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They called us a month ago and said we can go from 20Mb to 50 MB at no extra charge.  ( Will see if they raise the rates next year...they said they would not! ) Well, we switched and had problems. We did disconnect and re boot the modem several times. They sent a tech out-and he replaced a joiner for the cable going into the box and problem solved.

So now we are going from 50MB to 100MB!!! Totally happy with the 50MB. Me thinks there is going to be rate increases next year!

Our speed test:


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4 hours ago, Penny said:

What program do you guys use to measure your speed.

Another question -- I assume that "reset your modem" means to unplug it and then plug it back in.


To reboot your cable modem, you also have to remove the battery so it goes completely dead.  Then put the battery back in and plug in the power cord.

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Hello all,

We also have cable onda.  I have rebooted everything several times and still only get our normal speed in the 8 to 15 mbps download range.  Has this upgrade been implemented system wide?  Also, one post indicated that they were contacted by cable onda before being upgraded.     So my question is, do I have to do anything to get this upgrade?

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4 minutes ago, Hil said:

I tried that. Results were dismal! That's for the US. The results are insignificant for Panama.

This is the best bet for Panama.  http://beta.speedtest.net/

It will default to San Jose, Costa Rica. You must change your location to Cable Onda, Panama City, for a more accurate reading.


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