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  1. Dear Chiriqui Lifers, I recently read a rather long and convoluted forum posting about something or other, and there was a lot of stuff in it, and some back-and-forth, and much "quoting", then followed by much "re-quoting", which was either construed or mis-construed, and then there was a bit of a rhubarb, with postings and ripostes, and it seemed as though some feathers were ruffled and a bit of fur flew, and there was the requisite "blah-blah-blah", and an imbroglio instigated investigation of intolerance, and civility was verging on civil war, with families and friendships torn akimbo
    Hey, Bill, drinking it in or spewing it out? Only YOU know the truthiness! Dav
  2. Nice photojournal, Hil, and thanks for sharing. It appears that Edna has more artifacts on display in el museo now than she did ten years ago. The history of her family's care of Sitio Barriles, and some of the conflicts that were fomented by outside archaeologists and "officials" was disheartening, challenging, and extraordinarily complex for the family. That they were able to preserve what they have is a testament to their tenacity and their genuine love and respect for the site and its remaining treasures. I personally enjoyed the opportunity, several times, to wander the quiet little
  3. I can't get past my own innate fear of Canadians and their fell conspiracies to take control of the entire universe. Don't let those cheerful smiles fool you!
  4. WryAwry

    2016 USA Election For President

    Sorry, Hil. My short answer is "yes."
  5. WryAwry

    Florida Visit

    Hil, I hope you didn't grab that sand mermaid inappropriately. And what is that leering creature behind her left shoulder? A US politician? Lucky you, to be back in Panama where there are no political shenanigans!
  6. Sex education is a waste. ALL education is a waste! The better economic option is to just to pass-out cheap Chinese TV's to everyone, and let the cards -- and the babies -- fall where they may. The only thing that really matters is that we have plenty of Important Holy People to keep the bubble in the middle of the spurtchul level while babies are having babies...
  7. These "get outta town (USA) before ya drown" pieces are becoming as ubiquitous as "(insert your favorite gripe here)". Their frequency has spawned the latest backlash, which is manifesting as the viral defense of just how great things are here in the Good Ol' Yew Ess of Aye. The priorities boil-down to quality-of-life issues: "I hurt and it sucks cuz it's so expensive to try to fix it." The touts of "Retirement Paradises" such as Boquete seldom do more than take a swipe at the veneer with a dustcloth; the realities of any change in any life are far too complex to comprehensively address.
  8. Culture -- or lack thereof. The suppression of education and/or knowledge and/or wisdom strikes me as the roots of cultural regression. Or is it repression? Again, hubris is the driving force, and I find it despicable. Soapbox for rent: $9.99 Balboas.
  9. Few human frailties are as contemptible as hubris. Few humans are as susceptible to the trap of hubris as are "men of the cloth". Bah.
  10. Those of my fellow CL participants whose safe haven no longer seems quite secure, just withdraw all the cash and send it to me -- in non-descript suitcases or other suitable plain-brown wrappings -- and I'll look after it for you. Send it to the PO box in the storefront in that Miami mini-mall. We're all in this together, wryawry
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