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Covid Booster?

I hear they are giving covid boosters in David. Anyone have info on boosters in Boquete or David.   Thanks, Hil


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And Now I Know - Admiring Panamanian Tolerance & Patience

Bud and I had an interesting experience in airline travel last week. We boarded a crowded plane at Panama City (PTY) and then sat on the tarmac for about two hours! Engines were running and the plane full of passengers were in their seats with seatbelts fastened. The pilot announced the reason for the delay in take-off was a problem at David airport; the destination airport was closed to all air traffic. Finally attendants offered water and a snack. Passengers were allowed to use the plane


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And Now I Know - Covid-19 Vaccination Documentation Requirements For Reentry into Panama From The US

Last week Bud and I had a scare at a Florida airport for our return flights to Panama. We trust the information posted on Chiriqui.Life and had even called the airline prior to going to the airport to verify the Covid-19 documentation requirements was still current. However when we arrived at the airport check-in counter two customer service personnel refused to issue our boarding passes. The issue was that they believed all international passengers had to show a negative Covid-19 test within 72


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And Now I Know - Courtesy Gestures Where Everyone Wins

Bud and I were waiting in the check-out line at PriceSmart when a Panamanian couple joined the line behind us. She was very pregnant. A birthday cake was their single item for purchase. We asked this couple to go ahead of us. Another Panamanian couple observed our gesture and stepping aside, invited us to move ahead of them. The husband asked the clerk to move his items aside and place our purchases ahead of theirs. We were impressed by this Panamanian style courtesy. They noticed what


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And Now I Know - Overstaying a Tourist Visa

The recent CL posting about border hoppers (Click Here) by Mr. Abel Gomez (a well known Boquete attorney), reminded me of when Bud and I were sitting in the Mexican Naturalization Office waiting for finalization of our Mexican residency visa paperwork. We couldn’t help but overhear four Americans had overstayed their Mexican Visa allowance and now faced a major fine. One woman exclaimed “we can’t pay that much money, we’ll come back later”. The Naturalization Officer told the complainer “come ba


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Panama Friendly Nations Visa - Latest Changes

Executive Decree No.226 of July 20, 2021, modifies articles of Executive Decree No.197 of May 7, 2021 in the following requirements: 1. Incorporates the Republic of Peru in the list of countries with which friendly, professional, economic and investment relations are maintained; 2. For reasons of investment in a real estate property: Certificate of Public Registry of Panama that proves the ownership of the real estate property that has a minimum value of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND BALBOAS, n

And Now I Know - Rodny Direct to the Rescue

Excitement in El Santuario this afternoon. We lost electrical service for a second time today (Friday, June 18th), with the first outage being scheduled maintenance. The first outage lasted about seven hours, ending about 2:00 PM. A second outage started about 3:15 PM, and a few minutes later a neighbor called saying a high tension wire was on the ground and “arcing and sparking” in front of his house. We alerted Rodny Direct, who called Naturgy’s emergency number. Rodny called back within

And Now I Know - Entitled People

Have you heard of the “entitled people”? Because of surgery on Bud’s hand and arm, we decided to fly first class on a recent trip in US. During our flight when Bud went to the toilet, a fella from economy section sat down in Bud’s aisle seat next to me. The flight attendant told him he couldn’t sit there. The passenger said that’s where he wanted to sit and started an argument with the flight attendant. I unfastened my seat belt and grabbed my cup of hot coffee because I could sense a fight

Paws for the Cause – DogCamp Boquete      

Paws for the Cause – DogCamp Boquete            Poop Scoop   CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER. On Friday, April 2nd underwent a MINSA inspection and passed with flying colors!!!!!! They checked the dogs and the area and they didn't find anything wrong! We are the only shelter/rescue/board and care center for BOQUETE   As you know, DogCamp’s goal is to help abandoned, neglected and abused dogs reach good health so that they can be placed in temporary foste

Dogcamp Venta De Patio

Due to the morning announcement made by MINSA, the May 23 Venta Sale has been cancelled. Starting Monday, May 10 MINSA will be reinstating restrictions limiting events, business to 25 percent capacity. These restrictions apply to areas where the infection rate exceeds 5 percent. Currently Chirqui has a 13 percent rate so restrictions will go into effect starting THIS Monday. We will keep you informed as we learn more.  You can continue making your donations every tuesday at Tapout Tuesday M

How You Can Help Dog Camp Boquete? There Are So Many Ways You Can Help Out

DOGCAMP Boquete has great news:   On Friday, April 2nd underwent a MINSA inspection and passed with flying colors!!!!!! They checked the dogs and the area and they didn't find anything wrong!  We are the only shelter/rescue/board and care center for Boquete  With the help of members like you, Dogcamp can stay strong and can continue to provide the much needed care that these abandoned, sick and rescued dogs need. Currently we have 46 dogs on site, 15 of which

DogCamp Needs Your Help (Dog Food)

