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And Now I Know - Admiring Panamanian Tolerance & Patience



Bud and I had an interesting experience in airline travel last week. We boarded a crowded plane at Panama City (PTY) and then sat on the tarmac for about two hours! Engines were running and the plane full of passengers were in their seats with seatbelts fastened. The pilot announced the reason for the delay in take-off was a problem at David airport; the destination airport was closed to all air traffic.

Finally attendants offered water and a snack. Passengers were allowed to use the plane toilets. We didn’t hear a single complaint from other passengers (predominantly Panamanian) about this long delay. Everyone waited patiently without grumbling.

When our flight landed in David two plus hours later than scheduled, an attendant told us the reason for this late arrival was because David Bomberos could not respond. Explanation was if Bomberos cannot respond then no plane can take off or land at the airport. (Never heard of this before!)

Another example to support “Panamanians are among the most tolerant and patient individuals in the world”. 👍👍


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