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We are not even 2/3 of the way through this year, and already nearly 300 deaths. That is more than one a day. Ouch.



Highway death toll nearing 300

Posted on August 23, 2016 in Panama

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PANAMA’S highway death toll is mounting at close to 40 a month with the total to date at 293, with a pregnant woman one of the latest to be killed by a passing car on Via Centenarrio  in the capital city.

The new total is 48 more than at the same period in 2015

According to statistics from the National Traffic Operations Management  253 men were killed and 39 women along with hundreds of injuries. many of them severe.

In 2015 there were a total of 335 dead male and 82 females  and the country is on track to far exceed the grim statistic with the months of November and December usually reaching a peak of accidents.


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Not a surprise to anyone. I see lots of bad driving especially after 6 pm but also all day. Plus badly designed roads. The improved road near David looks better because they got rid of the death canal in the center. with a center divider. I still recall encountering a pile of sand or fill several feet high blocking one lane of the inter american highway at night with no signs lights nada 16 years ago. 

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Just only to complement the information posted here.  I will show you the statistics in Panama and some of my comments regarding those figures.


The statistical information is up to July 19, 2016.

As of July 19, 2016 there are 23,179 car accidents in the Republic of Panama.  

260 car accident victims in 206 days

Run Over by a car there are 436 cases with 89 people killed

Car crash victims = 72 people

Crash against a static object = 46 people

Hit and Run = 17 people

Car rollover = 25 people

Falling from a moving vehicle -= 4 people

Unclear causes = 6 people.


Principal cause of those accidents.  

Speeding, DUI and Illegal car races

Till August 24,2016

There were 62,129 speeding tickets infractions

Texting and/or using mobile phones Infractions =  10,718

DUI Infractions = 4877


Those numbers are alarming....

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Traffic death toll hits 392

Posted on November 25, 2016 in Panama

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ONE person was killed and three  badly injured when a speeding taxi ran into the back of a truck parked on the shoulder of the Pan-American highway in Felipillo in  the Deciembre 24 district on Friday November 24.

The 80-years-old  front seat passenger died at the crash site. Thee 25-year-old  driver was taken to hospital in Tocumen and the two passengers in the rear seat were rushed to Hospital Santo Tomas.

The impact was so strong that the front of the taxi  was totally destroyed.

The incident brings the total number of people killed on Panama highways this year to 392.


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Panama traffic deaths outstrip homicides

Posted on November 28, 2016 in Panama

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PEOPLE  behind the wheel of a car, many wielding cell phones,  are involved in more deaths  in Panama than gun toting criminals according to the latest figures.
To date, more deaths have been recorded for traffic accidents than for homicide cases throughout the country.

Murders in Panama have declined compared to last year.
In 2015 there were  445 homicides .  and 403 fatalities due to traffic accidents.


In  2016, to date, homicides total 344  and traffic deaths have reached 393   en route  to surpassing the 2015 total of  403.


A finishing touch before a crash

A police source said that road misfortunes are caused by distraction at the wheel.
He said  that speeding drivers  are distracted, whether talking on the phone or texting eating, chatting,applying makeup, in the case of the ladies, or driving while tired  or under the influence of alcohol.

Marcos Aurelio Álvarez Pérez, a forensic criminologist, says  that there is an irresponsibility at the wheel, because many drivers are driving with one hand and the other is using the cell phone.
He also argued that there is a lack of traffic culture on the part of pedestrians,

“The light may be green for cars and pedestrians continue crossing  and can be thrown,” he said.

They also do not make use of pedestrian bridges.

He stressed that a car is a potential weapon and anyone can get one.


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This is soooooooo sad.  :|



Two police deaths bring road carnage to 397.

Posted on December 4, 2016 in Panama

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TWO POLICE  officers who died in traffic accidents within hours of each other, brought the total  of fatalities on Panama highways so far this year to 397.

The figures provided by the National Traffic Operations Directorate show that Panama is fast heading to surpass last year’s grim total of 403 deaths.

Lieutenant Luis A. Moreno Guerra, 31 died in a head on collision with a truck on Via Transistmica   in Chilibre at 12 am on Saturday, December 3.

Six hours earlier a taxi carrying  two police sergeants collided with a pickup truck  on the Panama-La Chorrera highway.

Second sergeant Jonathan Mina was killed and a first sergeant seriously injured.


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Texting boosts Panama road deaths


THE ROAD  traffic death toll in Panama has already  overtaken that of 2015,  with nearly three weeks to go and the  seemingly inevitable spike in accidents over the Christmas holiday season.

