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  1. Joyful, Thanks for your comments. We understand and agree with what you write. A bit of explanation here. Note that we did not identify which airline was involved. We have had firm guidance not to speak ill of any company on our website because of slander and libel laws in Panama. Our trip was to northern Florida for medical consults for me. We were incredibly busy during those ten days, and the WiFi at the hotel that we were staying at was, at best, horrible. Note that we don't do cell phone internet (in fact, no cell phone in the US at all), and so it was our iPad and the hotel WiFi fighting each other. That is why we did not fill out the Minsa form for the QR code prior to arriving at the origin airport for our return flights. Yes, we do get an email request to pre-check-in about 24 hours prior to our scheduled boarding time. However, we have generally been barred from pre-check-in because of two reasons, (a) special services are needed, and (b) we do not have tickets for a return to the US and since we are traveling on US passports they need to see our cedulas to prove our Panama residency status. Going a little further, the hotel, also unnamed, was not up to par. We have stayed there previously on several occasions, but this time they hit the bottom of the tank. Unlikely we will ever make a reservation for that hotel in the future. Actually, we are considering boycotting that entire chain of hotels and returning to our more favorites, such as the Hilton, Marriott, and IHG/Intercontinental (Holiday Inn, etc.) chains. Even independents work for us. We do appreciate your feedback.
  2. Marcelyn and I had to spend Friday morning (August 27th) in David on business. At lunch time we stopped by McDonalds on the InterAmerican Highway for a quick snack. While seated inside we watched a team bring in an antique Ford on a trailer, unload it, and then park it on the lawn outside McDonalds. Almost everyone inside McDonalds (not that many because of the pandemic) watched like we did with fascination at backing the Ford onto the grass area. We have no idea why this vehicle is on display or for how long, but it certainly draws attention.
  3. A small group of us expats had our first dining experience at a new Peruvian restaurant that has opened in Boquete. La Barra del Cuzco opened at the end of July on the side street where Isabella's is located. Previously that venue was a private residence, but then converted into commercial purposes about twenty years ago. The original Papa Rico's was located there. Most recently I recall the name of the eatery was Restaurante Las Orquideas. Now it is La Barra del Cuzco. The ambiance was inviting, and the staff attentive. Two of us had a chicken with yellow chili sauce entrée, which included white rice. Two others had what was labelled salted loin. The waitress promptly delivered our drinks. There is no hard liquor, but beer, sodas, fruit drinks (batidos de fresas, etc.) and bottled water are available. We were pleasantly surprised to be provided some plantain appetizers, which were tasty. Entrée serving sizes were quite large, which led to some "para llevar" boxes; no problem there. Entrée costs were typically $12 to $16, not including drinks. Besides interacting with our waitress, we also met the owner, Robert Dunkley, who answered our questions about the background of his new restaurant. Both the waitress and the owner were very competent with English. Credit cards and cash accepted; receipts provided without requesting such. None of us asked for or about a jubliado discount, so I cannot comment on that topic. There were no other dining customers during our stay of approximately 45 minutes, but two gentlemen did stop by for about fifteen minutes for beer drinks only. Low noise level so our table conversation was unimpeded. Overall it was a pleasant dining experience and we likely will return. I asked and was told about their operating hours, but I simply do not remember the details. Contact Information: labarradelcuzco@gmail.com Here are some of the pictures we took. The Main Street Side Sign Robert Dunkley, the Owner, Outside the Restaurante Some of the Interior Décor More of the Interior Décor The Chicken Entrée With Yellow Sauce, and White Rice The Salted Loin Entrée, With Rice and Plantains
  4. I can think of several venues for a small wedding. None of these are a recommendation, simply an option to consider. La Posada Stone Cabins Tapout Arco Iris Salon Mesa Azul The Rock Tree Trek Restaurant Many years ago Marcelyn and were married in the US, but delayed our wedding reception until we were in Boquete. The reception was held at the restaurant that was affiliated with and managed by Hotel Oasis. Anayansi and her staff did a spectacular job of decorating and servicing the approximately 100 guests we had invited. Things change through time, and that restaurant is now Mesa Azul, which is operated by people not affiliated with Hotel Oasis. But it is the same place, and a wonderful setting for our event.
