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Paws For The Cause - DogCamp Boquete

DogCamp Boquete


DogCamp COLORFULL DOG 2_opt.jpg
PAWS FOR THE CAUSE – DogCamp Boquete

Poop Scoop from DogCamp

Like any small town, rumors happen often resulting in confusion. We are rolling out this first edition of the Poop Scoop newsletter so that we can update this wonderful community on the current status of DogCamp.


DogCamp is a charitable organization whose mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, socialize and find permanent, loving homes for dogs in and around Boquete, Panama. They are a foster/adoption, no-kill shelter that is free of cages and chains. The founders and operators, Magaly and Javier started rescuing animals years ago and have grown DogCamp into a recognized and respected rescue and foster shelter. Their work in rescuing animals helps prevent the spread of disease and improves the lives of the dogs they help.


Forced to leave their current location, DogCamp and friends spent months seeking a new and appropriate location. They found a lovely 8 acre property. This property is ideal for DogCamp-away from residential areas, safe and spacious.

If you want to contact DogCamp, you can do it by email dogcampboquete@gmail.com or by their phones numbers 69659423 / 65638686

foto 1_opt.jpg

foto 2_opt.jpg



DogCamp will be adding a second booth to Boquete's Tuesday Markets as it opens its expansion at the Arco Iris location in the Fairgrounds, directly across from the original market location.

They will maintain their existing outdoor location at TapOut, where donations are gladly accepted and on occasion a dog/cat maybe 'on location' for foster/adoption consideration.

The new booth at Arco Iris will showcase a RETAIL Boutique where new and softly used quality and useful items will be on sale.

Information on DogCamp services and volunteer opportunities will also be shared. 100% of the earnings will go to assist with the ongoing expenses of the shelter.


DogCamp has 5 dogs that are dogs adopted by Javier and Magaly, 20 dogs that are old dogs, bitters, shy dogs and 2 more dogs that we think people could adopt (Teddy and Cindy).

So, with this program we are looking for monthly donations to keep the dogs with dog food, vaccines, deworm medicine, vitamins, cover the cost of keep a clean bed a clean area for them, they will be permanent dogs, most of them are 5 years old in advance. So we would love that every sponsor help with 30 dollars per month, DogCamp will send pictures and a descripcion every month of every dog with all the information of your sponsor dog. We will post the pictures on facebook and news Boquete from all the dogs that are in this program.

If you are interested to help with this program, please contact us dogcampboquete@gmail.com, next week we will post the pictures of the 20 dogs.


Thanks to all of you who have supported DogCamp during this difficult time. The transition to a new location on top of the pandemic has hit all of us very hard. Without the Tuesday Market and the daycare/boarding income, these past seven months have put tremendous strain on DogCamp. They are blessed to have received continued support from so many of their DogCamp friends and give much thanks to all of you.


The next Poop Scoop Newsletter will highlight a preview of items for sale at DogCamp's new RETAIL Boquete at Arco Iris Tuesday Market

-        information on how you can donate items for DogCamp's RETAIL Boutique

-        information on DogCamp's Volunteers initiative, and much more.


Should you have any questions regarding information shared within this newsletter or have suggestions on how to further support DogCamp's mission, please email : lesliemcpeak@yahoo.com


Follow this Facebook page please!
Coming Soon!!!
We will have great news and great stuff for you!
Thank you so much to Leslie McPeak and who will be in charge 😉😘🎉🎉


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