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How You Can Help Dog Camp Boquete? There Are So Many Ways You Can Help Out

DogCamp Boquete


DOGCAMP Boquete has great news:  
Friday, April 2nd underwent a MINSA inspection and passed with flying colors!!!!!!

They checked the dogs and the area and they didn't find anything wrong!

 We are the only shelter/rescue/board and care center for Boquete

 With the help of members like you, Dogcamp can stay strong and can continue to provide the much needed care that these abandoned, sick and rescued dogs need.

Currently we have 46 dogs on site, 15 of which are puppies. We also feed 12 dogs, 4 cats and 4 dogs in foster care.

This is a huge challenge but one we do with love, care and concern.

However we desperately need your help. Just feeding these dogs requires 1 large bag of adult food, and a 1/2 bag of puppy food.

For this reason, we want to tell you there are many ways to help DogCamp but right now our urgent need is for dog food, or monetary donations so we can purchase dog food, medicines, vitamins and wet food. 

Dog Food donations: 
As for dog food donations - you can donate dog food at anytime by:

* Contacting Dog Camp directly 6830-6858 / 6965-9423

* Purchasing dog food at La Granja Boquetena who offers 5% of discount for all the products that apply to this discount for DogCamp, La Granja is next to Gago in Alto Boquete. The store will notify DogCamp of your donation by name and will assure delivery.

* Dropping it off at TapOut's Tuesday Market table in the parking lot.

 With 46+ dogs to feed daily, donations of dog food is greatly appreciated.

Financial Donations:

There are more than 1 way to donate much needed money to DogCamp.

* Panama Global Bank account - saving account Nº 163320338

* Jar Casita at La Granja Boquetena, Mike’s Restaurant, La Gelateria Italiana, Isabela Bakery

* PayPal- paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby- be sure to include a note saying its for DogCamp

* US bank account- contact dogcampboquete@gmail.com for transfer/deposit information

* Tuesday Market at TapOut

* In Person when visiting DogCamp

Please help us to continue helping them

Click this link to see a video from DogCamp and some of our dogs!


 With the help of members like you, DogCamp can stay

strong in defense of helpless dogs.

This is a critical time for Panama and many countries

around the world. DogCamp needs the ongoing support

of people like yourself to continue saving lives.

Remember, often the difference between life and death is you!

Thank you so much for your donations.

DogCamp Boquete Foundation


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