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  1. Friends all: Last Thursday the art exhibition began Pesca'o by the well-known writer Joaquín González, in the gallery of the Boquete library. We invite you to visit us, you still have the opportunity to admire each of the works and if one captivates you, you can purchase it, so you can contribute to the artist and our library. We will wait for you! Access the following link: https://www.biblioboquete.com/noticias/pescao-oleos-y-acrilicos
  2. This chat is fully booked. To be on the waiting list or register for future chats, click HERE
  3. A great stocking stuffer or gift for the holidays - all U.S., Canadian and Panamanian holidays are included!
  4. Visit us this coming Tuesday at the Tap Out Market, 9 - 12. We are located near the back door. Hundreds and hundreds of English language books to choose from. Most paperbacks are $1 and most hard covers are $2. You can also drop off your donations for our thrift store. Normal hours at our thrift store have resumed: 9-2:30 on Mon, Tues, Wed, Friday. 9-12 on Saturdays. Closed Thursdays. Located in Alto Boquete across the street from Chopsticks Restaurant.
  5. Crash Course Spanish Classes with Renny start on Monday Nov 1, 2021 thru Dec 8, two days a week (Mon. & Wed.) It is a six week class. This is a fun easy class. If there is any practice or homework those with busy schedules will love having the option of doing them by email or Whats Ap at their convenience. _________________________ COST: $199 As many people know, Renny, a degreed professional, owned a language school in David under contract with the Panamanian Government giving classes for them, and also had one in Houston. She is now offering two levels of Spanish classes in Boquete, Basic Level, Intermediate. These are professional instructions with an easy, clear curriculum and the correct sequencing of material. Location of the class is in Boquete The Basic Class is called Crash Course Spanish ****Class meets Mondays and Wednesdays 9:30 a.m. - 11:30 It will get you speaking fast! It shows how the language is organized, and teaches the tricks of the language, the basics: pronunciation, some important cultural notes, phrases, vocabulary, speaking; fluid short conversations, how to ask and answer questions. You will practice and share tips, create full sentences, and learn how to speak without conjugating verbs. Workbook is included. The Crash Course Intermediate Class **Class meets Mondays and Wednesdays 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. You will USE your acquired Spanish language! You will speak in class, get tips for learning to listen and respond, you will have short exchanges, pronounce the difficult, role play, learn word order, expand your vocabulary and engage in specialized classes to gain better listening skills. You will speak every day, learn a higher use of some verbs without conjugating, create interesting sentences, listen to songs, conduct interviews and give short speeches. Learn by doing. Each student will translate for someone. It's time to do better at understanding what Spanish speakers are saying BECAUSE… the class also engages in "Train your ear” as well as “Practicing Speaking”, all of this as you learn more and more Spanish fast; you build the confidence you need to converse with others. Workbook is included. Pre-requisite for the **Intermediate Class : Basic Spanish, no exceptions **Intermediate Class To enter this class the following will describe your level of speech: You respond to simple, direct questions or requests for information, can ask a few questions concerning needs and wants, and are able to express personal meaning by relying heavily on learned or re-combined phrases, repeating or rephrasing what you hear around you. You know short and sometimes incomplete sentences in the present tense. At times you know you state things incorrectly, but gain confidence because the Spanish speaker “got” what you were trying to say. You may be hesitant or inaccurate, whereby frequent misunderstandings arise. When called upon to handle a variety of topics and perform serious functions you operate at about a 40% to 50% success range, and can sometimes respond in intelligible sentences, but cannot sustain full sentence exchanges. You know the meanings/translations (not the conjugations) of at least 75 verbs. To express interest in this class, please respond to this email at the following: rennykranich@gmail.com FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO THE WEBSITE: On the site, please click various topics on the left side of your screen. WEBSITE http://crashcoursespanishwithrenny.com CHECKOUT FACEBOOK TOO. Click: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crash-Course-Spanish-with-Renny/752177804872882 ­ The class starts very soon. It’s time to get started! The Class is held at Hillside Baptist Church in the same center as the ChopStix Restaurant. We will register and pay for the class right before the class begins. Contact me and confirm. I can’t wait to meet you!
