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Does anyone know the projected date of completion of the Panamonte Bridge? With the BJBF moving to the fairgrounds, it’s going to be hell on those of us northeast of town unless that bridge is finished.

Anyone know why it’s no longer going to be at Valle Escondido?

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On 11/13/2017 at 8:43 PM, Bonnie said:


Anyone know why it’s no longer going to be at Valle Escondido?

I believe it's no longer at Valle Escondito because the venue was too small and the rental price too big. I also believe the Panamanian government puts no value on what they see as a "gringo event" such as the jazz festival. Note that the mayor let the contracting company completely tear up the road to Valle Escondito on the first day of the festival last year.

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I can't imagine that the bridge will be complete before the festival begins on Feb 22. The workers have really stepped up their efforts in the past few weeks, but the span crossing the river has not commenced yet. After it is complete, I'm sure we'll have to wait for a ribbon-cutting ceremony that fits President Varela's  calendar.  I think an April opening of the bridge may be a bit optimistic.

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On 11/15/2017 at 8:03 AM, Keith Woolford said:

Not sure you can hold the Mayor responsible for the actions or inactions of the water service contractors.

Thanks for pointing out this simple fact.  While the buck often stops at the highest person on the totem pole, we need to remember that there are others who can take responsibility, too.  The mayor cannot and should not be held responsible for every bonehead decision made by some contractors and their underlings.

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$18 Million in Major Boquete Investments Announced: New Bridge, New Road & More

This new bridge near the center of downtown Boquete next to the famous Panamonte Hotel will provide easier access for everyone into town.  It comes at the same time that the new area-wide water system is in process of being implemented.  President Varela visited Boquete to announce the start of construction of the new bridge as well as to provide the order to start the new road that will link Alto Boquete to Potrerillos and on to Volcan.

He also highlighted tourism development of the Boquete area during his visit when he ascended Panama’s tallest peak Volcan Baru from Boquete.

Panama’s federal government continues to steadily invest relatively big dollars into the Boquete area and Chiriqui.  Boquete is a sparkling gem of Panama in the eyes of the world and is loved by Panamanians.  Expect to see major and continued government and private investments in tourism development, security and infrastructure improvements into the area.

In addition to this bridge and road the projects and investments are stacking up.  They include:

New $12 Million Boquete Public Hospital – Also Available to Expats

New Boquete to Volcan Road

New Boquete Convention Center

New Public, Tourism and Handicraft Market Opens in Boquete

President Varela in Boquete – Gives Order to Begin $22.5 Million Water Distribution / Treatment Project

Mystery Commercial Plaza in Boquete Revealed

Massive Expansion Planned for Main Road to Volcan

Something Incredible is Happening in David, Panama

$100 million for Chiriqui & Bocas del Toro Bananas! – Economic Boon for the Region

David Panama’s Huge New $180 Million “Federal Mall” is a Go

$31 Million for Chiriqui Sports – Includes Major Fútbol / Soccer & Baseball Stadiums

New $3.5 million University Headquartes in Boquete’s Rapidly Developing Commercial Zone



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