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An Now I Know - Tocumen Airport Handicap Assistance




Bud and I traveled from Mexico City to Panama City last week and noticed a substantial difference in the handicap assistance at Tocumen as compared to other airports. (Yes, I know the airport in Mexico is bigger than Tocumen in Panama City.) While waiting for two hours at the Mexico City Airport, Terminal 2, for our next flight, we counted 42 wheelchair assistance operations. In contrast there was Zero wheelchair assistance when we arrived at Tocumen Airport even though we had requested this service ahead of our flight. Every staff person we encountered at the Mexico City Airport spoke both Spanish and English, and clearly understood what they were doing while using politeness and efficiency. Not true at Tocumen.

Tocumen is a major airport in Panama and for The Americas. Tocumen needs substantial improvement to welcome travelers to this country.



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To Thomas Yi……why did you reply to my blog on Tocumen Airport with your lottery comment?  Are you spamming?

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Thomas Yi has been banned for spamming, and his comments deleted - he made the same comment on other posts as well

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