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  1. I have been trying to find styrofoam sheets. 1" to 2" in thickness The usual stores in this area haven't been much help. Ivans and Dorado don't have any suggestions I had hoped to avoid Panama City. Even then, I don't know where I would look. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks for the advice. Ill get a firestick and try it out
  3. I am lookng in the David area for a tv channel that has mostly english speaking programs Cable oanda says they cannot cover this area. Cable and wireless also do not serve this area I will need satellite because there is no cable available here I have tried to search the internet but come up with CW and Cable Oanda as the primary services in this area If there is someone that knows what services are in this area, please contact me. I am using this site because I have run out of options to find someone who knows this area
  4. I need info to get an english speaking tv channel It will need to be satellite cable does not come here A contact person would be helpful Netflix streaming is OK but very limited
  5. Now that the lockdown/quarantine is in effect again. How does one renew an expired drivers license? The time limit of 2 hrs doesn't give much time to go to David (legally), wait in line, then get license, even with an appointment
  6. Rosie ran away during a thunder storm on Monday 31 Sept We live between Caldera and La Estrella on Rio Sindigo If you see her or have her please call Paul or Whatsapp 6913 3173
  7. How do I contact the local social security warden in Boquete?
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