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CanadaPlus Foundation - Discounted Health Insurance for folks 85 years and under

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Here's the link to an informative clip about the discounted Health Insurance plan offered by the CanadaPlus Foundation.

* This is not a recommendation, I'm just sharing information. I'm not a member of this group nor have I investigated this plan other than watching the video.



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I got a reply.  This is what they said.  I didn't include the attachments.  Write to Gonzalo at gdelaguardia@gmail.com

No, you don't have to be Canadian ... is the CanadaPLUS club, open to English speaking members from all countries.
Attached please find preliminary informacion and quotes.
If you think you could use this protection please get back to me for further "conversation".
                   Gonzalo de la Guardia
                    ADG SEGUROS, S.A.
          "International Health Insurance"
                    Cel: 507-6671-3357
                   Office: 507-393-5530
                    Skype: gedelaguardia
          Panama City, Republic of Panama

Outstanding protection: $2,500,000 maximum lifetime benefit, at any private Hospital in Panama, or at premium Hospitals Worldwide, including the USA.

We have received more than 50 requests for quotes and information in the past 5 days!

To prioritize our attention by some sort of “need for protection”, please take 5 minutes to fill and return the “basic information” form attached and we will get back to you with quotes within 48 hrs.   Why?  To quote you, we need to know your birthdate(s) and to take a first look at your medical history and any pre-existing conditions, to be able to assist you with the best alternatives.

1-     We will review your “basic information” and prepare quotes.  

2-     Once you decide to apply for coverage, we will prepare the formal application for your review and signature.

3-     Applicants +65 will need to provide some basic test (Blood, EKG) … simple.

4-     Company will underwrite your application and reply within 5 days.

If you start the process today (5 minutes to fill and return de “basic form” attached), we might get you insured effective Dec. 15th, 2016 … so you will have access to apply with 2016 rates.

If you want to get the 15% Senior Discount, we will assist you with the CanadaPlus Foundation application … easy stuff.

We are ready to assist you … please send us the “basic form” and we will take if from there.



ADG Seguros, S.A.

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Pan American Life in David is an american owned health provider. They are out of new orleans. They have been doing business in central and south america for over 20yrs. I have two plans. Mine is as good if not better than BCBS at half the price for a single person in the USA and it covers all of "central  america" not including Mexico. Her Plan is the extact same as mine for Panama only for $101 a month. I couldn't get the Panama Only Plan because of my age, over 65, but it is affordable and a good policy. But they did include Panama in the central american plan. It's all about the money. They require a physical and blood work from Mae Lewis or Hospital Chiriqui. Ironically it pays more when reimbursing for Mae Lewis than Hospital Chiriqui. Hospital Chiriqui is considered "preferred" because of staff and equipment. Ironically, the same doctors work both hospitals I've been told. The equipment must be different to a degree hence the higher price for Hospital Chirqui. Once again, it's about the money. Also, it's about what you can afford. I am covered with Pan Am at one of the best hospitals in the world, Punta Pacifica Hospital, Panama City, Panama (John Hopkins Hospital). If you want to know the price of my coverage message me. If you want details for different plans visit them in the strip mall on the left after crossing the over pass in David. You'll need spanish skills or someone with spanish skills with you. My broker speaks perfect English and helped me at times in the Pan Am office. If you want the brokers name and number message me. He can get you quotes from several companies pretty quick by email.

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Thanks, Hil. But I think it's all about the money and the coverage. Can you give us an idea about what your policy covers? Does it pay hospitalization at 100%? What is the maximum payout limit? What is the deductible? Is it international insurance or restricted to Central America? It would be nice to know these things before exploring the option further.

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100% hospital

100% surgery

100% anestesia

$1000 year for ambulance $100 per event

$100 copay hospital

$200 copay Punta Pacifica 

30% copay xrays

$500,000.00 year coverage

Transplants max $250,000.00

Yearly deductible $350

$5000 max on pharmacy or medicines

vaccinations are listed seperately but cheap


And $20,000.00 death policy included

$247.00 month


As I stated it's for all of central america not Mexico.

There are other small benifits but I'm too lazy to type them. 

Contact Pan Am.


My GF has the Same Benifits with the same company for Panama only because she is under 65 and $101 monthly.

Different strokes for different folks. I have more coverage than i need in the usa with medicare and 100 disable vet coverage. I just want to cover my ass while in central america. With coverage with Punta Pacifica I doubt I would travel to the US for any treatment. Besides, I was paying $500 monthly for BCBS with less coverage actually. Punta Pacifica is the way to go with serious problems. David hospitals could hopefully stabalize until transfer to Panama City.

If you're are under 65 you can save probably minimum $150 a month for good insurance with this company.


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CanadaPLUS Foundation aids Hospital Del Nino

Photo shows ENT specialist Dra Stella Rawling (left) and CanadaPLUS President, Dra Lourdes Quijada
Post Views: 93
The Hospital Del Nino is the latest recipient of a donation from the annual  Carols by Candlelight charity concert organized by the CanadaPLUS Foundation.

Each year, the Foundation uses funds raised at the concert and other events to make donations to local institutions in the form of cash or equipment.  Some of the earlier beneficiaries were: Hospital Santo Tomas, Fundacion Calicanto,  Hogar Malambo, INAC, National Ballet, and Vision of Hope. 

In addition scores of thousands of dollars have been funneled into the local business community through the Foundation ’s fundraising activities.

This year the Foundation donated equipment that enables medical staff to audit the hearing of potentially deaf young patients and display the results on screen to family members and to train interns.



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