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  1. Our vehicle is registered here in Boquete. During our twenty years here there have been about four instances of vehicle license plates not being available. The first time that happened I was quite stressed. But then friends gave me a tip -- TIP, meaning This Is Panama. Not a big deal. Also, no plate means no sticker; they go together. What you need to protect yourself if stopped by authorities is a letter prepared by your licensing office to the effect that your registration is current but they have no plates. I am not aware of a standardized template for these kinds of letters. The polic
  2. until

    Marcelyn and I ventured to the jazz concert at the Parque Central here in Boquete. It was a really pleasant experience, and a surprise at how many people were attending and enjoying the good music. Even the weather was supporting this event with cool winds and bright sun and blue skies. A special treat seeing Nicole Hart at the gazebo performing (see the last three pictures below). Some people even attended on horseback. Here are a few of the pictures I took.
  3. A couple of dinner friends recently joined Marcelyn and me to tryout the recently opened Restaurante Meye Bounore, which is located on Calle Principal in Bajo Boquete, just to the right of Restaurante El Sabroson #1. Meye Blounore is a "tipico" restaurant and priced for those on limited budgets. Quantities of food were large, and a reasonable selection of various entrees and accompaniments. Marcelyn and I each had a dinner costing $4.00. The ambiance is quite inviting -- the walls are not painted, but covered with wooden palettes and decorative items. Cash only, no credit cards accepted.
  4. until

    Marcelyn and I participated in this Easter Bag Stuffing event earlier today. I was so impressed with the strong support by our expat community for delivering happiness and excitement to so many local children. I estimate about 30 volunteers came together at the clubhouse at the Boquete Country Club today. I understand that about 800 children will be receiving these gifts next Monday. Here are some of the pictures I took during this event, coupled with my narrative comments. First came the surveying of the resources available, both the people to do the work and the food, candy, clothi
  5. In case you have no idea what happens at a duck race, here is a short recounting of what I witnessed, accompanied with pictures. Start with the host and organizers setting up. And then getting the duck/balloons assembled and labeled. Followed by the admissions check-in desk. Then there is the friendly Tapout staff taking care of food and drink orders for the participants. Now the selling of the 50/50 Raffle tickets. More on the preparation of the balloons, which s
  6. Marcelyn and I joined a few other amigos last Friday late afternoon for a dining experience. The name of the eatery is La Cuchilla, which is Spanish for "the knife". La Cuchilla is located in Bajo Boquete where BQT used to be located before the pandemic caused its demise. I have to tell you right up front that the customer service was superb. For instance, there are both outdoor tables and indoor seating (kinda "indoor" given that the "walls" are such that air can circulate; see below). We opted for the indoor seating because Boquete has been windy and cool recently, and this was late af
  7. There was a long line at Sertracen at the time of Marcelyn's appointment for her license renewal. We estimate about 17 waiting in the queue outside the office, not including us. Since Marcelyn had made a reservation (an online procedure, relatively easy) she was shuttled to the front of the line and immediately granted entrance into the Sertracen office. That queue jumping was under the direction of the security guard, but it still upset many of those in line waiting for their turn, but who had not made a reservation. Below is Marcelyn exiting the Sertracen office after successfully
  8. Agree with the quality, service, and value provided by the Fish House. It is at the top of our list of favorite restaurants here in Boquete. Recently had a chicken wrap for a dinner entre. Very tasty, but way too much food for one meal, so we had a take-home for another feast. Veggies are healthy, and their coleslaw is the best. Every time we arrive at the Fish House, the waitress already knows what we drink, and brings them immediately. Such great service!
  9. Some web email clients let you configure email address "aliases". I had to do this with Union Fenosa (now Naturgy) because my email address contains a period and their software did not allow such characters (contrary to Internet standards, but that is a different conversation). I tried for two years to get that issue fixed but Union Fenosa refused or was unwilling or unable, or..... Recently Naturgy simply stopped sending all emails to me. I have to get my bills off of their website. No paper bills, no e-bills. Really good customer service.
  10. We bank at Multibank (the Boquete branch) and are quite happy with the ability to get US funds into our Multibank account, with no fees involved, and completed in five business days. When posting previously about our experience in getting US funds into Panama we have been "blasted". Some people say it is not possible. Well, I no longer try to refute other people's claims. All I can do is to tell you that we can deposit a US check (up to $3,000.00 at a time), and the funds are immediately on deposit, but with a "hold". That "hold" is five business days for us. There are no fees involve
  11. Several of us decided to try the new Restaurante Al Punto in Bajo Boquete. Al Punto is in the same location where the former Machu Picchu was located (Isabellas is in the same complex). Upon arrival we were greeted in English by Martin, who asked if we had a preference as to seating location. We were the only customers, and so we chose close to the front window. The menu was extensive, and mostly Italian style entrees. We ordered our appetizers (garlic bread, which was very well prepared), and drinks. They currently do not have a liquor license, and so it was water, sodas, and the like. As soo
  12. Marcelyn and I had a very long day in David on business yesterday (Friday, November 6th). When we got back into Bajo Boquete it was still drizzling, and another stay at home evening. However, we also had some important mail to pick up at MBE Boquete, and so we stopped by there about 4:45PM to retrieve our mail. Parking was difficult because it seemed like everyone in Panama was in downtown Boquete. Marcelyn stayed in the car and I walked across the street to MBE. Upon exiting MBE I noticed a trailer across the street with the sign "Musk Burgers" and it appeared to be open for business. I talke
  13. Three of us decided to try Mister Angus Restaurant, which is located in Bajo Boquete. Actually, the "restaurant" is a rather huge red truck parked on the backside of a large lot, one street west of the Avenida Principal. There is a covered area in front of the truck. I think there were five or six tables, all on a rock base "ground/floor". We went there with steak on our minds, and so did not completely review their menu. There is no printed menu, nor a chalkboard, etc. The menu is on the owner's cell phone, which I found a bit awkward, but given that we were there for steaks it made thi
  14. Schleifchenleuchter is German for "little ribbon chandelier". (From a formerly somewhat fluent German speaker.)
  15. You may want to check with the urologists and gastroenterologists in this area. I have first hand experience with Dr. Don Guerrero, and recommend him highly. He speaks good English. Check out all of the health care resources as listed here on CL at https://chiriqui.life/topic/1743-health-care-resources-for-the-chiriqui-province/.
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