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Another rescue of stupid people from Volcan Baru


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Reprinted from Newsroom Panama

17 in Christmas Eve  volcano peak rescue

Posted on December 24, 2017 in Panama



SEVEN blind people were among a group  17 hikers rescued from the  top of Panama’s highest peak, Volcan Barú at dawn on Sunday. December 24.

The rescue was carried out by members of the National Aeronaval Service (SENAN), supported by the Joint Task Force (FTC).

The hikers were transferred to the Chiriqui Fire Station. No injuries were reported.

The volcano is located at 3,474 meters and has always been a magnet for local and foreign hikers who follow the challenging route to the top for the spectacular view and the low humidity mountain forests not found anywhere else in Panama. Temperatures oscillate between 10 ° C and 20 ° C

On December 10, FTC the air and ground teams were mobilized to rescue 24 people on the top of the volcano. Although they did not show serious injuries, some of the hikers suffered from  hypothermia reports La Estrella.

On October 1, Five young people were rescued with fatigue and signs of hypothermia.

The Environment Ministry and the Tourism Authority have reiterated the need for excursions to the top of the volcano to be carried out in compliance with established norms and regulations as well as the accompaniment of certified guides.

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One easy fix is for the park to close when weather is beyond what hikers should be climbing in to be safe.  I know they they have done this before.  This is not an easy climb.  Once closed, if climbers do proceed then they should be told they will pay the cost of any rescue.   Stupid...well maybe naive or over confident.

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The person who called the Newslady a vulgar name probably was still enjoying a Christmas toddy or two. Whatever the case, it might have been better to go with the Newsroom Panama language as "stupid" is what I call a lightening word, one that invites zaps.

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2 hours ago, JohnF13 said:

Just seems to me the word was appropriate for the circumstances.  This constant nuancing and parsing of the language needs to stop.  

There is no shortage of people who get more upset over the words used than the actions of the fools who put their own lives and the lives, money and time of the rescuers on Christmas Eve at risk.  Much easier to disagree with a word than a group of people who aren't very thoughtful of the rest of Panama.

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15 hours ago, BlueBird said:

Whether or not the Newslady used the word “stupid” is not the issue. There is never a reason to use a vulgar name because someone disagrees with you.

With “friends like this, you don’t need enemies”. Take this person off your free e-mail list!

This guy was deleted from the free service. He was both vulgar and threatening.

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