  6. Reprinted from Newsroom Panama The re-activation of four major fairs Boquete, La Chorrera, David, and Azuero was confirmed at the plenary session of the National Fairs Commission (Conafer), of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA). Only the fully vaccinated will be allowed in. At the same meeting the trustees of the Boquete Flower and Coffee Fair confirmed that the event will take place from January 13 to 23, 2022. Roberto Guerra, president of Conafer, expressed that with effort and sacrifice the fair activities are resumed, but that it will begin with the largest activities, which will be a catalyst for other festivities. Samir Gozaine, secretary of the Tourism Cabinet, explained that other verification systems will have to be integrated before the fair activities, such as the QR system, having AIG staff available at the ticket offices of the fair events. Meanwhile, he said that children under 12 may enter, but with their parents who must have the complete vaccination scheme. They will have to use masks when they move around the facilities, they can only be removed to eat or drink some type of drink. Luis Oliva, director of the AIG, indicated that it is important to control access to fairs with the QR code. "We are going to put a stand at each fair authorized by the Ministry of Health, to help people who attend with the QR code and we can train the staff of each fair with this entry system," he said. The Ministries of Health and Agricultural Development will coordinate the biosecurity measures to be adopted for the development of these events with the fair boards.
  7. Reprinted from the Panama Perspective by Tom Brymer Officials stopped more than 1.7 million migrants on our southern border during the 2021 fiscal year, which ended in September, according to Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data. The Washington Post reports illegal crossings began rising last year but skyrocketed in the months after President Biden took office. Agents with the CBP also arrested the highest number of migrants since 1986, taking more than 200,000 into custody in July and August alone. And Biden’s nominee for the head of the CBP Calls Situation at Border a ‘Significant Challenge,’ but Not a Crisis” Hah!!! In the fiscal years between 2012 and 2020, border arrests averaged about 540,000. The 2021 figure was more than three times that amount and the second-highest annual total ever recorded, according to the newspaper. Of the 1.7 million detained during the 2021 fiscal year, 61 percent were expelled under Title 42, the CBP data shows. Governors Call Out Biden Admin for Abandoning Americans Who Live on Border Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and other Republican governors have blamed Biden for the humanitarian crisis and chaos at the border. “We’re seeing the highest number of cross border crossings and it’s all because of the catastrophic open border policies by the Biden administration,” Abbott told Fox News. He added that the Biden administration “completely abandoned” ranchers, residents in his state, and “all the people who live on the border.” As CBN News reported earlier this month, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds was among 10 Republican governors who visited the U.S. – Mexico border, unveiling a 10-point plan to end Biden’s immigration crisis at the nation’s southern border by stopping the flow of illegal immigrants. When asked if the trip was more about politics than confronting immigration issues, Iowa Gov. Reynolds replied, “No it’s not a political stunt.” “This is the real thing. Biden owns this,” she said. “This is a self-inflicted crisis. He overturned all the policies that worked.” On Tuesday, lawmakers pressed President Biden’s nominee to head the CBP to call the situation “a crisis.” Tucson Police Chief Chris Magnus admitted it’s a “significant challenge” and pledged to humanely enforce immigration laws if he’s approved. He also said he’s open to completing parts of the border wall still unfinished after President Biden halted construction Are Terrorists Among the Illegal Migrants? Meanwhile, one Texas congressman is warning terrorists could pass through our porous defenses. U.S. Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) recently told Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, about a conversation he had recently with Panama’s foreign minister. “She visits with me. She sits down, she goes, ‘There are over 100,000 migrants coming through Panama on their way to the U.S.,'” Gonzales recalled. “And we started talking about that, but I asked her one specific question. ‘Have you caught anybody on the terrorist watch list? She goes, ‘Funny you ask that Tony because in Panama we do biometrics and we have apprehended 52 people that are associated with al Qaeda.'” A record number of migrants from Haiti also entered the U.S. over the summer, trying to escape the ongoing poverty, crime, and political instability in their home country. Last week, the Biden administration announced it plans to reinstate a Trump-era border policy next month to make asylum-seekers wait in Mexico for hearings in U.S. immigration court, complying with a judge’s order. However, it hinges on the approval of the Mexican government, which has raised concerns that U.S. officials are working on. Mexico wants cases to generally conclude within six months and ensure that asylum-seekers have timely and accurate information about hearing dates and times and better access to legal counsel. U.S. Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas ended the policy in June after an internal review, saying it achieved “mixed effectiveness.” As CBN News reported, the U.S. Supreme Court ordered the policy to be reinstated in August saying the Biden administration likely violated federal law in trying to end a Trump-era program that forces people to wait in Mexico while seeking asylum in the U.S. There also is nothing preventing the administration from trying again to end the program, formally called Migrant Protection Protocols.
