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  1. For those having difficulty finding the link to the David Cabecera vaccination registration website: Click Here to See The Registration Form.
  2. Moderator comment: the more recent postings in this thread have resulted in an onslaught of questions coming into our email inbox and text messages, etc. Given the importance of this topic and the volume of inquiries, CL staff responded back to Mr. Montenegro by email. This posting contains both our inquiry and request of Mr. Montenegro, as well as his reply, which was received earlier today. Here is a copy of the email sent to Mr. Montenegro earlier today. We received a prompt response directly from Mr. Montenegro. Here is h
  3. Moderator comment: With reference to our prior posting about the Junta Comunal David Cebecera website page to register for the Covid-19 vaccination in the Chiriqui Province, we received the following reply via email from Mr. Jorge Eduardo Montenegro. We greatly appreciate his quick response with amplifying information about the PANAVAC program.
  4. A new webpage has been published by Junta Comunal David Cabecera. This is a one page form for people in Chiriqui to "register" for the Covid-19 vaccination. Click Here to See The Registration Form. Below is what you will see when you go to that website: It was our understanding that the Minsa registration website (see the first posting in this topic) is the official national level registration mechanism. That may or may not be reality. CL management is looking for clarification. If anyone in our community has more authentically sourced information, please let us know either by posti
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