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  1. I have them all around the outside of the house as well.. Cheap and very useful. You can get strips but as well small individuals that come in a set of 3 or so. They last a long time.
  2. Thanks for your experiences you shared. Not a bad idea apparently to go home and look up what you plan to purchase before you do, to see if it is a discontinued model. Sometimes I have found when I meet resistance with issues that are covered by ACODECO I just tell the merchant I will file with ACODECO, and begin to walk. Usually I get better cooperation and resolution before I leave the store. I appreciate your story ...thanks !
  3. https://www.acodeco.gob.pa/portada.php Panama's Consumer Protection Agency. There is an office in David.
  4. Andrea was a such a good friend and neighbor. She and Don have been a joy to us in our lives here. We miss her and our hearts are broken. Andrea would not want us to be sad but encourage us to love one another and make the most out of our lives. Here in Boquete ( and esp in our little Brisas community) we are such close family. It's been almost 14 years of friendship....a long time !. That closeness is so special . Now that she is gone, we value it all the much more. Goodbye sweet sister. Rest in Peace. we are coming your way soon. Alison, Bill and Weasel
  5. When I filled out my form neither my husband nor I could find Boquete in the drop-down. Unfortunately we just picked what was close...and of course, wrong. I just went in and now come to find you can not edit. All I can say is....we never found Boquete when filled out the form. JazzMan found it by using Spanish mode rather than the English translation. Eh, I don't really think it matters if you have filled out the form or not. I believe it will be a bit of time before we can receive it here in Boquete; plenty of time to figure out what's really up.
  6. Note: In very small print this is written at the bottom of the form: "This form is intended to manage the registration of those people who are interested in being vaccinated against COVID-19. The registry of those interested seeks to facilitate the procedure and logistics in the distribution and application of said vaccines, take the necessary provisions according to the condition of the person, as well as managing the quantities to be distributed by sector and population density. Lack of registration does not imply exclusion in the vaccination process. The information handled by this r
  7. Thank you ! In the middle of COVID, and as busy as you were....you blessed our house with a dog we love. Alison, Bill and Weasel
  8. .......My eyes fail. I did not see anything about plastic bottles. How could that have been missed? ( thank God the cocktail straws will be eliminated ! huge problem) It is heartening that Panama is making a start, albeit slowly.
  9. I go to the AMAZON SMILES site but for some reason I can not get it to recognize : Amigos de Animales, Inc Ft Myers, FL Please correct any misspelling that I might have there. Thanks Alison
  10. Nothing has changed as I see it. (The way to protect yourself ) The difference now is that the workplace has opened and as well more freedom to circulate is happening. The fact that the youth ( working age folks) are the spreaders and that asymptomatic spreaders are out there is a national concern as national numbers of cases and deaths rise. A mask will reduce spread but not prevent it. The Health Department here is very concerned about controlling spread. Packed buses, groups celebrating inside drinking alcohol are culprits according to this morning's news. . Time, distance an
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