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  1. Big hassel but good news we can get there if needed. Thanks M
  2. i agree. This is for "smut papers" sold at check out counters. lolololol and then again...it is a little entertaining...lolololol
  3. My wife gets them at the clinic in boquete. She gets them free. But, you can Probably buy them there. She gets two--one for her asthma and one for me.
  4. Mistake on year with first post....sorry.
  5. 2007 & up Club Car (electric) could "possible"make the cover work with other name brand carts. Golf Club Cover and Mirrors Like new. $75 I bought a cover for the entire cart and had to take these off.
  6. Florida; FOR ALL ELECTIONS IN FLORIDA. Request to your supervisor of elections for overseas ballot by EMAIL. One short form to fill out and return by email for request of overseas ballot. They will then send you the ballot by EMAIL. Fill out ballot and sign verification form and FAX both the Ballot and verification form back to the supervisor of election to YOUR county of residence. I just got mine by email today and will fax back to them tomorrow. YOU CAN NOT (snail mail)MAIL IN AN OVER SEAS BALLOT IF YOU GOT IT THROUGH EMAIL. Note: In Florida if you request an overseas ballot
  7. My step son, Gerarado Guerra, has opened a new produce store near the Terpel Station. Coming into Boquete from David go past the Terpel and take the next right. It is the first container on your left. He is the owner of Cloud Forest Travels and has been in business for many years. He was the owner of the original Sandwhich Factory and closed because his chef was hit by a car and died. Gerardo's father has been in the Produce business for over 40 yrs and provides fresh products daily. Gerardo and Jorge are fluent in English. The store is very clean and produce is fresh daily. HUGE parking lot i
  8. until

  9. until

    How can you keep advertising these sales and we are quarantined on Sat and Sun? Do you have special conducto salvo?
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