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  1. You can have your opinion. Please stop thinking you are always right and no one should/can disagree with you.
  2. Too bad you didn’t understand that the topic was a long winded sales pitch for their product and nothing to do with BCP. Wonder why BCP doesn’t complain because people may refuse to read any announcement labeled BCP.
  3. Maybe the News Lady should not post anything more from 2guys&acooler; at least until they apologize to the community.
  4. Misleading? You bet. These 2 guys & a cooler people need a better marketing program. Suggest we ignore their “cool” and “cute” method until they learn a better attention getting technique. This approach is silly.
  5. Anyone understand what this program is?
  6. until

    Sorry to hear this report about Richard Hall, but I did not know him. Can you post any particulars about his life and cause of death? Thank you.
  7. Sorry to know about this situation in Hawaii, but confused how this posting relates to Panama.
  8. I hope these were hoodlums and this bad behavior towards gringos will not become common practice.
  9. Anyone been stopped at the Caldera intersection recently? The last few times I’ve driven this way to David haven’t seen policemen at this location.
  10. Thanks. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
  11. Just read on another forum that ARF is “rebranding to another name”.Reasons given for the name change is “increasing visibility” and “grow volunteer base”. Wonder what this is all about?
  12. until

    Glad the recycle program is changed from April 1 (Easter) to April 8. Is April 8 the Boquete cabalgata?
  13. This is not only ridiculous but non-thinking and silly. Not interested in solving this problem? You bet they don’t care and don’t want to change their habits or improve their non-working system.
  14. Oh, don’t bet your money on some people’s computer skill.
  15. I agree with the earlier post: a person can not publish anything negative (rumor or accusation) that could cause potential damage to the reputation of an individual or a business here. Penalty for slander can be costly. This information may be a learning experience for some people. Please don’t delete this discussion.
  16. Do you have documented proof (Ministry of Health and a physician) regarding your accusation made on a public forum in Panama? Bonnie is correct. Please read her posting. Slander is serious in this country.
  17. Maybe one of the following reasons: Poor communication skills (especially written) Attention grabber wording. Several different groups trying for the same audience. Trying to be “cool” or funny Desperate, wanting attention. Misleading ads on purpose? Some people are bored, nothing to do Just wanting to cause trouble and confuse other people Just my ideas. Probably many others.
  18. until

    Thanks for this background, Brandy.
  19. Thank you Two4Paws for this alert. The problem is growing!
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