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  1. Judging by the number of vehicles sometimes pulled over at the checkpoint it is definitely effective in some respects.
  2. I am planning to rent a car to go from David to Panama City. Does anyone know if the airport is the same price as other locations and is there a trick to reducing the insurance, perhaps by having travel car insurance for full coverage? Thanks
  3. "Entrepreneurs have proposed increasing the proportion of foreign personnel that can be legally contracted by companies operating in the country, from 15% to 20%." http://www.centralamericadata.com/en/article/main/More_Foreigners_Workers_Wanted_in_Panama?u=839bfda9afc38434486addc28f82f608&s=n&e=3&mid=[MESSAGEID]
  4. So much less painful to buy on Amazon. And usually cheaper too.
  5. Been trying to access Global Bank online since Friday. Anyone else suffering this?
  6. Hi everyone, Any advice on what documents need to be signed, transferred or notarized to sell a vehicle? Thanks
  7. Definitely many drivers here display a lack of common sense with their driving or handling of situations but also the lack of care by pedestrians blows my mind.
  8. Does anyone know if it is ok to park at David airport for two weeks? Is there a charge? I am guessing fairly secure with 27/7 security. Thanks
  9. No point checking out if you can't check back in. And maybe Costa Rica will refuse entry for certain people soon. Somehow I don't see Venezuelan's planning on returning to their country of origin anytime soon. Will Venezuelan's become refugees in Panama?
  10. " Three other involved in the robbery were given precautionary measures and must report three times a week. " Doesn't sound like they are serious about tackling crime.
  11. Perhaps the Moderator_02 is referencing me in my quote "A sad failure of most hotel and hostel owners failing to warn tourists that some places have known problems" when they state "Further, I am also a bit concerned over some subtle but inescapable snipes or baiting here. Innuendo that business owners place their pecuniary interests above those of personal security are to be carefully said (much less, written), and doing so could result in liable and/or slander charges against the author. I choose to believe that these comments are not intentional. At least I hope so. I am not so naive to believe that such does not occur, but documentation is really called for and availing oneself of the proper channels to resolve such activities is the appropriate course of action. Caution is advised." I am sorry this comes across as innuendo, I mean it as a fact. I have personally spoken to people and the majority were not warned about Wizard beach. The reasons they were not warned can only be speculation. I suggest you ask tourists that were in Bocas before this tragedy if they were warned, who on earth would have documentation about that. How can there be libel or slander when people are not named? As to the poor girl killed on the trail do you believe she was warned and then went anyway? I am not even blaming the hostel owner where she stayed as they may may be new to the area and not warned themselves.
  12. A sad failure of most hotel and hostel owners failing to warn tourists that some places have known problems. This was a very well known danger area to anyone spending time in Bocas although not well publicized. In the majority of tourists I warned about that beach and the path to it and also between Wizard beach and Red Frog beach the vast majority had never been warned.
  13. Maybe just me but today I was told my Novey points expire this month.
  14. With these gringo prices I wonder if they pay their staff gringo wages.Good luck to them but I won't even be stepping in the door. Now that's free market economics.
  15. until

    So is the food free? And where? Seasons restaurant in Boquete or where the map points too? I love Indian food but I think this needs a reload.
  16. Panama finally makes the extradition request to the US. I wonder how many mistakes are in the documents ;-) http://www.reuters.com/article/us-panama-martinelli-us-idUSKCN11X1XQ
  17. Well I never said that 15 is the age of consent. And for sure they are having sex much younger. I have also heard of young teen girls messing around with much younger boys. This from the mother. I think what is happening and not just here due to easy access to porn etc is a little beyond my generation to comprehend and I'm not that old!
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