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Paws for the Cause – DogCamp Boquete      

DogCamp Boquete



Paws for the Cause – DogCamp Boquete

           Poop Scoop



On Friday, April 2nd underwent a MINSA inspection and passed with flying colors!!!!!!

They checked the dogs and the area and they didn't find anything wrong!

We are the only shelter/rescue/board and care center for BOQUETE


As you know, DogCamp’s goal is to help abandoned, neglected and abused

dogs reach good health so that they can be placed in temporary foster care, or better yet, find a forever, loving home.

Currently there are 46 dogs on site, with an additional 16 dogs and cats that are being ged and supported ‘on the street’. Needless-to-say, the demand for food, medicine and medical attention continues to be a constant need. While we won’t bore you with their complete itemized monthly expense report its worth viewing some of the ongoing monthly costs DogCamp incurs:

   Yard maintenance (fumigate) and  a worker  $400.

    Gas $240. (rescues, Dr. appmts. Getting supplies, etc)

    Cleaning Supplies $126.

    Dog Food $1,532.

    Monthly Medical Care (medicine, shampooing, vitamins,etc) $213.

    Medical Care/ Treatment per new rescue dog  $170. (average # of

             new rescues per month is 5-6  which gives you a sense of  the

             total monthly cost in this one category)


Obviously we rely on our wonderful community to help with these ongoing expenses and resources.  For that reason and much more, we thank you and appreciate all you do to support our efforts.


                          HOW CAN YOU HELP DOGCAMP ?


There are many ways you can help. They include:



This program is designed for folks willing to give a monthly donations of $30. This donation will provide dog food, vaccines, medication, vitamins and the cost of keeping a clean.bed. The sponsor is coupled with a specific Fur-ever dog and sponsors can come to visit to select which dog they wish to sponsor or we can do it

through Whatsapp –whichever method they would like. This is such a nice way to personalize your donation and support for the work we do.



One way to support DogCamp is to use their boarding services. There are so many benefits to having DogCamp board your dog(s) while you are away from home or if you would like your dog to interact in an open, healthy environment with other dogs for exercise and socialization;  DogCamp is the place !

Some of the many benefits to boarding with DogCamp includes:

-        eliminates owner' absent behavior problems

-        builds confidence

-        develops healthy social skills

-        maintains good physical and mental health

-        decreases stress on the dog AND on the owner knowing the dogs are in the best of hands        

Should you have questions regarding boarding or wish to make a boarding appointment, please contact Javier or Magaly at    6830-6858 / 6965-9423

Email  dogcampboquete@gmail.com



An additional way to support DogCamp is to shop at DogCamp's  table located at the TapOut parking lot. Not only is there a variety of items for purchase but we often have a dog or two for adoption/foster consideration. Every Tuesday this location is used to drop off donations for the shelter itself or for unwanted items we resell at our Venta Patio Sales.



Once or twice a year, DogCamp puts on a Patio Sale (yard sale). We want and need

donations in all areas – clothing, tools, furniture, home furnishings and so much more. We ask that whatever you donate be free of major stains, tears and in working condition. You can drop off donations at the DogCamp Tuesday Market table in the TapOut parking lot or you can call to arrange for a pick up by contacting Javier or Magaly at 6830-6858 / 6965-9423



 There are at least 6 ways to donate much needed money to DogCamp.


  1. PayPal- paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby – be sure to include a note saying it is for DogCamp
  2. US bank account- contact dogcampboquete@gmail.com  for transfer/deposit  information
  3. Panama Global Bank account- savings account No 163320338
  4. The DogCamp booth at the Tapout Tuesday Market
  5. In Person when visiting DogCamp


  1. Several businesses maintain a small painted doghouse usually found at the

Counter for your cash donations. Locations include: DogCamp’s Tapout table, La Granja Boquetena, Mike’s Grill Restaurant, La Gelateria Italiana,

Isabela Bakery.

If you have a business and want to support DogCamp please contact us and we will bring you  your own painted ‘DogHouse’ for cash donation collect.

            What's App 6830-6858 / 6965-9423 or email: dogcampboquete@gmail.com




                   FOSTERCARE AND ADOPTION-


Nothing is more than when a family chooses to foster or adopt one of our furry loved ones.

Its hard to see our rescues arrive battered, abandoned or neglected, and while DogCamp creates a special bond with each dog rescue, there is  nothing more exciting for us to see our dogs get an opportunity for foster care or adoption, Consistent, loving human contact is invaluable in ensuring a happy, healthy way of life for our dogs. Additionally, adoptions allow us to make room for the many more dogs in need of the same level of loving support and care.




Whatsapp 6830-6858 / 6965-9423

Email  dogcampboquete@gmail.com



5TH edition






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