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  1. I was a little surprised yesterday by an occurrence. A local indigenous friend, was detained and threatened with a fine. He was male, the time he was out was within the allotted time according to his cedulla. The reason evidently was the police asked him WHY he was out. He was not near a grocery store, bank or pharmacy. I feel a bit responsible. I had made his family masks and wanted to deliver to him. They were having trouble getting taxis to pick them up, I felt it was because they had no face masks. The point being, even if you are out in the proper time frame, things can be co
  2. Thanks Keith. As a former "hospital" worker, I needed to know the difference between "hospital" and "clinic" designation here. I always feel such a "newbie" , I appreciate the fact that you've been here and know so much. Some day I want to be "you" when I "grow up". haha
  3. If they complete the new road to Volcan, will it be closer than David in an emergency? I had no idea there was a hospital in Volcan. What size is it? It's not a clinic, but a hospital, right?
  4. Penny, one additional note on this subject and then I guess I'll have to move on. These neighbors work with the animal spay and neuter clinic. I think that is great, but I'm sure they don't have any idea that even charities need an attorney. Nothing against animals, but how can they care more for animals than humans? They aren't vegans or anything. As I said, I think they do not consider lawyers "humans". NUTS FOR SURE!!
  5. I was shocked she said it, but she and her husband are very vocal on their hatred for lawyers. She sent me 6 smiley faces, with tears of joy... just darn gleeful. I will never speak to these nuts again. I'm sure they are the rare people, and most people don't jump up and down for joy at anyone's murder. When I told her I was absolutely appalled at her reaction, she said "f-you Jo, I'm allowed to speak my opinion". Wow. I'm saving that text for forever, in case I'm ever tempted to forget she actually said it.
  6. That's so good to hear. I guess my neighbor is that one idiot who thrills at the death of any lawyer. Her husband was thrown out of Leyda's office for screaming at her, leaning over her desk shaking his finger in her face. She told him to get out!! And she was HIS lawyer. Some people are just unreasonable nut cases. I'm sure you're right, most people loved and respected her as a HUMAN. Good to hear your positive words, thanks!
  7. I am just devastated too. As a family with quite a few lawyers (none of which has ever sued anyone, just hard working prosecutors and corporate types), it has always amazed me how much people hate "all lawyers", until they need one. And, don't get me started on the number of times they are asked for "free advice" if they haven't spoken to us before except at a PTA meeting. Leyda had a mother and a daughter, was a smart, hard-working advocate for her clients. Some people, like my neighbor, have already told me how happy they were she was killed and that she "got what she deserve
  8. It's not very new. It is a little gadget the size of a swiss army knife, that you plug into the television (sort of a dongle). Then, anything on your browser can be projected to the TV screen by pushing the little icon. I use if for YouTube if I want to share a favorite video, instead of everyone gathering around my phone. You can even show a photo album like a slide show. It costs about $40 from Amazon last I checked. Fairly easy to set up. The icon always shows up on Netflix, YouTube or Amazon videos , etc. If you want to try mine, I'll see if Doug will show you one of ours. You
  9. I'm no expert at all, but when I get desperate I use Netflix app on my phone and then Chromecast to a TV. For some reason my phone is never caught in the "wrong location". Now, Doug will read this and tell me I'm using "data" and costing him a billion dollars.... haha
  10. I agree, Keith. Recycling should not involve eyesores. I am waiting for all the "electric car" batteries (which run on power generated by coal or gas, or hydroelectric, but much less efficiently) to start being "recycled". There will be a pile of oozing batteries that can't be "reused, recycled" but simply destroy the scenery or the planet. Littering by re-cyclers is still littering.
  11. Silk Almond is at Romero and Super Baru in Boquete, not refrigerated but doesn't require refrigeration until opened. International Delight hazelnut comes and disappears quickly at Reys in David. Also, Coffeemate liquid vanilla. But, as soon as they hit the shelves they're gone. I will probably star in a viral video someday knocking people over to get the Coffeemate Vanilla liquid.
  12. Yes, I sent a "just in case" to my favorite contacts. No need to panic, but anything that keeps me from messing up my phone, etc., is worth taking precaution.
  13. I'm betting that even if you have been vaccinated, and CAN find your records that they are not on the "proper form", in Spanish, etc. and won't be accepted in Columbia or elsewhere.. maybe just cynical. I'm assuming it's harmless to get a second vaccine, but certainly not painless. I remember the "my arm is going to fall off" feeling, clearly.
  14. I don't like smoked, and I'm starting to think the little label printed on the bag is a different description than the on the actual large roast. It doesn't taste smoked or look smoked. but, you're right about "ahumado". I'll try to get a picture of it next trip. The Campofina label was correct.
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