  5. Several of us returned to La Cuchilla last Friday for dinner. Again, great food, great customer service, and good value. Marcelyn and i had dinner with drinks for less than $10. One of our party had the pork ribs plate and it looked scrumptious. We plan to try the ribs plate on our next visit to La Cuchilla. Here is another shot of their menu, as it existed last Friday (in case of selection changes or price changes), along with two "grab" shots.
  6. Here are the pictures that were promised. The fire truck in the right leg is blocking the road for the route to Cabañas Sabrin. You can see Bambuda Castle in the distance off the left leg. Below you can see the sizzling and smoking high tension line on the roadway (photo courtesy of Robert Boyd.) Below you can see the arcing and sparking high tension line (photo courtesy of Robert Boyd).
  7. Interesting article. Thanks, Joyful. On our recent medical trip to the US that Marcelyn mentioned, we had a total of eight flight segments. On each leg we witnessed at least one incident of unruly passenger actions. Travel no longer is something we look forward to; rather it is something we have to endure (separate from the Covid-19 component) in order to get something achieved. I long for the time when the world will return to normal, but normal no longer is normal, and likely never will be again.
  8. Dra Digna Diaz (in Alto Boquete) is the only doctor that I am aware of in the Boquete area who can sign off on the documentation for driver license renewal for seniors. Her appointment number is 720-2434.
  9. Our understanding is YES. But expect long wait times. Have your friend ask a friend with a computer to make an appointment. Things go much faster with an appointment, and making an appointment is easy. Even I could do it. See Marcelyn's blog entry about this. https://chiriqui.life/blogs/entry/446-and-now-i-know-renewing-panamanian-drivers-license-ain’t-easy-for-seniors/
  10. Our vehicle is registered here in Boquete. During our twenty years here there have been about four instances of vehicle license plates not being available. The first time that happened I was quite stressed. But then friends gave me a tip -- TIP, meaning This Is Panama. Not a big deal. Also, no plate means no sticker; they go together. What you need to protect yourself if stopped by authorities is a letter prepared by your licensing office to the effect that your registration is current but they have no plates. I am not aware of a standardized template for these kinds of letters. The police understand the situation. A copy of your paid receipt is nice, but may not be accepted. What you need, to the best of my knowledge and as mentioned previously, is the letter from the licensing office. I recommend having that letter in paper form, but the police might accept it as a digital image.
  11. until

    Marcelyn and I ventured to the jazz concert at the Parque Central here in Boquete. It was a really pleasant experience, and a surprise at how many people were attending and enjoying the good music. Even the weather was supporting this event with cool winds and bright sun and blue skies. A special treat seeing Nicole Hart at the gazebo performing (see the last three pictures below). Some people even attended on horseback. Here are a few of the pictures I took.
  12. A couple of dinner friends recently joined Marcelyn and me to tryout the recently opened Restaurante Meye Bounore, which is located on Calle Principal in Bajo Boquete, just to the right of Restaurante El Sabroson #1. Meye Blounore is a "tipico" restaurant and priced for those on limited budgets. Quantities of food were large, and a reasonable selection of various entrees and accompaniments. Marcelyn and I each had a dinner costing $4.00. The ambiance is quite inviting -- the walls are not painted, but covered with wooden palettes and decorative items. Cash only, no credit cards accepted. Here are some pictures taken during this dining experience. Luis was the counter attendant. Here are menu items. Two of our plates. And now for the décor and ambiance. And the contact information.