Dear friends! DogCamp need your help with dog food: Adult dog food Puppy food Wet food Actually we have 45 dogs, plus 12 dogs and 2 cats we are feeding in the area. We spend 1 bag of adult food a day and a half of puppy food a day. So please help!!!!!! For donations DogCamp please use this options: Global Bank, saving account Nº 163320338 PayPal https://paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby include a note saying DogCamp And you can leave

Dog Camp Small Venta De Patio March 28th

Beautiful morning, the event held at the Arco Iris Salon at de Flower Fair building’s success was thanks to very hard working VOLUNTEERS, the cooperation of Tap Out that let us use of their parking lot, and BCP’s offer and set up of table and chairs and thanks to the team from The Flowers fair that offered and facilitated the use of their building.A very special THANK YOU to the volunteers. Without the help from JANE HAMPTON who organize this event, JANE VASARHELY., BETH ABRAHAMS, LESLIE MCPEAK,

And Now I Know - My Favorite Fruit And Vegetable Stand Relocates

One of my favorite places to buy fruits and vegetables in downtown Boquete is Caballero, located on the left rear corner of the side street where Mascotas is found. We are told that most people call that store “Sarah’s Place” as its owner is Sarah Caballero. Don’t know the name of the street, but you turn off of Calle Principal here in Boquete at the corner where The Perfect Pair is located. Headed to the usual location to purchase cabbage and red onions to prepare a dinner salad. What happ

And Now I Know - Dollars vs Cents

My doctor ordered three pills to be taken prior to a physical examination. The pharmacy clerk in David filled the prescription and announced the cost of “48”. Shocked at the price Bud handed over his credit card. Clerk asked for cash. Bud answered he didn’t have sufficient cash.....so the clerk finally accepted the credit card for payment. On the way home, Bud grumbled about the high cost for three little pills. The next day when checking the credit card receipt, guess what! 😄 The charge wa

And Now I Know - Wireless Motion Sensor Lights

Recently a friend gave me a motion sensor light...a really great gift! These are rechargeable LED light strips that are activated by motion during low-light conditions (e.g., at night). We ordered additional units from Amazon. Bud placed several of them along the hallway leading from our bedroom. No missteps or falls at night because of poor (or no) lighting. Installation is easy...no tools needed. Magnetic bar attaches to wall using adhesive strips (provided in the kit). Considering h

And Now I Know - New Rodny Direct Placard

Rodny Direct is a service that every expat should seriously consider. It is much more than a 911 style emergency number that answers in English; most of our calls deal with issues with public services and utilities that answer only in Spanish. Our main benefit by contacting Rodny is that he knows the "systems", what number to call, who to talk to, and how things work in Panama. Our original Rodny Direct placard was faded from being placed on our fence and exposed to the bright sun. Time for

And Now I Know - Renewing Panamanian Drivers License Ain’t Easy For Seniors

Every resident applying for a renewal Panamanian driver license (good for 4 years) must pass an eye and hearing exam. For people 70-85 years old, a certificate of good physical and mental health from a Panamanian doctor who specializes in internal medicine or geriatrics is required. All this plus an actual test in parallel parking and back-up maneuvers is required for residents over 85 years old. For us seniors the renewed license is valid for only two years. Since I meet the requirements f

And Now I Know - Box Shop Boquete

As long term customers of the Box Shop in David, we are happy this service is now available in Boquete. Box Shop Logistics for delivery of packages is now open in Local #5, Plaza Los Establos, Bajo Boquete. Phone 778-0595. www.boxshoplogistics.com. (To WhatsApp the David office, use +507-730-1041 or +507-778-0270.) Arial, the friendly staff person, speaks excellent English. No charge for registering for an account. Credit card accepted for payment.    


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And Now I Know - Garbage Pickup Anomaly

For several years early on Tuesday mornings our garbage has always been collected from the elevated wire bin with lid container in front of our electric utility meter. We pay for that contract service through the Municipio de Boquete. Today going outside our gated yard to install the new 2021 garbage contract placard we noticed our garbage in black plastic bags had been removed from the bin, but stacked in a pile near the paved street. That has never happened before, and certainly made no s


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And Now I Know - Gender Restrictions at PriceSmart Last Tuesday

Interesting experience at PriceSmart last Tuesday. After reading the latest Minsa report, Bud and I tried to enter the store. Management type employee (female) indicated men only allowed inside. We attempted to explain current Minsa requirements. Her reply was “You are wrong, goodbye”. I waited in the car (for 40+ minutes) while Bud did the shopping. I observed lots of dog food, laundry detergent, dry cereal, and bottles of water were purchased as I waited in our car near the store exit door.  


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And Now I Know - International Flights From/To Panama, and Covid-19 Testing

This past December we took our first international trip since the pandemic started. We have a condo in Mazatlan (Mexico) and typically go there every Christmas season. Arranging the flights was not easy; we engaged Andrea Cook and she worked some miracles for us. We finally got our reservations completed, but they were changed many times (I recall at least five changes, and they were major changes, not just minor time shifts, etc.). Previously we were able to go from David to Mazatlan in the sam


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