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  1. Bill and I send our love and condolences to our friend and neighbor Ruby. This is truly heartbreaking. With all our love and prayers, Alison and Bill Brundage
  2. My husband and I seek an instructor in computer skills for Ngobe children of a family we care for. Is there any location where children such as these can learn computer skills and computer safety? Virtual classes make learning with a computer mandatory now.
  3. The question that is obvious is...who was guarding this facility? What form of security systems are installed to protect the property ? This rather large quantity of supplies did not walk out by themselves...it took time and vehicles. Nothing was seen???????????????
  4. Our hearts break for your loss. What a sweet soul. We send our condolences. Alison and Bill Brundage
  5. I am confused by the paragraph on the top of page 12. A bit convoluted a to whether there is continued EUA or full use authorization. Maybe somebody can provide clarity.
  6. I must have missed the FULL APPROVAL part in this authorization letter. Anybody see it? Possibly there is another letter besides this one.......
  7. https://www.fda.gov/media/150386/download Pfizer authorization letter dated August 23, 2021 so you can read it yourself. Alison, RN
  8. Great book ! Boquete, Rasgos de su historia. A must read if you live in, and love Boquete
  9. The vaccine is still classified as experimental use only. This means the usual complete scrutiny afforded medications and vaccines has not yet come to full fruition as of right now. The vaccines are not FDA approved. No vaccine for COVID has full FDA approval for general use. That being said, the folks that are hesitant have reason for hesitancy. They have reason to want to have a full disclosure of any ill effect that has already occurred in the vaccinated group. Alison, R.N.
  10. RODNY DIRECT I can not laud Rodny enough for the work he does for our community here and especially for those who do not speak Spanish. Rodny Direct provided the same heroic response for us here when a neighbor and his wife were beaten and robbed in a home invasion. Rodny's handling of the entire situation was beyond the call of duty and we will forever be enormously grateful. I might add...the spouse of our neighbor is a lady who is totally fluent in Spanish, a Panamanian. She was unable to function. I might also add, he went the extra mile as my neighbors who needed help were NOT his clients, we were. Our neighbors immediately subscribed to his service ! When you have a crisis, a cool calm head and a person directing the first-responders is GOLD. He knows exactly who to call and how to deal with the situation. ( any situation......have a car break down in the middle of nowhere?...Rodny will get you a tow truck. City street light out in front of your house?...Rodny can get that reported and attended to) Bill and I consider Rodny Direct an essential necessity here. Alison
  11. Somehow we have to mentally deal with this mind boggling tipsy turvy world that's evolving. Wonder if it strikes us as more horrendous because we are old farts who grew up in the way-back time they now call "mid century modern"........Tune it out, turn on the music and raise hummingbirds. Alison
  12. Very interesting. Tells me that vaccinated or not, protective measures should not be disregarded. It will be interesting to follow this as time moves on. Alison, R.N.
  13. I have them all around the outside of the house as well.. Cheap and very useful. You can get strips but as well small individuals that come in a set of 3 or so. They last a long time.
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