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Marcelyn and I attended a group meeting today at a relatively new eatery here in Boquete. We had not heard of this place until late yesterday when we were getting information about the group meeting / luncheon event. The name is Malu Café & Bakery. Little did we know that Boquete has a trailer park, and co-located on the same property is Malu. The trailer park is called Panama Camping Park.

We understand that Malu has been open since January 2018. The ambiance was open, clean, refreshing, and inviting. Rina Samudio is the manager, and she checked on our group periodically to be sure that we all were being well taken care of. The food was good (Marcelyn and I shared a nacho plate with carne molida), and Marcelyn had an iced tea that she raved about (I did the Coke thing). Both of us had lunch for less than $10.00, and we did not ask for a jubilado discount. The service was very attentive, and always with a smile.

Here are both sides of their business card.



The email address is malucafepty@gmail.com. The telephones are 730-9251, 6747-0672, and 6777-7160.

As to location, you can see from the map on the back of the business card that Malu is located one block farther east behind the Terpel (the one in Bajo Boquete) and Gymnasio del Cacho. Here is the Google Maps hotlink for Malu Café & Bakery: https://goo.gl/maps/8UMmwTSD7Xp, and also for Panama Camping Park: https://goo.gl/maps/hJ5xeU1sgZs. Actually, I believe there is an error in the map location for Malu in that it appears to be one block too far south on Google Maps. I've submitted a request to Google to correct this mistake.

Here are some pictures taken during our group gathering today. First is the main entrance.



Second is our group meeting.



Next is a picture of Rina Samudio, the manager (left) and one of the employees.



Next a shot of the kitchen area:



And finally, both sides of both of their menus:






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Went here yesterday afternoon for an appetizer and wine. We met Astrid Puedas who is the pastry chef and assistant manager. She told us her two uncles are partners in this new venture and have more plans, especially with the RV park.  They are all from PC. 

She said the outside deck is dog-friendly!

The service, menu, food, and prices are terrific. We did not ask for the Jubilo as our bill was only $18.00 for the smoked salmon plate and 3 glasses of wine. With the low cost of the menu and what a great job and effort, they are doing to make a go of it we would like to see them be successful. 

They open every day at 8:30 except on Mondays.

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On 3/17/2018 at 8:26 AM, Marcelyn said:

This could be the only RV park in Panama. Know of any others?

When I was at Las Lajas Beach last week I discovered an RV park right on the beach. Turn right at the end of the road as if you are going to the Beach Resort, and there it is. First time I've seen it. We also occasionally have RV's stop by Chiriqui Storage to park for a few days. We can offer them water, electricity and wi-fi and the locale is convenient to both Boquete and David.

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6 hours ago, Keith Woolford said:

Are there proper sewage hookups at any of these RV parks? Where do they dump their waste?

At the new one here in Boquete, yes, there are proper sewage hookups. Looks to be installed to US standards. I would imagine with all the money they spent on the place they have a proper septic tank as well.

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