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  1. The annual plate replacement here in Panama was one of the oddest things I have encountered. Of course, it seems odd that the annual vehicle inspection doesn't involve an inspection of anything except the paint colors, LIKE THAT MATTERS.
  2. According to some of Ken's close friends, Ken was brutally murdered. An autopsy is necessary for legal purposes but there is no doubt. There is also little doubt who did it. Police are actively seeking this individual.
  3. It seems to me that there is a fundamental question that has not been resolved. Is this State of Emergency allowed under the Panamanian constitution, or not? These protestors were almost certainly violating quarantine. I'm about tired of the heavy-handedness of the restrictions, and if they are unconstitutional, they should be lifted.
  4. It baffles me. Panama continues to have the most severe restrictions of any country, yet it is not working. Just a few miles from here, Costa Rica is basically open with distancing requirements and a much lower infection rate.
  5. That could be. At the moment, though, she's the only one making any money.
  6. Spraying the tires at the checkpoint is so silly. Covid is an airborne disease, and the virus dies quickly outdoors. Even if we somehow got some virus on our tires, nobody uses them for dinner plates.
  7. Is the El Cancho gym the one in Los Naranjos?
  8. BCP says it plans to reopen at another downtown location, and will announce it later. They can't reopen under current government restrictions, but there's not another auditorium elsewhere that I'm aware of.
  9. There seems to be a lot of intrigue to the situation. I assume Anayansi Menéndez is the owner of the property that was shared by BCP and Tap Out. It's pretty clear that the situation is not going to be resolved the way Sra. Menéndez suggests above. I don't know what use Tap Out can make of the auditorium, but it doesn't look like BCP is going to return to that location. That seems unfortunate to me.
  10. It's also important to know that each province has a sanitary fence meaning we can't leave Chiriqui without a salvoconducto. It probably affect too many viewers here, but the restriction on kids seems absurd to me.
  11. I've never heard of tea tree oil until Brundageba mentioned it here. A google search reveals that it's pretty useful stuff. This fly situation is very location specific. In past years, I've had quite a few flies at the start of rainy season. As of right now, ....(knocks on wood...), I hardly have any.
  12. It is time to increase the length of the quarantine window, if nothing else. It is unacceptable to risk a fine and towing for making a necessary trip to David.
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