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  1. Hi All, Next shrimp harvest is 30 sept, 2020. Please contact me for any new orders if you have not already done so. thanks Bill 507 6205 www.newaquatechpanama.com
  2. until
    New songs, new gig, don't miss this one time show. Latin beats to popular songs, blues and folk
  3. until
    6-9 pm DJ Dance Music All music by request
  4. until
    Does Anybody Remember Laughter? Bill McGraw Live is Back Folk, Rock and Acoustic Blues followed by KARAOKE! 5-9 pm, May 25, 2018
  5. until
    Live Blues in Boquete. Dr Bill and the Spoonful of Blues. Band Flyer.pdf
  6. until
    All types of music and all types of karaoke. Good fun, awesome music. 6-10 pm. Friday 22nd of Dec., 2017 big daddys logo.docx
  7. until

    Same place same time. Big Daddys. Main Road, downtown Boquete.
  8. until
    It has been 2 weeks too long. I am back with new music and a brand new attitude. late night with the karaoke. This is the only real entertainment in Town baby.
  9. Hi Mike (Dave) I may be looking to put something together for a blues band, need a bass player. KIT
  10. Ok this is definitely the last time I will play for a while before I do a break and learn a new style. This Friday, Sept, 8, 6 -10 pm. Big Daddys main road, Boquete.
  11. until

    Ok, 6-10 pm every Friday, Big Daddys is not open at 6 am
  12. until

    No, Bill McGraw Friday, 6-10 pm, Yella is playing Sunday 5-8 pm
  13. until

    Big Daddys, main road Boquete, just down from the main square.
  14. until
    Who can forget the amazing sounds of Bill McGraw, likely no one. From Willie Nelson, to Green Day, Lead Belly to Neil Young, One Republic, Ante Bellum.... Late Night Karaoke, the only live event in town, Bill McGraw Live.
  15. until
    Don"t miss the amazing Bill McGraw LIve at Big Daddys singing all your western music Eagles favorites kicking off at 6 pm, karaoke starts at 8 pm.... There's whats right and there's whats right and never the tween shall meet...........................................
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