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Dog Camp Small Venta De Patio March 28th

DogCamp Boquete



Beautiful morning, the event held at the Arco Iris Salon at de Flower Fair building’s success was thanks to very hard working VOLUNTEERS, the cooperation of Tap Out that let us use of their parking lot, and BCP’s offer and set up of table and chairs and thanks to the team from The Flowers fair that offered and facilitated the use of their building.
A very special THANK YOU to the volunteers. Without the help from JANE HAMPTON who organize this event, JANE VASARHELY., BETH ABRAHAMS, LESLIE MCPEAK, LYNN MCPEAK, EDDIE AND JHON BAXTER, LARRY WHITE, we could not do this event, and of course all the volunteers friends who were there yesterday and today.
All Minsa requirements were met and having done so thanks to the hard work of Magaly and Javier, permission for the two day event in May is set. If you missed this one, hopefully we will see you then for a day featuring housewares and a second featuring the arts, holidays, sports and electronics.

Thank you so much! The next venta de patio will be May 23rd and May 24th.
We did $1300, thank you for your support 




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