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New Technology For Auto Insurance Checks, Accident Reports

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New technology for insurance checks, accident reports

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STARTING in February  Police and traffic inspector s will be testing a technological program to verify the status of a car’s insurance policy and soon reporting an accident will be automated.

Traffic cops will enter the licence plate number into a mobile unit and the system will indicate if the car has a valid policy something that is mandatory by law. If the car does not have a current policy it will be towed.

Drivers are required to carry the policy in force in the car but according to Joaquín Riesen, the Superintendent of Insurance and Reinsurance, if a counterfeit policy is presented,  currently the transit agent would not be able to check its validity and the car could be driven without insurance.

In the case of a collision, a driver can verify if the other vehicle is insured or not through the Citizen Inspector cellular application, created by the Transit Authority ATTT

In addition, the authorities and the private company are working so that soon months drivers will be able to make reports of collisions through the same application, said Riesen.

When the system is operational, in the case of a minor collision, drivers can take pictures of the vehicles and upload them to the system.

An agent would receive the information in a call center and send police to the place of the accident. In this way, according to Riesen, the road could be cleared in about 15 or 20 minutes and not contribute to the congestion of the city.



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This is a positive step in ensuring that vehicles maintain year round insurance coverage.

Hopefully it will put an end to the old trick of purchasing a cheap policy by making a down payment, then using it to obtain the car's annual Revisado inspection and Plate.

Afterwards, the person would quit paying and drive uninsured for the balance of the year.


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Not only positive but necessary process for traffic safety.

Wonder how many people are not surprised that this new procedure follows the recent police stops checking for vehicle insurance coverage at the Caldera intersection. We’ve been asked for driver license and car insurance papers several times during the past several months.

Also on a recent drive from Panama City to Boquete we counted 27 (yes 27) Police presence. Most of these between Panama City and Santiago. Officers using radar and many tickets issued. A speeding big SUV passed us, and sure enough a few minutes later we drive by her parked car and noticed a Policeman handing her paperwork.

P.S.  The speed limit for that area was clearly marked.

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