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Anita! The new rescued dog from DogCamp!

DogCamp Boquete




Yesterday we received a message asking for help for a small dog that was living in the streets of Alanje, La Concepción (2 hours from Boquete), Today the person who rescued her, came to Boquete with the little poor dog.

She is the little dog that came today to DogCamp from Alanje La Concepción. The expat who found her told us that she had owners and the owners told him that they thought is normal that this dog is in this conditions. Poor baby
We feed her, of course she ate like crazy, drunk a lot of water and she received a warm bath.
Now she is sleeping in a bed inside of a kenel in a separate area.
Monday we will take her to the vet to make a blood test 🤩
You can make a donation to DogCamp using:
Paypal: paypal.me/DogCamp 
Thank you so much!!!!




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Dear Dog Camp...You have our support.   We hope Anita gets well and finds a happy home real soon.  Thank you and the person that found her for such compassion and dedication.

Alison, Bill and Flossy ( who was once a street dog too) 

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