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About this blog

Hello everybody!!

We are Javier and Magaly, ANIMAL LOVERS and vegetarians. We have 3 years living in Boquete and we are working so hard to trying to help many animals as many as we can, we know is not an easy work but we are trying so hard to making possible!

Now, we are creating this blog because we want that everybody can see all the beautiful and great dogs that we have at the DogCamp. Actually we have 42 dogs, most of them are puppies. We rescued most of them and we would like to explain to you what we do since the first moment that we rescue or receive a rescued dog:


1. We need to be sure that the dog doesn't have fleas and ticks, is very important to check and bath the dog with a shampoo for fleas and ticks, and after the bath (next day) we spray the dog with products for fleas and ticks (Fipronex or other similar)

2. After the dog is clean, we will put him/her in a separate area from the other dogs, we will feed him/her, we will give a nice and warm bed for sleep. We want that the dog feels comfortable in the new place for him/her.

3. The next day we will take the dog to the vet Dr. Chely to make a blood test and deworm the dog and see if he needs some treatments, normally the dogs comes with tick fever and anemic. So we start with Doxicicline for 21 days, Hepatic protector and GP Canine for the anemia, we need to pay for the blood test 8 dollars to the Lab and 10 dollars to Dr. Chelly, after that we need to buy the medicine (Doxi, Hepatocan and GP Canine).

4. We will start to feed the dog three or two times per day, it depends how bad is the dog, we normally use Pedigree, Dog Chow, Alpo or Kirkland. But for a rescued dog we need the cans food and we mix it with dry food and sometimes with rice and vegetables.

5. If the dog has skin problems, we need to use a special shampoo, it depends how bad is the skin of the dog, but normally the vet recommend Clorhexidine one, two or three times a week. The price of the shampoo is between 7 or 11 dollars, a small bottle.

6. After 21 days and a week, we make another blood test to check if the dog doesn't have tick fever and is not anemic, so we will pay again 8 dollars for the Lab and 10 dollars to Dr. Chelly.

7. If the dog is totally healthy, we will give the 6 in 1 shot (vaccine), the price is 15 dollars.

8. Then we will take him/her to the Animals Clinic to spay or neuter the dog, and we will pay 15 dollars for the surgery.

9. Finally the dog will be ready for adoption.

During all this time, we need dog food and cans food, and sometimes we need to feed them with meat or chicken mix with rice and vegetables and of course we need to buy what the dog need.


1. We will introduce the dog to the big pack (big, medium, small, young, old, puppy dogs) and our two cats.

2. We will teach him/her how to eat with all the pack together but in separate plates. The dog will learn how to eat with all the pack and don't fight for food (very important).

3. When the dog start to feel better we need to walk the dog with a leash inside the property, the dog will feel comfortable with collars and leashes around him/her.

4. The dog will start to learn how to play with the other dogs, with balls, and other many toys, most of them prefer to play with something they could feel attracted.

5. the new dog will learn how to live with cats around him/her. The cats are in the yard during the day and inside the house at night with all the dogs.

6. We recieve visits and volunteers who help a lot to the dogs, the dogs need all the time see different people.


1. When the dog is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, no skin problems, we can start to try to find a good home for them.

2. During all the time that we have the dog, we will post many pictures (before / after), we want that the people see the difference between a stray dog and a rescued dog.

3. We post pictures of the dog with a little description of him/her in many places (facebook groups, instagram, youtube videos, olx, news Boquete email, Chiriqui Life) if somebody know where we can post pictures of dogs for adoption, please let us know

4. If somebody is interesting in adopt one of the dogs that are ready for adoption, we normally ask if the house has a fenced area or if they will walk the dog if the dog is a small dog and if they want to keep the dog inside the house.

5. We will never give a dog in adoption if we don't see the fenced area because we had bad experiences before when we gave in adoption two dogs and the people put on a chain and we had to rescued them "again"

6. We want to find a family or a person who really loves the dog and the dog loves them, we called THE PERFECT MATCH

7. If the person who wants to adopt the dog agrees and happy with the new member of the family, we will ask for a contribution (15 dollars) that is only the cost that we pay for spay or neuter the dog, and we ask for a donation (a bag of dog food) that help to continue feeding the dogs at the DogCamp.

8. We have a Adoption Contract for our dogs, and we will give the dog with a collar and a tag with our phone number until the new owner get one tag with the new phone number. We will give the vaccination card.

We hope that you can understand that all we are doing is because we really love the animals and if we are here in Boquete, we want to help and teach to the people the best way to take care an animal.

Now, for everybody who would like to know HOW WE CAN DO IT? Easy, with patient and love!!

We sometimes boarding dogs, not all the time because not all the people know about us, but we have some clients who loves to come and leave the dog here for a daycare, days or weeks, IF YOU WANT REFERENCES, YOU CAN ASK AND WE WILL SEND TO YOU A LIST WITH NAMES, PHONES AND EMAILS.

