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Ning "Membership / Events Director" announcement


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Olga Suarez is the new membership and events person at Ning.

See below notice, extracted from Boquete.Ning.com a few minutes ago. I presume the posting date to be today, Friday, November 20, 2015.




Hello Ning Community:
I have great news to share with you! I have joined new Ning Management Team, as its Membership / Events Director.  I spent the past few weeks exploring all the ideas with Bob Hunter and happy to report I look forward to join him & the team.   As many of you know, I have been a resident of Boquete for a few years  and very active in many community matters.  It also helps that I have a heritage background in Panama as part of the latin culture and also raised in the United States. I understand the differences and dynamic's of the expat community and hope my experiences I share can help the Ning community.  Although I am traveling for a few months, from afar, I am still very involved with all the happenings of our town. I do plan on returning over the next few months, with frequent travels in between for my new business opporuntities.
It is exciting to see the direction the new Ning management is taking and in turn, the tremendous opportunities this new direction will present to the community. Far from personal attacks and bickering, (but still enjoying stimulating differences).  Ning will focus on spotlighting the good, the innovative, and the unique. Enhancing the beauty of our town and all the good it has to offer; Its people, businesses, places, nature and much more. Ning will strive to be all its members hope it to be and Ning will work hard with our members to make Boquete a continued great place to live.
A new service we will soon be offering to our members is a “Hard-to-Get” products in Panama service; We will be opening a portal service where these liked by all, but hard-to-find, items are readily available by request, at affordable prices. ( you request, and we will have a team in place to purchase in the U.S. and deliver right to you in Boquete at a small add on fee.
Ning hopes to be a community portal where all residents, visitors and will-be residents can discuss issues and resolve any problems that the community may face,  in an amicable tone.  There will be community events of interest to all:  Select fairs, festivals, clubs and so much more we look to hosts. Please be patient and offer your ideas to me.
With the input from all you, I hope to make Ning a better “go to”source for all. I look forward to hearing from all of you and thank you in advance for your support in this new venture.  With ideas from you and hard work from me, this will be a success!
Olga Suarez
Membership /Events Director
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I predict it will be a resounding failure based on her performance as manager of the Palomar restaurant at Valle del Rio. Along with ten friends, I had the very worst restaurant experience ever at  Sunday brunch there. Abysmal service, cold food on the buffet, mimosas spilled all over the table and several of us followed by inadequate clean up, $8 (!) for simple drinks, etc., etc. It was embarrassing to the person who set it up. And when she complained, Ms. Suarez did absolutely nothing.

Now that I think about it, it fits right in with the new Ning's idea of what constitutes customer service.

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"On ISIS, it is simple. For what I have read and research, it is just another product of CIA and American politics, no matter which one.

Hussein, Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, all products of training by the US and put there by them at one point or another for various reasons,

just like ISIS was and is indirectly funded by Barry, who seems to be conveniently blinded

by some weird reason, left our equipment behind and made ISIS who they are.

I am a Republican btw but this mistake of letting the CIA run the middle East strategies

has not worked and specially under Barry, who likes them, has grown.

Democrats and Republicans screwed this one up."

 --- Direct quote from Olga Suarez ---


BOQUETE NING, 18 Nov 2015

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 Ning will focus on spotlighting its narrow definition of what is good, the innovative concept of closing the door on its own shallow definition of what is not, and stifling the unique. Enclosing the beauty of our town with an inchoate understanding of the good it has to offer; three or four people, select businesses, random places, confined human nature and not much more. Ning will strive to be all that both its members hope it to be and Ning will work hard to inculcate impressionable members to make Boquete a contained and carefully controlled place to live.

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1 hour ago, Dottie Atwater said:

I am surprised at the businesses that continue to advertise on ning--and am disappointed in them.

Big congratulations to Planet Telecom for canceling their ad on ning!

I think some are just waiting for what they've already paid for to expire before they move on. That was actually what Planet Telecom had intended doing but they pulled his ad that was paid for thru the end of the year. OOPS!

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I'm not anti-Ning, but their oppressive tactics violate my most valued principles.  I'm already on record as supporting PT's actions.  In the absence of any statements from the other sponsors, I consider them to be providing tacit support to Ning's actions and I am no longer giving any business to them.  It's painful because one of them is a personal favorite that I have used regularly.  I know they're caught between a rock and a hard spot and I do have sympathy for their situation.  Hopefully, I can start using them again in the new year.

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