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  1. Calling the theater Boquete Community Playhouse (or Theater) is the ideal solution. Thanks again for everything you and Joe do for the community.
  2. I think you guys have found the ideal solution. Calling it the Boquete Community Playhouse is perfect. And I agree that the theater should not be allowed to go dark. Thank you Joe and Linda.
  3. No disrespect to ACCB which has done wonderful work raising money for local charities . . . . however, I don't think it's right that they are calling the theater in the Tap Out building "the ACCB theater". BCP built that theater. They put thousands and thousands of dollars and uncountable man hours of labor into that theater. I think that contribution should be respected by calling it the BCP theater.
  4. Excellent review. They bent over backwards serving us. Bud forgot to mention that, in addition to the free dessert, they also served us a free appetizer which was some kind of ground up olives and garlic in an oil base. Everything was good. My carbonera dish was too much to eat in one sitting but it made a delicious breakfast the next morning.
  5. I also loved the calzones at Papa Ricco's when they were on my way home across from the feria. A guy named Bill White owned it after Ricco died in a car accident. The new place in El Alto is totally out of my way. Darn !!🤐
  6. Hal died many years ago. His assistant Michael ran the store until the Kindle killed it. You can buy the entire store inventory for a couple of thousand dollars.
  7. There's a Ramtec store in Plaza Terronal?? Since when and where is it located? I went shopping for a washer yesterday and went to Do It Center, Price Smart and Rodelag. All the washers they had were digital with multiple circuit boards. Not what I needed. Then I drove to the Ramtec store down by the park and it was closed up tight. So tell me about this Ramtec store in Plaza Terronal. It must be new. By the way, I ended up buying my washer at La Reyna. Paid more than I wanted but they had a good selection and what I wanted.
  8. Send a text WhatsAp to Axel at 6989-9615. He speaks English and has painted two exterior houses and one interior house for me. I pay him $25/gallon and that includes all the prep work and the cleanup. If it's a big job he can bring his brother Joel who is also a good worker.
  9. DeWALT DC988 Heavy Duty 1/2 18V Cordless Hammerdrill plus charger. You will need to purchase a new DeWalt or generic battery or a battery rebuild kit. This tool sells new on Overstock.com for $150.28 plus shipping. The Boquete Handicap Foundation will guarantee this hammer drill for 60 days. You can purchase the DC988 for $70 including charger. To purchase email Penny at pjbarrett@aol.com or text WhatsAp 6510-8934.
  10. This nice two bedroom, two bath furnished home is located almost at the end of the dead-end main street in the desirable Santa Lucia neighborhood just off the Volcancito Road. Your $725/month rent will include electricity, water, garbage service, and access to the private Santa Lucia social club. In addition, should you desire to purchase the house, 1/3 of your rent payments will be applied against the purchase price. Renter can opt for a year's lease or a month-to-month contract. The yard is large and totally fenced with a motorized gate opening up to the carport. There is a 1000 gallon
  11. I've been told that all available slots in June and July have been scheduled and they haven't released the August schedule yet. My suggestion is to keep trying because some people cancel their appointment and that time slot will open up. Eventually they will start to make August appointments.
  12. Dra. Diaz told me yesterday that there was a new case in Jaramillo. She agreed with me that there have been no deaths to date in the entire Boquete District.
  13. I went to the David bus terminal yesterday and spoke to the only employee there -- a security guard. He told me there is only one daily bus going to Panama City and it leaves David at 9 AM. I assume the passenger would have to have a salvo conductor pass to board the bus.
  14. Two questions: 1. How often is the bus going from Boquete to David? 2. Are there any buses going from David to Panama City. If yes, how often and what times? Thanks so much
  15. Many people have experienced problems trying to book an appointment to renew their drivers license. My friend who wishes to remain anonymous has worked her way through the site for me and has documented the procedures so I can share them with all of you guys. Go to: https://www.sertracen.com.pa/ On the Home Page, click on the word "Aquí" in the photo/box on the left-hand side of the page that says: "Haz tu cita en línea para trámite de licencia." (Make your online appointment for a license procedure) This will take you to Paso 1 (Step/page 1): Si
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