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  1. If you are flying with Copa, we have found that if you check-in online the day before (we always get an email from Copa telling us when check-in is permitted) their check-in process informs you of all the latest requirements for your destination and directs you to the relevant forms that need to be completed (currently https://www.panamadigital.gob.pa/RegistroPacoViajero for Panama). Checking in online speeds up the airport check-in process, assuming you have luggage to check.
  2. 6 x 8V Trojan T-875 deep cycle 170Ah lead-acid batteries complete with connector cables and hold-down brackets. Religiously maintained. Bought the batteries new 3.5 years ago for $1320.00 The charger is a PowerDrive3 15A charger, model 26580 with connector for Club Car Precedent. Price new: $250-$300 The batteries are still good for 18 holes around Lucero. Multi-meter shows 50V at full charge. Price for everything $250.00 WhatsApp Mike on 6768-5128
  3. Apparently, it is a current trend! https://www.cnbc.com/2021/05/28/unruly-behavior-from-passengers-has-never-been-this-bad-union-chief.html
  4. If you filled the form out in English, then "Boquete" will probably be shown as "Gap" in the dropdown (which is the english translation of boquete).
  5. Al Stefanelli shared a link. Visual Storyteller · 11 hrs COMMUNICATION #200 • SEPTEMBER 11TH The Official Gazette today published Decree 1078, by means of which the restrictions on mobility of people established by reason of the pandemic are lifted. The rule establishes that from September 2020 the curfew will be in force at the new 11:00 p.m. at 5:00 a.m. from Monday to Saturday. The curfew for the provinces of Bocas del Toro, Colón and Chiriquí remains in force from Monday to Thursday from 7:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. and on Fridays from 7:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. of Monday. The total quarantine is maintained on Sundays in the provinces of Panama and Panama Oeste. The mobility restriction by sex is lifted and the safe-conduct to circulate is without effect, except those issued for the benefit of companies that require to work between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. The same decree in its article 5 provides that the sanitary fences and control posts established by the Executive Branch remain in force. The established checkpoints will be authorized to verify through the P.A.C.O. and tools such as the "Pele Police" if the person is awaiting the results of an examination for COVID-19 or if they are in the quarantine stage for having suffered from the disease. In this case, the units of the National Police, with the support of the Ministry of Health, could transfer the person to a hospital center or hotel hospital to complete their quarantine period. Epidemiological report In the world, 19,041,645 people have been recovered, while a total of 28,219,714 accumulated positive COVID-19 cases and 910,460 deaths are added for a fatality percentage of 3.2%. For today, Friday, September 11, in Panama there are 72,858 recovered patients, 615 new positive cases, for a cumulative total of 100,330. To date, 5,007 tests were applied, for a positivity percentage of 12.3% and 13 new deaths have been registered, totaling 2,140 accumulated and a fatality of%. Active cases total 25,332. In home isolation, 24,031 people are reported, of which 23,566 are at home and 465 in hotels. There are 1,301 hospitalized and 1,132 of them are in the ward and 169 in the ICU. All official information regarding the pandemic in Panama and the actions of the National Government are communicated through the official MINSA accounts on the main social networks and on its website (www.minsa.gob.pa and www.yomeinformopma.org). are available at the 169 call center and WhatsApp number 69972539. Panama, September 11, 2020
  6. Does anyone have an aerobic step, with risers, for sale in the Boquete area?
  7. Yes, I was told this yesterday by a Panamanian!
  8. Not really. Panama has not been testing and/or reporting recoveries for many weeks - their recovery numbers have been blatantly low compared to other coutries. 3 weeks ago there were 4000+ cases in Panama. Today, all of those have either recovered or died.
  9. I went to Gago yesterday, and a young woman took my temperature before I went in! ( Well, I think she did, she was having a bit of trouble making it work!)
  10. I believe the jump in numbers of patients in Boquete is due to the fact that they all come from the same family, tho' if I am wrong, I am sure someone will correct me?
  11. Can you list the frozen goods so that we don't have to visit just to find out? Also, are you offering delivery service?
  12. Here's a Google Maps link to the exact location together with photos from last year's gathering: https://goo.gl/maps/XctGokc5buytJZei6 Here's a link to their website: https://www.tribalgathering.com/home
  13. We had a wonderful time last night - awesome food, great ambience, a large single Table where you meet new friends (10 guests last night), beautiful location and exceptional service from Claudia, Luis and the rest of the staff. We will be doing this again...
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