woman can sit in the seat she paid for or get off the plane immediately”.

End of discussion and plane was airborne.

Our attendant rolled her eyes and said to me “some people sure feel entitled”.



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I think 90% of people in world should not have children so when they expire there will be less bad people....assuming the remaining 10% are good.

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Interesting article. Thanks, Joyful. 

On our recent medical trip to the US that Marcelyn mentioned, we had a total of eight flight segments. On each leg we witnessed at least one incident of unruly passenger actions. Travel no longer is something we look forward to; rather it is something we have to endure (separate from the Covid-19 component) in order to get something achieved.

I long for the time when the world will return to normal, but normal no longer is normal, and likely never will be again. :(

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Somehow we have to mentally deal with this mind boggling tipsy turvy world that's evolving.  Wonder if it strikes us as more horrendous because we are old farts who grew up in the way-back time they now call "mid century modern"........Tune it out, turn on the music and raise hummingbirds.



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