Magaly works at Amigos de Animales as a secretary (answer the phone calls, emails and help when somebody needs an appointment with Dr. Tello at the border) She is at the clinic every last sunday of the month.

And me (Javier), is who is learning every day about dogs, I am trainning them in a natural way and I will start a small program of trainning, so if you want that somebody train your dog, you can come and see how I can do it! Patient, dicipline and love

We would like that you come and meet the dogs for adoption and all the puppies that we have.and of course we would like to talk with you about them.


  • Javier Madge: 6965-9423
  • Magaly Bustamante: 6830-6858



  • Donate funds: PayPal
  • Donate food and supplies
  • Visit DogCamp Boquete
  • Adopt a dog (or two)



Entries in this blog

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Paws for the Cause – DogCamp Boquete            Poop Scoop   CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER. On Friday, April 2nd underwent a MINSA inspection and passed with flying colors!!!!!! They checked the dogs and the area and they didn't find anything wrong! We are the only shelter/rescue/board and care center for BOQUETE   As you know, DogCamp’s goal is to help abandoned, neglected and abused dogs reach good health so that they can be placed in temporary foste

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Due to the morning announcement made by MINSA, the May 23 Venta Sale has been cancelled. Starting Monday, May 10 MINSA will be reinstating restrictions limiting events, business to 25 percent capacity. These restrictions apply to areas where the infection rate exceeds 5 percent. Currently Chirqui has a 13 percent rate so restrictions will go into effect starting THIS Monday. We will keep you informed as we learn more.  You can continue making your donations every tuesday at Tapout Tuesday M

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DOGCAMP Boquete has great news:   On Friday, April 2nd underwent a MINSA inspection and passed with flying colors!!!!!! They checked the dogs and the area and they didn't find anything wrong!  We are the only shelter/rescue/board and care center for Boquete  With the help of members like you, Dogcamp can stay strong and can continue to provide the much needed care that these abandoned, sick and rescued dogs need. Currently we have 46 dogs on site, 15 of which

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Dear friends! DogCamp need your help with dog food: Adult dog food Puppy food Wet food Actually we have 45 dogs, plus 12 dogs and 2 cats we are feeding in the area. We spend 1 bag of adult food a day and a half of puppy food a day. So please help!!!!!! For donations DogCamp please use this options: Global Bank, saving account Nº 163320338 PayPal https://paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby include a note saying DogCamp And you can leave

Dog Camp Small Venta De Patio March 28th

Beautiful morning, the event held at the Arco Iris Salon at de Flower Fair building’s success was thanks to very hard working VOLUNTEERS, the cooperation of Tap Out that let us use of their parking lot, and BCP’s offer and set up of table and chairs and thanks to the team from The Flowers fair that offered and facilitated the use of their building.A very special THANK YOU to the volunteers. Without the help from JANE HAMPTON who organize this event, JANE VASARHELY., BETH ABRAHAMS, LESLIE MCPEAK,

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PAWS FOR THE CAUSE – DogCamp Boquete Poop Scoop from DogCamp Like any small town, rumors happen often resulting in confusion. We are rolling out this first edition of the Poop Scoop newsletter so that we can update this wonderful community on the current status of DogCamp. WHAT IS DOGCAMP? DogCamp is a charitable organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, socialize and find permanent, loving homes for dogs in and around Boquete, Panama. They are a foste

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Cloth Face Mask Washable by DogCamp

Cloth Face Mask Washable by DogCamp Thanks to all our friends who made orders for our DogCamp masks. We have many masks ready for you!  If you want to make an orders please send to us an email with the number of masks and the number of model. Dogcampboquete@gmail.com (it will be easy to find your order by email) The masks has: Two layers of microfiber with a cloth (pellon) in the center that works as a filter (different prints and colors) Price: $10 You can wash it a

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Oso! The dog that was hit by a car in town!

Hi, this is Javier, it is really sad but Oso couldn't make it. He was fighting for his life during the last 4 days. Dr. Tello just called us some moments ago and said that he was not having any improvement and the best will be to put him down. It is a shame that many people saw him at the first gas station in town (before we know he was there)... they drove their cars, walked next to him and nobody did nothing for him, nobody took him at least to the vet and then call us to see if we coul

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Anita! The new rescued dog from DogCamp!

Anita!! Yesterday we received a message asking for help for a small dog that was living in the streets of Alanje, La Concepción (2 hours from Boquete), Today the person who rescued her, came to Boquete with the little poor dog. She is the little dog that came today to DogCamp from Alanje La Concepción. The expat who found her told us that she had owners and the owners told him that they thought is normal that this dog is in this conditions. Poor babyWe feed her, of course she ate like

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Horses And Dogs Day At Lulu's Farm! Dog Camp!

