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  1. If anybody cares about these animals as much as I do, please go to this website and help stop people like these soul-less monsters. Yes, this applies to Panama. They made millions on Trump Ocean Club, and this is how they chose to use some of that money. https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/trump_vs_elephants_pa1/?bzLqCab&signup=1&cl=13503147119&v=100008&_checksum=03a35fba2b1bf037a2f5b9a5607d9cbe646566ceb295981a2d40262dd42cf559
  2. Sometimes there's good news. Thanks for posting this. What a beautiful animal!
  3. Here's what the Trump kids do with the money they make off of Trump Ocean Club. That's an elephant's tail proud Donny Jr. is holding.
  4. This has been on the news today. Also financed by Mexican drug cartels and other low lifes. Trump Ocean Club, a laundromat of washed money. Though the Trump family said they only licensed their name and have nothing to do with it, they are making money on it. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/investigations/panama-tower-carries-trump-s-name-ties-organized-crime-n821706
  5. My rule is, if I'm scared of it or don't understand it, I would not invest in it.
  6. Wilson, sometimes when you get "no stream available", the movie is just too new to be available. Even though there is a choice on the menu of "in theaters", usually you can't get these until they are older.
  7. I couldn't find it on that chart. Here's another one showing depth. A depth of 20 km is shallow. That's why we felt it. M 6.5 - 16km SE of Jaco, Costa Rica Time 2017-11-13 02:28:24 (UTC) Location 9.526°N 84.505°W Depth 19.8 km There appears to be no tsunami threat. http://www.tsunami.gov/ This site says the depth was 6 miles, very shallow.
  8. As I recall, a Kalahari Bushman found a coke bottle that was dropped from an airplane. That bottle messed up their whole culture in odd ways. The movie was profound and also funny.
  9. No, msg is white. I don't know what it was. The label was Chinese. But it did have English instructions. They have it at Super Ivan. There is another kind for cucarachas.
  10. LOL! Did he fall in love many times after he was dead or before?
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