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  1. This nice two bedroom, two bath furnished home is located almost at the end of the dead-end main street in the desirable Santa Lucia neighborhood just off the Volcancito Road. Your $725/month rent will include electricity (up to $40/month), water, and garbage service. Access to the private Santa Lucia social club is also available at an added expense. In addition, should you desire to purchase the house, 1/4 of your rent payments will be applied against the purchase price. Renter can opt for a year's lease or a month-to-month contract. The yard is large and totally fenced with a gate opening up to the carport. There is a 1000 gallon water tank in the back yard. Well-behaved dogs are welcome. The living room/dining room is large with 2 nice sectionals and a large screen TV. The master bedroom has a king size bed, en-suite bathroom, and large closet. The 2nd bedroom is set up as an office but can also be used for guests. There is a futon and closet and access to the 2nd bathroom. Lots of storage space. In addition to the walk in closet in the master bedroom, there are also three large wardrobes and pantry storage for the kitchen. There is a separate laundry room with a washer and dryer. Also a good refrigerator and stove. All rooms have ceiling fans. Email Penny at pjbarrett@aol.com for more information.
  2. This weekend they will have a market with 53 art makers and different stands.
  3. All computers have been sold except #8 and #1 (desktop)
  4. I've long thought that there are extraterrestrials hiding among the expat population in Boquete. Not sure about the "intelligence" part.
  5. until
  6. Who in their right mind would go to the Fish House Restaurant in downtown Boquete and not eat fish? During many years enjoying their fish and chips I kept hearing people talk about their beef meals -- hamburgers, steaks, etc. So, a couple of months ago I ordered the cheese steak. Now, I have to tell you I've had Philly Cheese Steaks from the original provider in Philadelphia. Never did I expect a sandwich so big and so delicious. Chock full of tender beef, sauteed onions and green peppers. It was delicious and very inexpensive. I've now had 4 occasions to order this sandwich and I can never eat it all. It's a delicious lunch the next day. The Fish House is a wonderful little restaurant right on the river. The atmosphere is welcoming, the waitress is wonderful, and the prices are dirt cheap.
  7. More information about Franc's last days from his landlady, Penny Ripple: For the many residents of Boquete, this is a very sad day. Our friend and neighbor, Franc Lugo, passed away at 9:39 last night in the Regional Hospital. The cause of death was Sepsis, which he developed after 3 surgeries, including the loss of his left leg and repair to an aneurysm in an abdominal aorta. Please send your prayers to Isabel and her family, and to his son in the US, who is recovering from a recent motorcycle accident and does not know about his father’s passing.Franc lived on our property for the last few years, as our friend and caretaker. We will all mourn his passing…he was one wonderful guy!
  8. I was just informed that our friend Franc Lugo died at Hospital Regional. Franc was in the hospital for deep vein thrombosis which resulted in the amputation of his leg and then resulted in an aneurysm which was operated on. Franc will be remembered fondly by the Boquete Community.
  9. Franc was also the voice of Alto al Crimen for several years and an awesome trivia team partner.
  10. Posted on Facebook this morning: It is with a heavy heart that I, Brenda, am sharing with you the news that my mother, Andrea, passed peacefully at 9:12 am yesterday 1/14/2021. She was surrounded by her family; Brenda, Christina, Donn, Senor Gomez and her dear friend Leigh, who brought with her 5 years of hospice experience. Andrea was loved by all that knew her & will be greatly missed. Andrea loves her country & honors The Constitution of the United States. Prior to her passing, she was troubled to see the selective censorship occurring in the media. It broke her heart to see how influential this censorship was in her homeland, and the division it caused between friends, family & loved ones. To show her strong support for our First Amendment Rights, one of her last requests was that I remove her from all social media accounts, including Facebook. I will leave her account open for a few days to allow time for comments prior to deletion of this account. Thank You All for your Love & Support. May God Bless You All With Love, Brenda
  11. I have an idea -- create a new email address identical to the wrong one on the web site. You only need to use this address every two years when you renew. Actually, maybe in two years we'll be done with this covid situation and can just go in person to renew our license.
  12. Calling the theater Boquete Community Playhouse (or Theater) is the ideal solution. Thanks again for everything you and Joe do for the community.
  13. I think you guys have found the ideal solution. Calling it the Boquete Community Playhouse is perfect. And I agree that the theater should not be allowed to go dark. Thank you Joe and Linda.
  14. No disrespect to ACCB which has done wonderful work raising money for local charities . . . . however, I don't think it's right that they are calling the theater in the Tap Out building "the ACCB theater". BCP built that theater. They put thousands and thousands of dollars and uncountable man hours of labor into that theater. I think that contribution should be respected by calling it the BCP theater.
  15. Excellent review. They bent over backwards serving us. Bud forgot to mention that, in addition to the free dessert, they also served us a free appetizer which was some kind of ground up olives and garlic in an oil base. Everything was good. My carbonera dish was too much to eat in one sitting but it made a delicious breakfast the next morning.
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