Hey animal lovers!!! Would you like to do something different? Do you like the horses? and of course the dogs? And are you interested to help Dog Camp and more dogs but you don´t know how? So you have to come to our new event  HORSES AND DOGS DAY AT LULU'S FARM! This event will have a great tipical food "Mono", drinks, desserts, we will have SAIKO CRAFT BEER from Dogocri Brew, you will see beautiful Arabian horses and of course our great dogs for adoption. We will have a great ra

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

First Venta de Patio for DogCamp!!!!

First Venta de Patio for DogCamp!!!!Sunday, September 15th!!Hello everybody! This year DogCamp will make the first Venta de Patio in September, we are working so hard to continue helping animals and this time we are asking to you for all your gently used items that you can donate to us.If you have large items, call us and our team will go to pick them up! If you would like to work with us in this new project, please contact us: dogcampboquete@gmail.com / 69659423 / 65638686 (calls and WhatsApp)

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

The New Rescued Dogs And Cats From Dogcamp 2019! They Need Your Help!

Hello everybody! During this year 2019, we rescued 4 kittens, 1 adult cat, 2 male dogs, 1 momma dog with 10 puppies, 1 momma dog with 3 puppies, 1 tiny puppy, total 23 animals in 2 months! All of them are in foster homes, and we have 25 dogs that most of them are ready for adoption!  Please consider to make a donation to continue helping animals in Chiriqui! https://paypal.me/DogCamp And if you want, you can donate dog food, puppy food, wet food, vitamines, blankets, beds, cl

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Rescued Dogs From Palmira

The last week we recieved a call from somebody who live in Palmira, the person who contacted us was asking for help for two dogs of their neighbor. So we contacted the Juez de Paz in Palmira and make an appointment to go and check the dogs, when we saw the two dogs, we decided to take them with us. Both male dogs have tick fever and they are very anemic, now they are in a foster home until they will be better. Thanks to our friends Steve and Claudia who helped us with the transportation fro

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

World Animal Day!

Tomorrow is the Get involved and show you care, each and every one of us can make a difference for animals ?? Here you can check our wish list for DogCamp and thanks to Jardines y Mascotas Pet Store, you can get a 5% of discount for the supplies that you buy for DogCamp!!! Make a difference and buy supplies for the animals!!!! Tomorrow is the day!!!!! paypal.me/DogCamp  

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Do you want to help animals in the Community but you don't know how??

Do you want to help animals in the Community but you don't know how?? Come to DOG CAMP and be part of our programs (FOSTER HOMES, VOLUNTEER, RESCUE, ADOPTIONS, SPONSOR, FUNDRAISING EVENTS AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, NEW PROJECTS) DogCamp has 25 dogs and 15 foster homes eawith 17 animals (dogs and cats), so we are helping 46 animals!!! Wowwww IF YOU WANT ADOPT A DOG, COME TO VISIT US!!!! WE HAVE THE PERFECT DOG FOR YOU!!   IF YOU CAN NOT WORK WITH OUR PROGRAM

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Animals Need Your Help! Watch Video Please!

Yesterday, Sunday September 9th, DogCamp went to check a situation in Alto Jaramillo and donated a bag of dog food for 12 dogs, Maria Luisa Colon Navarro contacted us asking for help.The owner of the dogs is Mr. Guillermo, he has 12 dogs (5 females and 7 males) that are needing to be spay and neuter, we will post pictures of all the dogs and we Will ask for sponsor for each dog. After the surgery all the dogs will be for adoption.If you want to Help, please Contact us 65638686 / dogcampboquete@g

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Dogs Need Your Help!!


DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp is looking for a new place!!

Hi, we are looking for a new place, because the neighboor who lives at our left is complaining now, after 2 and a half that we are here. He was caught stealing the money from the rent that we paid every month. He didnt paid complete or simply didnt pay to the owner. In the past an expat was living here and this guy, the neighboor, made the owner believe that the expat was still living here. The neighboor offered his help in translations to the owner, this is how he started to "help" the owner fo

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Dog Camp Needs Your Help!

*DOG CAMP NEEDS YOUR HELP!*   *Dog Camp* is a place of rescue and rehabilitation of dogs here in Boquete, to later give them up for adoption and make their future families happy.   At this time due to the complaint of a neighbor who does not want the dogs to be there near him, DOG CAMP needs to find good homes for the rescued dogs.   Please share the following pictures of the puppies to help find them a temporary or permanent home.  

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

Thank you so much to all our volunteers and friends!!!

Thank you so much to all our friends and volunteers who came to help at the Vaccine and adoption event!!! Thanks to Charlie's Pet Fashion!!!27 dogs received their vaccines, thank you Nicolas Mellana for your help. 2 cats were adopted, 3 pre Adoption of dogs!!! Great day!!In August our volunteers from Guadalupano and Benigno Schools, are planning THE DOG FESTIVAL IN TOWN!!! DogCamp and Angeles con Colita will be there! 37096115_1933009860072063_452686642299063500

DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete

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