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  1. Here is an article explaining the problem and fix. https://osxdaily.com/2016/02/26/iphone-is-disabled-fix/ If you are unable to get the computer to recognize the phone, then you will likely have to completely wipe and reset the phone back to the factory default.
  2. I do not think anyone is arguing that there isn't a problem, nor that something shouldn't be done. To look at the problem realistically and then to say well lets ban plastic straws is a kin to trying to lower the level of the ocean with an eyedropper. To efficiently target the problem and actually make a difference, it is necessary to look at what plastic items are the biggest contributors. Certainly plastic straws are not a big contributor. It is laughable to say "well at least they are doing SOMETHING". Panama is probably doing more by banning the plastic bags than California is doing by banning plastic straws. Just because you are "doing something" does not mean you are making a meaningful difference. Also, I do not personally buy the argument that the US or "First World Countries" need to lead the way and that everyone else will just simply follow. This is just finger pointing in the other direction and is just as unhelpful as saying other countries are worse. There are many, many things a person can point to where the rest of the world did not follow the lead of first world countries. The cultures and economics are so vastly different that it is simply not possible even if they wanted to do it. The real solution is to create a bigger demand for environmentally friendly alternatives than there currently is for plastic. Putting money and research into developing such alternatives is much more constructive. You change the supply by changing the demand. If the demand for environmentally friendly alternatives outweighs the demand for plastic you take a great step forward in fixing the problem. The latest insanity is that now they are making sippy cups for adults as an alternative to plastic straws. Of course the cup and the new sippy top is made of .... plastic... and probably more plastic than was used to make the straw. Some solutions just suck.
  3. There are several ways to do it but the first question is does the person have US Dollars to send or are they converting from another currency to dollars? That can effect the answer as you then must look for the best exchange rate in addition to converting to US Dollars. If the person sending already has dollars, they can go to a Western Union office and send them to you. They will have a "rate" for sending dollars or whatever currency the sending person has. They will need your FULL name, spelled EXACTLY and IDENTICAL to the ID you will be presenting on the Western Union office in Boquete when you claim the funds. I recommend you use your passport as your ID. Any misspelling or reason the name does not match (such as forgetting the middle name) will cause Western Union to deny paying you the funds. Be sure to stress this to the sending party. The sending party will also need to tell them they are sending to Boquete in Panama but no further information is needed. They can send the money that day or the following day (sending the following day is a bit cheaper). Western Union will give the sending party e a claim number which they can send to you by email or whatsapp text. You will need that number to claim the funds. The sending party should also keep a copy of the number in case their is a dispute with Western Union or difficulty in delivering the funds to you. You will take that claim number to the Western Union in Boquete along with your ID and they will give you the funds. There is no cost to you for receiving the funds. The sending party is charged at the time they send it. If the amount is large (more than a few hundred dollars) you should go later in the day to be sure the Western Union has the funds in the drawer to pay you. If it is very large, such as a thousand or more, you will need to go to David because Boquete never has that much on hand. The Western Union shares the office with the Union Fenosa, on the corner and across the street from Multibank. Hope that helps...
  4. As a former 4-wheeler and mudder, I can tell you it is great fun. It is just adults being kids and rolling around in the mud. I can't count the number of times I came home covered in mud and spent the next day or two to clean up the Jeep as well as myself. This is popular in many places, not just Panama, so it is not what I would call cultural. Obviously this got out-of hand and there is always a degree of danger when dealing with off-road vehicles and racing. Thanks for sharing... brings back fond memories for me.
  5. I suspect you may see a change after May 5th of next year when Panama elects a new president. The changes throughout the country can be great, due to the way the political system functions (or doesn't). Since Varela can not be re-elected it would seem possible that the upcoming change could effect policies as great as those that happened after the last presidential election. In 2009, I did not understand why so many Panamanians were so nervous at election time with all the dramatic changes that might occur. I saw it again when Varela was elected. The changes in a relatively small country can be great and affect home sales, business and many aspects of daily life. Those optimistic about for the next 5 year cycle will see good deals, while others may have had reasons to sell or just wait and see. Either way, I suspect that the election of the next president will bring about change that can have a great effect on perceived value of homes and businesses.
  6. Today, September 28th, news sources are reporting that Facebook was hacked affecting 50 million accounts or more. It is highly recommended that you log into Facebook and change your password at this time. More information on the hack are available here: https://mashable.com/article/facebook-50-million-accounts-hacked
  7. A sad situation for the dogs. I can't help but wonder why a business like that (even if it is non-profit) would be in a rental property. Even with the best of landlords and the best of neighbors, 20+ dogs in a rental property is bound to cause issues. A rental is never permanent and subject to sudden change. It is just a matter of time. Hopefully all of the dogs can find better living situations. I would hope they do not repeat the mistake of getting into a rental situation with such a large number of animals again.
