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  1. That's the second buzzard that I know of that fried a fuse here in Brisas. I heard it go.
  2. And unfortunately, that spreads the venereal disease that is so horrible.
  3. For hard calcium buildup on toilets and glass tiles we use a pumice stone. It's one of those products you will run into now and then....Rey, Novey, etc.
  4. Or go to the source and buy from Rodrigo. "It's up in El Santuario. Take the Main Street north out of town to the "Y" where there are 2 small stores, one on either side of the street. Note - on the right side is "Milqui Burger" and a bus stop. Take the right fork there, cross the bridge and continue up the hill. As the road curves to the left you'll see another bus stop and a road that goes straight ( right fork in road). Take the right option and keep going up the hill. You'll soon see the castle. That's El Santuario. Follow the signs to Villa Marita. The greenhouses are right be
  5. There will be take home boxes available after the Thanksgiving Dinner at Animales, sponsored by ARF. We all know that leftovers are part of Thanksgiving and we wanted to make sure that you would be able to enjoy those wonderful leftovers, even though you're eating out.. These boxes will cost $10, with all monies going back out to the local charities. Nancy cell 6857-9536 Boquete, Panama
  6. He is in David....downtown. You can call and ask him. Here is the info on the guy we use. He repaired a antique clock for us. El Marquez Relo Jeria y Joyaria Calle B Norte Ave 1 Mall RA Este He is in front of Banco Universal 6433-6922
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