  13. until

    Marcelyn and I participated in this Easter Bag Stuffing event earlier today. I was so impressed with the strong support by our expat community for delivering happiness and excitement to so many local children. I estimate about 30 volunteers came together at the clubhouse at the Boquete Country Club today. I understand that about 800 children will be receiving these gifts next Monday. Here are some of the pictures I took during this event, coupled with my narrative comments. First came the surveying of the resources available, both the people to do the work and the food, candy, clothing, toys, and educational items, etc., that are to be distributed next Monday to the children in the comarcas. Then came the stuffing of the eggs, referring to the empty plastic imitation egg shells that came in two sizes, small and large. Then friends and co-workers getting a bit nostalgic. Followed by the organized chaos. Linda saying I think they're over there. You could just feel the joy in peoples' hearts as they supported this worthy cause. Next came the stuffing of the various goodies into the bags. With the end result being colorful paper sacks that will deliver happiness and huge smiles to many children. The bags to be delivered next Monday in the comarca areas will contain decoratively colored hardboiled eggs, plastic egg shells filled with candies and treats, clothing items, educational tools (pencils, boxes of Crayola, etc.), toys, stuffed animals, etc. You can just imagine the joy on some child's face when this bag is delivered. Many thanks go to ACCBoquete for organizing and sponsoring this event.
  14. In case you have no idea what happens at a duck race, here is a short recounting of what I witnessed, accompanied with pictures. Start with the host and organizers setting up. And then getting the duck/balloons assembled and labeled. Followed by the admissions check-in desk. Then there is the friendly Tapout staff taking care of food and drink orders for the participants. Now the selling of the 50/50 Raffle tickets. More on the preparation of the balloons, which seems to be an unending task, followed by transporting the ducks out of Tapout, across the bridge to the deployment station. Some of the Tapout patrons enjoying the activities (and the food). Then the release of the duck/balloons for the first race. Back inside Tapout is a TV display showing the action in the river in real time. Then the second duck/balloon race follows the same route. Some of the very happy second race winners (names not known to me). The two finalists' ducks/balloons on display for the runoff race. That's the volunteer staff showing the two first place ducks/balloons from the two races. That is Mona Lisa on the left and Linda on the right, two of the volunteers. Release of the two finalists ducks/balloons for the runoff.
  15. Marcelyn and I joined a few other amigos last Friday late afternoon for a dining experience. The name of the eatery is La Cuchilla, which is Spanish for "the knife". La Cuchilla is located in Bajo Boquete where BQT used to be located before the pandemic caused its demise. I have to tell you right up front that the customer service was superb. For instance, there are both outdoor tables and indoor seating (kinda "indoor" given that the "walls" are such that air can circulate; see below). We opted for the indoor seating because Boquete has been windy and cool recently, and this was late afternoon with the sun beginning to set. The entire staff came out to arrange the tables so that we could sit as a group. We did not even ask for that kind of service, but there it was. Below is a picture of the food delivery station; the order station is on the right side of the container building. I purposefully left in the image the bamboo "wall" (on the left side of the image). The bamboo walls can be a good clue for when you are trying to locate the restaurant. The food selection is as expected for this kind of restaurant. See the below picture of the menu selections. Prices are very reasonable. The food preparation and quality of the ingredients was excellent. Serving sizes were large, but not enormous (thank goodness). Drink selections are bottled water, soft drinks, and beers. There is no hard liquor. Much to our surprise, credit cards are accepted. The staff listens well, and notes special requests. For instance, Marcelyn does not like onions and wants her meat to be well done (not even pink'ish). Those special requests were honored. Further, the very fresh hamburger bun was toasted, which is not normal here in this area. Toasted buns is one of our desired food preparation steps. Some of our dining group participants ordered different varieties of chicken wings. One of our group was raving about the chicken wings being perfectly prepared, some of the best he had ever eaten. Below is a picture of the great staff, all with smiles and willing to give good customer service. Bottom line here is great food and good value. We will return. As for contact information, the cash register receipt gives 720-7294 as the telephone number, and info@restaurantelacuchilla.com for email. For location: when exiting Bajo Boquete but before going up the incline and left curve as you would to pass by CEFATI, go a bit further past the right exit for the Haven Spa, and you will see a left angle exit off Calle Principal. Take that left angular exit, go no more than 200 feet, and then turn right into the parking grounds for La Cuchilla. According to Google Maps this business is still flagged as "BQT Sport and Grill", which is obviously old information. The street address is shown as Calle 13a Sur 6111, Bajo Boquete, but without street signs that kind of address is of little benefit.
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