  8. INTRODUCING THE LARGEST SELECTION OF PLANTS IN BOQUETE AT THE NEW FINCA FELIZ NURSERY IN VOLCANCITO A “PRIVATE NURSERY” open 7 days By Appointment Only The Largest Variety of Plants, Orchids, and Herbs (Medicinal and Culinary) in Boquete Cruise the garden and collect Cuttings to grow yourself. I harvest my own organic seeds, and some are for sale as well as some vegetable starts. Farm Products available NOW: The Best Avocados in Boquete are coming in now and will be for many weeks. Guaranteed organic and picked at the perfection of maturity every Monday. Also available: Dried Moringa leaves (or powder) All Finca Feliz Medicinal products. Bug Buster and Fix the Skin CONTACT: Lvanderkar@gmail.com (Preferred) (507) 6493 6947 Panama cell (507) 787 4225 Panama Landline (310) 929 7038 US Phone PLANTS AVAILABLE AT FINCA FELIZ NURSERY HERBS Culinary – Basil (green and purple Thai), cilantro, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, dill, Garlic Chives, Citronella, Lemon Grass, Medicinal – Manzanilla (chamomile), Salvia, Ruda, Baldo, Yerba Buena (spearmint), Peppermint, Comfrey PLANTS TO GROW Food “Dulce” Bananas, Guanabana, Strawberry Guava, Pineapple Guava “Friejoa”, Surinam Cherry, Passion fruit vine, Zanzamorra tree (Panama Mulberry), various vegetable starts, Blackberries and Thimble Berries. INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PLANTS Coleus Begonias Snow Rose Blue Iris Antherium Impatience Cielito Spider Heliconia Queen of the Night Cinta Caladin Bird of Paradise Croton Aloe Vera Black Elephant Ear Helechi Fern Peperonia Bougainvillea Amaryllis Tacoma Yellow Day Lily Hydrangea Verbena Mother-in-law tongue Speckelia Gardenia Night Blooming Jasmine Plumeria Vegetable starts and so much more. MANY COLORS AND VARIETIES OF HIBUSCUS, SUCCULENTS, BOUGAINVILLEA, BROMILLIADS AND ORCHIDS.
  9. Hi! My name is Judy Tovar. I am a full bilingual Panamanian, who is offering “conversational Spanish”. We meet to just talk or do your errands, and the whole time we are together we only speak in Spanish. This way your tongue loosens up and little by little you will feel more and more comfortable speaking our native language. Price: 1 to 3 persons = $20.00 an hour..minimum 2 hours (this is total/NOT per person) You can contact me thru whatsapp: 6617-4122
  10. Antonio M. Singh C. https://itsmybio.me/antoniomsinghc Entrega General, David, Chiriquí Panamá, Rep. de Panamá Cel. PTY 507-6618-2929 Cel. PTY 507-6122-2089Skype: antoniomsingh No te preguntes qué puede hacer tu país por ti, pregúntate que puedes hacer tú por tu país. John F. Kennedy
  11. Trivia With A Twist Halloween Edition Get Your Ghoul On With Brandy, Your Mistress of Arcane Knowledge She'll have you howling... Today at 5 PM (doors open at 4) La Posada Restaurant https://goo.gl/maps/46wQF9GFv5puUNCz5
  12. Boquete PhotoGrafia Virtual club meeting Thursday 4:00 pm -guests welcome! Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84143830944?pwd=NkVjWXhNYy9jQy9GYXFLVitJQnZsUT09 Meeting ID: 841 4383 0944 Password: 325097
  13. If you are an entrepreneur, Chiriqui Storage gives you the opportunity to participate this November 7 to sell or buy first and second-hand products. If you want to participate you just have to call 6863-3269 or 6824-8625 and set aside your table or space. Do not miss it!!!!! REMEMBER! WHEN YOU GO TO THE MARKET, WE RECOMMEND YOU TO FOLLOW THE BIOSECURITY MEASURES.
  14. To reserve for this or future chats, go to http://eventsboquete.org/reservations or click HERE
  15. Visit us this coming Tuesday at the Tap Out Market, 9 - 12. We are located near the back door. Hundreds and hundreds of English language books to choose from. Most paperbacks are $1 and most hard covers are $2. You can also drop off your donations for our thrift store. Normal hours at our thrift store have resumed: 9-2:30 on Mon, Tues, Wed, Friday. 9-12 on Saturdays. Closed Thursdays. Located in Alto Boquete across the street from Chopsticks Restaurant. Starting Monday there will be a large Christmas sale featuring toys, decorations, wrapping supplies, etc.