A major contributor to the 409 deaths recorded to date, according to police sources  is driver distraction caused by texting, which according to analysts is six times more dangerous than driving drunk.



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I was returning from David this morning when I happened upon the aftermath of a terrible accident in the southbound lane around 11:00. The location is past Chiriqui Storage (going north toward Boquete) and before you get to the big downhill curve ending at a bridge. An ambulance and the transitos were there, and there was a dead body (covered) in the southbound lane. I'm not sure what happened because I couldn't see any wrecked cars, but I was threading my way through vehicles and gawkers rather than looking around. Possibly it was a person hit crossing the road. Has anyone heard anything?

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The victim's associates blame the death on poor signage and confusion in the construction areas of the PanAmerican highway between David and Santiago..

Biker Dies on the PanAmerican Highway in Chiriquí

Image result for chiriqui pita muere motociclista

The eighth traffic victim in Chiriqui took place on the night of Tuesday 31 January, in the sector of the Pita, when the driver of a 4x4 pickup collided head on with two motorcyclists traveling to the central provinces.

One of the motorcyclists, Sifri Perez died in the place, while his brother, Luis Perez, with multiple injuries and fractures, was transferred to the Rafael Hernandez Regional Hospital in the city of David.

This is a group of motorcyclists in the province of Herrera, who entered Panama at Paso Canoas, on Tuesday afternoon returning from Nicaragua, where they had participated in an international convention of motorcycle clubs in the area.

His companions complained of poor signage on the expansion David- Santiago section, and said there is incorrect signage and that in many parts there and in others the lanes are changed abruptly.

"The authorities must apply urgent corrective measures, or there will be more deaths," said Oscar Lopez, a member of the Motorcycle Club.

Jose Aranda, traveling companion of Perez, I regret the incident, ensuring that corrective measures should be made with the contractors doing the work to be more serious in the signs.



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Ongoing road carnage adds 4 deaths

Posted on February 5, 2017 in Panama

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PANAMA HIGHWAY  fatal accident statistics are off to a bloody start  for 2017, with four deaths on Saturday Feb 4 bringing the total for the first 35 days to 31.

Last Year, 440 people died in traffic accidents, and although the current fatality rate is lagging, Carnival starts on Feb 25, and with increased traffic to the interior and excessive drinking and driving, predictably the carnage will expand.

Three people were killed in accidents in different parts of the country on Saturday and a fourth person died from injuries received in Chiriqui collision earlier in the week.

The first incident took place at around 4.30 am on the Arraiján – La Chorrera highway, in front of the Monte Limar urbanization when a car overturned killing a 44-year-old passenger. The driver left the scene according to official sources.

An hour later  on the Chilibre highway, kilometer 13, Hilda Aura, 55, died after the vehicle in which she was traveling ran into the back of a truck. She was taken by ambulance to a local hospital.

Around 5:44 am an indigent was run over by a garbage  truck in La Chorrera, West Panama,

The vehicle involved was a Mack dump truck, used to collect garbage.


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3 traffic deaths raise Chiriqui toll to 15


THREE SEPARATE  weekend accidents in Chiriqui brought the highway death toll in the province this year to 15.

The driver of a taxi died, on the  Pan-American highway in the Straight of Gariché in the district of Bugaba. The young man whose identity is still unknown, lost control of the car and crashed into a tree.


Flor Estela Santos, 44  also died on the Pan-American, between the communities of Viguí and Tabasará, in a head on collision at Curva de Piedra Negra, in Tolé.

Truck driver Vericimo Vigil Aparicio, traveling  from Chiriquí Grande to the Fortuna Dam, lost control and and was killed. Vigil was carrying beer cases in the vehicle, officials said.

The National highway death toll is past 50, with Carnival only days away.

On the weekend a parade of trucks toured Panama  city carrying mangled cars in which people had died.



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I wonder if the police ever monitor these yellow cars checking tire tread, working brakes, etc. and does the taxi driver have a valid driver's license. Seems to me many taxi drivers have a death wish based on how they drive IMO.

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Drivers in Chiriqui asked to Decrease Speed

Por Demetrio Ábrego (Correspondent)
21/02/2017 - 2:00 PM


The director of Transit Operations in the province of Chiriqui, Mario Castillo, asked drivers to adjust the speed and operate in a prudent manner, in accordance with the Transit rules (Reglamento de Transito), in order to avoid continued accidents involving fatalities on the roads of this region of the country.

Castillo indicated that there has been an increase in the number of police in the roads, operating in mobile and stationary posts, but accidents continue to occur, especially on the Pan-American Highway.