  8. Here are some thoughts... Signature on a credit card transaction has never been much of a security feature and it has become totally irrelevant with the technology of both the magnetic strip and now the embeded chip in debit and credit cards. Technology has moved well beyond the old days of manual record keeping, done by hand and with a signature added to help mark the paper trail. We have gone from signatures to magnetic strips and now to the embeded chip (EVM) for transaction security. That is not to say that the chip technology (EVM) has solved all the security issues. While they are encrypted and very difficult to forge, there are still ways to beat the system. The best practice is to always pay with a credit card, never a debit card. This protects you because the credit card company is the one taking the hit if it gets lost, stolen or used without your authorization. On the other hand, with a debit card YOU are taking the hit if it gets lost, stolen or used without your authorization. Only use your debit card at a ATM to get cash. As technoloy continues to advance you will see other forms of payment such as using your cell phone (Apple Pay and others). Biometrics are being used as a form of security but this is not yet widely adopted when being compared to the EVM chip technology. One of the biggest issues of using biometrics (fingerprints, iris and retina, facial recognition, etc) is that they are not private. You leave this information everywhere you go. Once they are copied, they can be used to defeat any security using them. Also, you do not have the ability to change them if they are stolen, copied or used against you. So while biometrics may seem like the future answer to security, that system is very flawed and still evloving. Best practices: 1. Alway have some cash on hand. 2. Always use a credit card, NOT a debit card when making purchases. 3. Check your credit card statements and report suspecious activity quickly. 4. Do not keep large amounts of money in an account that has access by a debit card.
  9. Viva Colombia has wanted to fly direct into Tocumen rather than Panama Pacifico but has been denied because there is no space until the airport expansion is finished. I have read that Viva Colombia (http://www.newsroompanama.com/business/panama-4/striving-to-keep-viva-colombia-in-panama) is said to be considering flying to smaller, regional airports. It sure would be nice if they flew in/out of David, giving everyone another option rather than being forced to go to Panama City.
  10. The other thing that is odd is it stated... "The service will be provided exclusively in the provinces of Panama Oeste, Panamá, Colón and Coclé, mainly for tourism promotion" Why is Chiriqui not included since it certainly falls into the tourism category.
  11. Thank you for your kind words Bud. I now have clients spread across 4 countries and growing, all supported remotely.
  12. I can understand that a flight to Cali might be more strict on this requirement due to where it is located within the country. Cali is at a lower elevation and is known to be very hot which is a good breeding ground for mosquitoes. Discussions like these are a real benefit to everyone because often times information changes or is out-dated. One of my personal pet peeves is that many articles on the Internet are not dated and that leads to confusion when things change over time. I think the other thing that was demonstrated here was the sharing of different view points on personal choice when it comes to what each of us would select to do when something is recommended but not required. If it makes a person pause and weigh the different points, it is of great benefit regardless of the ultimate choice each makes. Thank you Betty and everyone for an informative and interesting discussion.
  13. As with anything you inject into your body, you should weigh the risks. This is from an article in the Internal Medicine News. Link here: infectious-diseases/yellow-fever-vaccine-contraindications "Decisions regarding vaccination must balance the risk of contracting the disease against the risk of vaccine side effects, Dr. Staples said. The yellow fever vaccine is a live, attenuated vaccine.... ... Safety studies have shown that approximately 10%-30% of vaccinees report mild systemic adverse events. ... ... Serious adverse events associated with the vaccine can include anaphylaxis, yellow fever–associated neurologic disease, and yellow fever vaccine–associated viscerotropic disease." Given the large number of people that might very well fall into a group that would be contraindicated and given that most tourists do not venture into the Amazon or outlying areas, it would seem that the risk of adverse reaction is much higher than the risk of contracting Yellow Fever. If you are a young person with plans to hike thru the jungle areas, then yes, I would recommend getting it. Being in the age group of over 60 and just visiting tourist locations, I see no benefit. Besides being contraindicated by age, I also fall into the category of being sensitive to eggs, another contraindicated group. Unfortunately, most people do not do this kind of research and just think every vaccination is a good thing when in fact it often times increases your risk. Luckily we have forums like this one that bring attention and make people think a bit more.
  14. Having lived in Colombia for the past year and having visited the country often for the past 5 years, I see this topic come up often. There are two places that "might" ask you about this. The first is the airline you are using to fly to Colombia. The second is at immigration when entering the country. Airlines typically check requirements so they are not responsible for your return if you are not allowed entry. If the airline is not requiring it, it is highly unlikely that immigration in Colombia will ask for it. Also, understand that the requirement is different depending on which airport you are flying too. The larger airports do not have this requirement whereas some coastal towns and outlying airports do have this recommendation. Living in Colombia, the recommendation has been to have the Yellow Fever Vaccination if you will be travelling to the outlying areas, such as the Amazon, coastal or border towns. It is not needed for tourist coming to visit any of the big cities, such as Bogota and Medellin. As TwoSaliors pointed out, the Colombian Embassy will have the up-to-the-minute requirements. It is my understanding that if you decide to get the vaccination, it needs to be done at least 10 days prior to travel to be effective. Personally, I would recommend against it given what I know and have seen living here for the past year.
  15. Let me make a few comments... This is an obvious hoax and easy to detect based on a few items. First, the supposed source of this information is "According to IT colleagues of my daughter" and "reported on the BBC" without any link to the story or source. I am afraid that "Tricia's daughter's IT colleagues" are not much of a reliable news source unless you believe everything you read. It also states that it will happen in the future (tomorrow), so someone must be psychic if this is to be believed. The next thing is that a simple Google search easily confirms this to be a hoax in case a person is finding Tricia's Boquete News posting to be in any way believable. I can understand that the NewsLady can not vet every message that gets submitted. I would suggest that any message that appears to be a warning of something dangerous should get a second opinion before being posted. It only takes a moment to email a computer tech or to do a Google search. I would be happy to respond in a timely manner if something like this appears again and the Newslady or others have questions as to its legitimacy. An extra set of eyes often keeps one wise.
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