  16. Good Saturday! If you would like to order fresh veggies from Ana’s Veggies, please access to anasveggies.com to place your order, before Sunday 6pm. I will have your order ready for pick up next Tuesday Market from 9-12. Thank you! Priscilla Enviado desde mi iPhone
  17. ACCB - Oktoberfest Sat, Oct 16, 1-5 PM Music - Food - Raffles - FUN Sausage Competition TapOut Sports Zone
  18. We hope that you are having a great day. This week we’ve been busy working on bringing back a few very popular dishes for you to enjoy. For starters we have made a fresh batch of Chicken Pot Pies. These Pot pies are loaded with chicken, vegetables, southern creamy gravy, and wrapped in a delicious crispy crust. A real comfort food and hit’s the spot every time. Also, on our menu this week we have Boquete Chili, Saag Paneer, Deluxe and Creamy Mac & Cheese, Chinese Cashew Chicken, Mexican Chicken Burritos, Tex Mex Breakfast Burritos, Pumpkin Ravioli, Black Bean Soup, Mexican Quesadillas, Tortilla soup and LOTS more!!! We hope to have our Cajun chicken and andouille sausage gumbo as well as our New Orleans Red Beans & Sausage dish back on the menu soon. Lots of new items and local favorites on the horizon. Stay tuned! All of our entrees are frozen and are portioned for 1-2 adults. All you have to do is heat and eat😀😀😀 CRISPY TOP AND BOTTOM CHICKEN POT PIE REHEAT DIRECTIONS: If you would like a crispy top and bottom on your chicken pot pie follow these directions. Preheat your oven to 425f – 450f. Place a baking sheet in your oven and allow it to preheat. Once your oven and baking sheet has preheated, lightly spray a little oil on the surface of the baking sheet. Take your frozen chicken pot pie out of its container and place it on the greased baking sheet and bake for 50-60 minutes or until crust is golden brown and crispy. Enjoy (BONUS TIP) Adding an egg wash to the top of the chicken pot pie just before baking really gives it a wonderful color!! An egg wash is simply 1 egg whipped with a fork and brushed all over the top of your pot pie… If you are new in town and would like to be included in our weekly mailer, be sure to click this link to subscribe. Click here to get on my mailing list!! Check out our menu by clicking this link below and if you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a phone call or email. http://doshombrespanama.com/our-menu/ To place an order simply complete the online ordering process and make sure you submit the order when complete (this is the step most commonly missed). You will get an order number immediately after completing your order. I make all deliveries on Monday between 9am and 5pm and if you are picking up at our location please come by Monday between 11am and 2pm. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you soon Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, Aidan
  19. Today, we were cleaning the room where Hope passed away, we left a nice, big, clean bed, bowls of water and food totally clean, we closed the door thinking, we don't have a dog that needs this area these days, we mean, a dog in really bad condition. So, Two hours later, we received a message with the pictures of this dog, so we couldn't say no. This dog is a male dog and his little puppy, both are very skinny and afraid but with patience, good food, a warm bed and a safe area, they will get better very soon. Please we need your help, they will need a complete blood test, maybe medicine, vitamins and we don't know what else. Please consider to make a donation * Panama Global Bank account - saving account Nº 16332030338 * PayPal paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby be sure to include a note saying it's for DogCamp THANK YOU.
  20. Please see the following video. Thank you to Cynthia Vitagliano for thinking my caring for cats was worthy of a mention to Going Panama. And a huge thanks to Hunter Schultz for taking his time and effort to create this video. It was a pleasure to meet you. Most of all, my deepest gratitudto my beloved Spirit, who started my passion for cats. Enjoy the video! CLICK HERE: This Dog Lover Fell for Cats. But Why, and What Happened in Panama? Kirsten Cares For Cats 😻 zoeyquimby@gmail.com / 6446-2794 https://paypal.me/kirstenmiaquimby
  21. For the month of October, the Boquete Library presents the pictorial exhibition "REGATOS" from the Pesca'o series (oil and acrylic), by the writer Joaquín González. Opening date: Thursday, October 21 at 3:00 p.m. We are waiting for you!
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