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DogCamp is looking for a new place!!

DogCamp Boquete


Hi, we are looking for a new place, because the neighboor who lives at our left is complaining now, after 2 and a half that we are here. He was caught stealing the money from the rent that we paid every month. He didnt paid complete or simply didnt pay to the owner. In the past an expat was living here and this guy, the neighboor, made the owner believe that the expat was still living here. The neighboor offered his help in translations to the owner, this is how he started to "help" the owner for charging the rent to the expat. When we found the place, the neighboor said he was the manager of the land and we trust him because he was know by one of our friend, then we sign a contract but now we know that he never showed it to the owner. One day the owner appear here saying why are you not paying the rent, but we show to him all the receipts and the contract, this is how the owner and us knew about the stealing. This guy never let the owner know about the New contract and also the owner was thinking that the old contract was finished, so he came to check gis property and that we me him. Because we discover that the neighboor was stealing the money, he took revenge complaining with Minsa, this institute said that everything is ok, but they can do nothing if just one neighboor is complaining. So they said we need to reduce the number of dogs asap or they can close the place.

Now we are thinking that everything is for a reason so we are taking this as a posibility to be Big and better. It means we have a new challenge, find a better place for the dogs in Boquete, and start a new project with the experiencie you know we have.

If two persons could create a shelter from nothing and help the animals from the community ,  we think a  community can join forces to help us to build a better project. Please let us know how if you know some locations... Thanks! 6563 8686 (Magaly) 6965 9423 (Javier).

If you want to now the name of the neighbor, send to us a PM, thanks


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Magaly, please give information about your Paypal account. I know many people who want to contribute but don't know how.

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1 hour ago, Bonnie said:

Magaly, please give information about your Paypal account. I know many people who want to contribute but don't know how.

The requested information already provided at the top of their blog entry, and to make things easier for all, it is a hotlink:


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Just to be clear, there are two ways to donate: by Paypal and, for those who don't have a Paypal account, by GoFundMe.

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I don't think you need a paypal account to send money to another paypal account. You can charge it on your credit card. Of course, there is a fee for doing so.

BTW, I have found my paypal account to be an invaluable asset when living in Panama. I can send and receive money from anywhere in the world with no fee.

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Note that Javier and Magaly have updated their blog information. It now includes a direct link to donate funds to their PayPal account. Couldn't be easier to help some good community members.

Just look in the upper right while visiting there blog here on CL.

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