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  1. I did my research. All of the articles you mention are based on a single statement by the Texan. By the way, I attacked no one, nor did I attempt to assess anyone ‘s level of sensitivity.
  2. This is supposedly a statement made by Panamanian Chancellor (Foreign Minister) Erica Mouynes but I can not find any reference to it anywhere in the Panamanian press. Since it’s an international issue that would be expected. The only person promoting this story is a Republican congressman from Texas who claims the Chancellor related this to him “in conversation”. News outlets such as Pat Robertson’s CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) are spreading the unverified statement and so is Chiriqui Life. Sheesh.
  3. Just an FYI The correct title for Maria Ruiz is Doctora, or Dra.
  4. Sincerest condolences, Brandy. 😪
  5. 3.19 Hectares or about 8 Acres farmland For Sale Via Cañas Verdes, Palmira Abajo, Chiriqui Titled Fenced on 3 Sides Primarily Sloped Land Excellent potential for Coffee or Avocado production, Apiary Small Stream Municipal Spring Water 1200 Metres Elevation Several potential Home Sites with views 2.90 sq.m. $92, 510 Full Price Negotiable
  6. Looking for an undamaged 32” Computer or TV Monitor. thanks, Keith WhatsApp- messages only 6513-9217
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