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  1. https://www.newsroompanama.com/news/jailed-martinelli-sons-moved-from-isolation-block
  2. https://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama-to-host-migrant-crisis-conference
  3. https://www.newsroompanama.com/news/4-weeks-reading-of-evidence-in-martinelli-trial-just-a-start
  4. Luz Graciela Joly and Mitzity Tugri The July 29th Community Chat with Professor Luz Graciela Joly and Mitzity Tugri was recorded. Luz is an anthropologist who, in 1990-91, was Director of Indigenous Policy, Ministry of Government, Republic of Panama. On 12 March 2021, she retired as Full Time Tenured Professor of Anthropology at the main campus in David of UNACHI -- Autonomous University of Chiriqui. Below are the video of that presentation, contact information, and presentation materials, etc. Due to technical difficulties with the computer, the presentation materials could not be displayed. Those materials are provided at the bottom of this posting; simply click on the link to download the PDF formatted presentation materials to your device. Contact Information Luz Graciela Joly email: jolyadames@gmail.com (Spanish and English) How To Share This Topic With Others https://chiriqui.life/topic/17101-bcp-community-chat-the-ngäbe-among-us Presentation Materials (click below link to download the PDF document) Luz Graciela Joly - Ngabe PPT compressed.pdf
  5. Three significant anniversary events are celebrated in Panama on August 15th: The Anniversary of the Founding of Old Panama – “Panama La Vieja” (August 15, 1519) The Anniversary of the Inauguration of the Panama Canal (August 15, 1914) The Anniversary of the Inauguration of the “Puente Centenario” (August 15, 2004)
  6. https://www.newsroompanama.com/news/us-justice-and-irs-probe-panama-offshore-service-1
  7. https://www.newsroompanama.com/news/panama-colombia-talks-on-10000-stranded-migrants
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