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  1. Keith is right. Just wait. This is the response that I received from the US Embassy in Costa Rica where all matters associated with social security benefits are handled: "Thank you for contacting the Federal Benefits Unit at the U.S. Embassy. The Foreign Enforcement Program will start late these year due to COVID-19. We are not collecting this form yet and we have not send it either. Benefits won’t be suspended because of this form this year. For general information, the Foreign Enforcement Questionnaire is mailed to the beneficiaries or representative payee in May/June of each year. Beneficiaries with social security numbers ending 00-49 must submit their enforcement questionnaire in even numbered years. Beneficiaries with social security numbers ending in 50-99 must submit their enforcement questionnaire in odd numbered years. Beneficiaries with a representative payee and 90 years or older must complete the form annually." Thanks/Gracias FBU, San Jose Region RSRinbox/637"
  2. The shop was open in Dolega up to a few weeks ago and now is gone. The building is empty. That's why I was wondering what happened to it. Thank you.
  3. Does anybody know what happened to The Bookmark bookstore in Dolega? Did he relocate? If so, where is he now? Or did he close the shop? Thank you. Bill
  4. In order to renew your license you have to set up an appointment first. The problem is that if your license expires in August (like mine), there are no more appointments available in August. So, if you make an appointment for September, your license has already expired. So I brought up this problem to Sertracen (ATTT) and all they had to say was "sorry for the inconvenience". Big help! There's a way to renew the license at their website https://www.sertracen.com.pa/ where you can attach any documents that are necessary for the renewal and can even take the two tests, audio and visual. The thing is that everything is in Spanish and you have to figure out how everything works, even if you know Spanish, as there are no instructions anywhere. Trial and error. So good luck.
  5. You might want to check with Emigdio del Cid at 6674-8242 Reparation & Installation of: Washers Fridge Dryers Dishwashers Ice Makers Air Conditioning Jacuzzi Hot Water Heaters Electric Water Heater Gas Water Heater Pump Water System Electromechanical and Mechanical Problems Computerized Diagnosis Security Systems as a alarms, security cameras. Car Alarms
  6. If someone has to drive another person from Boquete to Tocumen to catch a flight how can one travel across several provinces to reach the airport. And how does the driver get back to Boquete? Does some government agency issue a "salvoconducto"? And which agency does it? Thank you.
  7. Thank you for your response. Perhaps Panama America misquoted the president, or misunderstood what he said. On the other hand maybe Cortizo was expressing just the idea of keeping the airports closed and then decided not to do it.
  8. I haven't been able to see anything regarding not opening Tucumen as previously planned. Not even La Prensa has mentioned keeping the airport closed. Can you verify somewhere that Tucumen will remain closed after the 23rd? Thank you.
  9. The best place to find the tax forms (all of them) and to make the payment fast, most of the time no lines or very short ones, is at the Caja de Ahorro, across the street from Super Baru in Boquete.
  10. I'm not a lawyer or an expert in Panama law, but the Boquete Mayor's Decreto refers to Article 17 of the Panamanian Constitution which says (first in Spanish followed in English): ARTICULO 17. Las autoridades de la República están instituidas para proteger en su vida, honra y bienes a los nacionales dondequiera se encuentren y a los extranjeros que estén bajo su jurisdicción; asegurar la efectividad de los derechos y deberes individuales y sociales, y cumplir y hacer cumplir la Constitución y la Ley. Los derechos y garantías que consagra esta Constitución, deben considerarse como mínimos y no excluyentes de otros que incidan sobre los derechos fundamentales y la dignidad de la persona. Article 17. The authorities of the Republic are established for the purpose of protecting the lives, honor and property of all nationals, wherever they may be, and of aliens who are under the Republic's jurisdiction, of ensuring the effectiveness of individual and social rights and duties, and of observing and enforcing the Constitution and the Law. The rights and guarantees recognized by this Constitution must be considered as minimum standards which do not exclude others which are related to fundamental rights and the dignity of the individual. However, under Article 234, also of the Panamanian Constitution, it says (first in Spanish followed in English): ARTICULO 234. Las autoridades municipales tienen el deber de cumplir y hacer cumplir la Constitución y Leyes de la República, los decretos y órdenes del Ejecutivo y las resoluciones de los tribunales de la justicia ordinaria y administrativa. Article 234. The municipal authorities have the duty to comply with, and to enforce compliance with the Constitution and laws of the Republic, the decrees and orders of the Executive Branch, and the ordinary and administrative decisions of the Courts of Justice. So, shouldn't he comply with the decrees regarding the "dry law" issued by the government? Finally, his reference to Ley 54 of 2013, in the third paragraph ,has nothing to do, in my ignorant opinion, with his authority regarding the sale of liquor, since this law seems to address just the issuance of licenses, permits, and sanctions on retailers of alcohol. Just saying.
  11. Here's another link and a copy of the screen. https://geosocial.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/2c6e932c690d467b85375af52b614472
  12. This is a tank, not an SUV. In my opinion, the designers of the RAV-4 have destroyed the good looks of this vehicle. It wouldn't surprise me if potential buyers decide to switch to the Honda CR-V instead.
  13. Does anybody know of an ebanista in the Boquete-David area who works with mimbre (wicker)? I need 4 chairs that need replacement of the back and sides (all one single piece of mimbre). Thank you. Bill
  14. Does anybody know of an ebanista in the Boquete-David area who works with mimbre (wicker)? I need 4 chairs that need replacement of the back and sides (all one single piece of mimbre). Thank you. Bill
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