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  1. 210 batteries. 35 packs with 6 batteries in each pack. Type------ p312 1.4 volts sealed packages never use my new hearing aides are rechargable and no need for batteries Thanks, Hil hajenkjr2@gmail.com
  2. New. I ordered 2 by accident on Amazon. $50 Universal fit with wrenches to change out seat. Very comfortable. I use the other one on my exercise bike! hajenkjr2@gmail.com
  3. Is Sertracen open for Walk=Ins??? Someone needs to renew their license? They don't have internet to get an appointment. Thanks Hil
  4. Looking for exerise bike new or used. Thanks, Hil hajenkjr2@gmail.com
  5. lololol now that's funny.
  6. I finally figured out the Ignore Feature on Chiriqui Life. It will be usefull. You can click on your name top right of screen, drop down menu and ignored users if you are bothered or badgered by others desparaging remarks. The owner/administrater can take care of the more offensive sarcasim. Great site Bud. And the ignore feature prevents censoring anyone---- I NOW DO NOT HAVE TO READ THESE DESPARING REMARKS ANYMORE.
  7. I ask the question to AMERICANS that use the American Embassy. I sent a message to the proper authorities and no response. Do any Americans have any answers?
  8. Has anyone recieved their 2020 Proof Of Life Form? If not, what are we supposed to do? Thanks, Hil
  9. Global Bank has a small fee, 10.70 (senior discount) for foriegn check and non jubilado it is 21.40.. I do not have a problem with that. And my U.S. bank account shows the transanction in three days. My U.S. money is released by Global Bank 21 days later. People need to remember where they are. You'll get use to it. $10.70 is much better than using the ATM at 5.25 a pop. Foriegn cards used in the ATM's are now limited to $250.00. One guy wanted argue with me about this the other day. I had just left the bank with $500 taken out. He said I have a Panamanian (Scotia Bank) account and all I can get is $250. I asked which bank and he said Scotia in Canada. I tried to explain the Scotia Bank here is not reconized as being associated Scotia Banks elsewhere . In other words, his Scotia Account in Canada has the $250 ATM limit here in Panama. He still didn't believe it. Oh well..........
  10. Big hassel but good news we can get there if needed. Thanks M
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