He assured that speed, recklessness, and not following traffic signs are the main causes of accidents, and it is expected that the figures for deaths are very similar to those of last year.

The official announced that starting in the next few hours Transit officials are going to increase the number of operating units on the roads, with very strict regulations for drivers who do not want to follow the rules.

In just the past 72 hours have been three deaths from traffic accidents, one in Tole, another in Gualaca and one in Bugaba.

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It didn't start "within the next few hours" on the Boquete/David road. I returned from a doctor's appointment in David about 6:00, in the semi-dark and off and-on-rain, and plenty of cars passed me doing at least 100 kph. I observed no police presence whatsoever. But I suppose it'll take them a day or two--IF they're serious.

It occurred to me the other day that, given the state of many vehicles here, the government would be wise to combine vehicle inspection with the annual registrado process. I feel sure that bald tires, poor brakes, etc. contribute to the traffic fatalities.

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3 dead, 5 critically hurt in first carnival accident


THE CARNIVAL Joint Task Force got an early call to action on Friday, Feb.24 with the death of three people and critical injuries to another five when a pickup crashed in a remote area of Chiriqui province.

The accident happened on the Cerro Viejo highway, Viguí county sector. The director general of the National Protection, José Donderis, said that the event occurred when the pickup struck a fixed object. .

Several people were trapped in the vehicle because of the heavy impact.

Due to thee remoteness,  of the accident site  and the incident The case was handled by the Joint Task Force, activated for Carnival.

There were no highway deaths through the first day of Carnival in 2016. Tle latest death toll brings the total in Chiriqui this year to 18.



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Marcelyn and I noticed police activity at the "Windy City" Terpel Station as we were headed out for our dog obedience training session in Potrerillos. They were using tape measures kinda like a crime scene investigation. That was about 9:15am this morning.

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1,378 traffic tickets in early Carnival exodus


OVER  56,000  vehicles  left Panama  City for  the interior by noon on Saturday, Feb.25 and  1,378 tickets were handed out for driving offences.

The exodus exceeds the number who had left for the first day of Carnival weekend  in 2016,


The Joint Task Force (FTC) overlooking  the annual bacchanalian celebrations reported that the majority of sanctions were   for speeding ans  using phones while driving.

The majority of the  sanctions were for  to speeding and the use of phones while driving.

The  Task  Force also attended 121 accidents.

Over 25,000 , police, civil defense staff  (Sinaproc) air patrol (Senan) and ambulance service personnel were on duty on highways and beaches, and hospitals mad medical services were on green alert.



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Fourth Carnival traffic death, tight security in Panama city

Celebrants frisked at Cinta Costera

Culeco celebrants

THE FOURTH  Carnival weekend  traffic death was registered when  a 31-year-old man was killed Saturday morning. Feb. 25 in the Montijo sector Veraguas  province  after losing control of his vehicle, colliding with a fixed object and overturning.

Until  noon 121 accidents has been listed, one including a serious injury.

The  1,378 traffic tickets handed out included 122 for speeding, and  13 for proven drunkenness with 87 vehicles towed.

The National Civil Protection System had a of 756 people including 700 lifeguards  on duty in  49 zones of rivers and beaches.

Lifeguards raised the red flags because of  turbidity levels – in the Punta Peña, El Silencio in Bocas del Toro and a  precautionary yellow flags on Red Frog beach in Bocas del Toro  El Arenal in Los Santos, Reina and Arrimadero in Veraguas.


Meanwhile in Panama City there was tight police security on the Cinta Costera as thousands of celebrants  moved to the carnival site for their annual “culeco” soaking as they danced and drank.

Panama’s Carnival celebrations are reflected each year  in



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86,000 vehicle exodus, 2,827 tickets


PANAMA traffic ticket coffers were overflowing  by 8am on Sunday. Feb 26 as a record 85,807 of vehicles exiting led to a record 2,827 traffic tickets.

The most common infractions were speeding (371), and there were 77 drunk driving tickets and 272 vehicles were towed.

Two people have died in traffic accidents, but there were no fatalities on the 49 beach and river locations  monitored  by the Carnival Joint Task force (JTF)

The JTF based in  Aguadulce, has urged drivers to be patient on their return to the city.



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Carnival exodus up 67 percent


SOME  85,807 vehicles  carrying 450,000 people  had set  out from Panama City by 8 am on Sunday Feb,26,on the tortuous crawl to the interior of the country, for Carnival celebrations.

The  Transit Authority (ATTT), said that the figure was up 67 percent over that for the same period in 2016.

Meanwhile the capital city was blissfully free of traffic jams.



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