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  1. Asociacion Caridad de la Comunidad de Boquete They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. It took awhile to get pictures with Rodny because of the rainy weather and other things beyond our control. So, at last we are able to report on the success of ACCBoquete's Fundraiser held August 12th at Big Daddys restaurant after the final delivery of donated money has been personally handed to the intended parties and pictures have been taken to share with you.
  2. Asociacion Caridad de la Comunidad de Boquete ACCB needs your help! As our mission statement states ACCB's purpose is support other local charities in Boquete. During the Covid-19 virus “season” the requests for donations from local organizations and groups has not diminished. We have made cash donations to The Handicap Foundation, The Dog Camp and La Estrella del Valley school. In addition, some of our members have personally purchased dog food and medicine for the Dog Cam
  3. ACCBoquete was asked and gratefully responded to donating food to help the LaLa Estella del Valley school. ACCBoquete presented $200.00 to Mike Hill and Tony Ettlon for bags of food they had purchased. Mike, Tony and all the workers are doing a fabulous job in helping the school children and their families.
  4. First, I would like to say Thank You for all the interest in my crushed glass project! I got tons of responses to my post about turning glass to sand. I did say it was labor intensive and I have hundreds of dollars invested. Many people wanted to drop their wine bottles off at my house, but I do not have room in our 2 car garage to store boxes of bottles. And I cannot store anything on the outside of our home. Crushing bottles are labor intense as I explained in my first notice. Besides dropping off boxes of bottles there were others that wanted free sand. I have offered to sel
  5. Help us support the Dog Camp with a dinner for Fathers Day from Big Daddy's this Sunday, June 21st. Call 6250-1948 to order.
  6. Glass bottle recycling I have been working on recycling machines, and have built a machine that turns glass bottles to sand. Glass takes up a lot of space in landfills and reportedly, takes a million years to disintegrate. I now have glass sand, and if anybody has a small cement project that requires sand. I ask for a donation of $3. per (your) 5-gallon bucket. With glass sand there is no sifting, as there are no rocks big or small. My goal is to charge restaurants and taverns what they pay to have their glass hauled to the dump. Some restaurants pay an average of $100/month to refus
  7. Special announcement from @minsapma in Chiriquí. Dear Citizenship we want to invite you to take advantage of this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday so you can get the dose of the influenza vaccine, as it will be the last days, they will be available in the fast car of Vaccination in Plaza Terronal. We reiterate until next Friday we will be providing this ease and later we will release how vaccination will be announced. We have successfully applied about 5 thousand vaccines at this point.
  8. The official word from MINSA is Friday will be a normal quarantine day. The Labor Day is closing down Government official offices such as banks, municipal offices, etc. Ladies will still be allowed to go out at their allotted time frame. That is not to say that some merchants may choose to close if they want to. But it is NOT a full quarantine as is Saturday and Sunday.
  9. The other day 3 families from Boquete Country Club placed dinner orders. Each of us placed our own orders with Chris so we could specify any special add-ons or requirements and he told us what our individual costs would be. The 3 families coordinated a time for delivery. Ordering from one gated community made it easy and quick for them to get our meals delivered hotter than if they had to go to different communities. All of us were overwhelmed at the size of the orders and how delicious. We had enough for another days meal. Big Daddys has added more items on the delivery menu including a
  10. I agree.....I like shopping at Gago. I too had gloves on but had to use the hand sanitizer. I was glad to this. Since I began wearing gloves, everytime I get in the car from each stop, before I touch the steering wheel, put keys in the ignition, etc. I use the hand santizier on my gloves then wipe down steering wheel and everything I touch before taking my gloves off. When taking my gloves off, they turn inside out and I put one glove inside the other. Remember when you put your gloves back on, you have to turn them inside out again. Sound like work? Not as much as it will be if I get t
  11. Just a reminder that anyone who purchased a ticket for the Saturday Sausagefest event scheduled on March 14th can come by San Francisco Plaza on Tuesday, March 17th for your refund. Refunds will be given as you turn your ticket into us. We will be sitting on the sidewalk outside of Mort's Bakery. Despite having to cancel our fund-raising event, Boquete Charity Fest, this past weekend, the charities we were going to support still have financial needs to continue doing the amazing job they do for our community. PLEASE NOTE: ACCBoquete has decided to proceed with giving c
  12. Due to Government cancellation to all events we are greatly disappointed to cancel the Boquete Charity Event scheduled for Friday March 13 (Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Dinner at Boulder 54) and Sausagefest on Saturday March 14th has been postponed indefinitely. Any tickets sold at MBE can get a refund there. All other tickets sold can come to Morts Bakery, Tuesday March 17th from 10-12 for a refund on your Saturday event tickets.
  13. The Boquete Charity Fest is this weekend. Friday night dinner reservations are filling up. Contact Linda Hart @ lhart249@hotmail.com to place your dinner order...Chicken, Fish or Vegan Steak. Don't forget the Blind Wine Tasting at Boulder 54 on Friday, March 13 from 3pm-5pm $15.00 per person and Saturday, March 14 from 1pm-10pm Sausage fest with 3 local restaurant vendors. Vote for your favorite. Live music with Still Kickin from 1-4pm and OS ALMIRANTES FROM 8-10pm. $10. at the door. 1 free beer and lots of fun.
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