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  1. Our experience is DHL gets the ballot there in a week. It costs $50.00. ( For D.H.L. it must be sent to a street address not a P.O. box.) FAX of the ballot never was confirmed at either end. There were repeated attempts to FAX and with numerous FAX numbers that the Board of Elections supplied to us. We were told the FAX machines are very busy on the USA end ( Orlando) . That was no problem as Orange County Florida instructs you to send both the FAX and a hard copy by mail. Once one arrives, the vote is able to be cast and should the other eventually transmit (FAX) . In our experience t
  2. Thanks for your insights Jim. I get this 6th sense that the flow might be a bit slow for a time. Amazon is now backing off on giving arrival estimates if the items are not already in stock. ( Folks might not order up if they knew off the starting block that the wait will be 2 months !.....) Alison
  3. It takes 2 months to get an order of black thread from Amazon sold by Coates and Clark right now. (They will give you a 2 week estimate then gradually shift the arrival date forward...by as much as a month....over and again.) I have been making masks for friends, the poor and charities. I use a lot of thread ! I wonder if in time with this China virus situation there will be a change in what is commercially available for the reduction of supplies coming out of China. Friends in Alaska report thinning shelves........................just pondering... Alison
  4. Happy Birthday Rodny, and thank you for all that you have done for Bill and I and our town . You are appreciated ! Alison and Bill Brundage
  5. We just need a bit more TLC ...us birds in the golden cage.
  6. Lots of tests and an enormous amount of tracing has gotten Panama to a point of almost leveling the virus off. IF citizens remain cautious with opening up carefully we might experience life a bit closer to normal. Mask and distancing....still the drill
  7. October seems to be the magic target when all Corona will let loose ! Last I looked in the mirror I was older than time. (high risk) I am going to be ultra careful moving forward. Mask up ...distance out. It is still there. Don't kid yourselves. Alison, nurse Stay well.
  8. Great book I strongly recommend: Eat to Beat Disease by Dr William Li Easy read. Its all about new discoveries in human physiology and nutrition. Exciting discoveries have been made to optimize heath and prevent disease. Its not a recipe book...and yes it is in ways...because ideas are presented as to how to prepare some neat healthy meals. Statistcs are presented on research studies that were mind boggling to me. HUGE differences in just a few weeks on say heart attack recovery by eating certain foods. The book is loaded with lots of real interesting facts Alison I
  9. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/936180 T Cells as a measurement Article: T Cells a More Precise Immune Indicator in COVID-19? Author: Damiem McNamara Published: Aug 21, 2020 https://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(20)31008-4 ( here is the link to the original study Published August 14, 2020 ) Alison, R.N.
  10. We have been here 13 years. We LOVE it here.....everything about it. By the various modes of confinement and mandates Panama is keeping its rate of transmission at an almost even level.... RT 1 ( a bit over) . Health care in this country is not that of the USA therefore management has to be more strict in order to offer care to the sick when needed. As it is, hotels are now being used. Draconian? From a nurse's POV I'd say they are doing a pretty good job holding back the virus Infrastructure....always a problem and worse in certain areas. Alison
  11. When ethylene glycol breaks down in the body it forms chemicals that crystallize, and the crystals can collect in your kidneys and can affect kidney function. Ethylene glycol also forms acidic chemicals in the body, which can change the body’s acid/base balance and affect your nervous system, lungs, and heart. Early diagnosis and treatment have been very successful in people drinking large amounts of ethylene glycol. Source: Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Division of Toxicology, USA Knock off imports could be dangerous. Alison
  12. Gotta use our good common sense these daze. Exercise is great and the more the better if you don't croak from a heart attack. Digest what you read and filter it to where it fits your personal context. A friend with cancer told me "masks are dangerous". ( something that she read and does believe) Be careful. There is a lot of false information out there and some of it can really mess you up! Alison, still a nurse BTW: Latest information is ...masks may not be enough, and face shields with a masks afford you more protection. Nobody is wild about that but it may well be the ab
  13. MASKS: ...and the beat goes on. An interesting read. For me...sort of an eye opener. Alison, Nurse A Commentarty from Medscape International July 8 2020 "How medicine is clearing up mixed messages on masks" by Hansa Bhargava , MD and Vaneet Arora, MD https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/933604?nlid=136389_785&src=WNL_mdplsfeat_200714_mscpedit_nurs&uac=321845EN&spon=24&impID=2460461&faf=1 __________________________ How a potential universal government mandate ( masks in the USA) may well evolve from it's origins on Twitter from notable medical g
  14. You conclude by saying: " My guess is...." This is YOUR guess and your searching your evidence to support a "theory". Meanwhile it serves no local Boquete/Chiriqui purpose as I see it. I does scare people, and it as well reduces their faith and confidence in the government and health authority they need to have faith in. Compliance is essential right now. Data and theories are lofty , and like the nether parts, are a dime a dozen. Why not shift focus to boots on the ground: we need help here in Panama/Boquete. The country needs hospitals, the hospitals need nurses, th
  15. Articles such as this one excuse people who prefer to believe wearing a mask is bullsh** Yes the N 95 is the 100% mode of protection against virus particles. Here in Boquete: ( please do include that data for us) Where are they sold? Who can afford them? What value is knowing that its too expensive and not readily available? Early dialogue in the USA that negated the value of a mask did not help the USA public accept that covering the face and distancing is essential. As far as I can see, they still have not accepted that reality. As a nurse I hold fast to 1. Dist
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