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  1. I'm so jealous! I don't like the "burn the hair off your tongue" heat, but I do like it medium heat and spicy. We have taught our Panamanian friends to like a bit of spicy food too. Now they love it.
  2. Thank you and Merry Christmas to you three as well.
  3. From La Presna article: Said Diaz I've Been the victim of "indirect Threats," and Has Been Increased security for the prosecutor. The prosecutor Also Said That witnesses and defendants in the case Have Also Been the subject of Threats. This is how thugs deal with it.
  4. There are other options than killing the dogs though.
  5. So there have been complaints about healthy dogs on the street but not the damaged, starving, sick ones. I never heard of the Corrigedor's threatening to euthanize those. This just makes me sick.
  6. Because I wouldn't trust what was in it. They eat dog in some of those places in Mexico. The Mexican Restaurants in CA, WA and even AK where I've eaten were run by people from Mexico and the cooks made authentic Mexican dishes. You don't have to go to Mexico to get authentic Mexican food you know.
  7. Something doesn't sound right here. Since when do they put down healthy dogs?
  8. I'd like REAL Mexican food like you get in CA. I'm not that fond of Tex Mex actually. When I lived in TX I would have loved to have real Mexican food.
  9. True Keith, meant to say Judicial powers, not political. Martinelli keeps going on about political persecution and that's where I got off track. I hope they are able to arrest him, get him back to Panama to face all of the charges against him. For a man that thinks he's so smart, he's sure playing dumb. Without any proof nor being mentioned, syndicared ,notified or accused I am being seek by Panama funny political judicial system. Poor Pty
  10. Been there for some time and most everyone knows it too. Well with the exception of the political powers that be in Panama because they really don't want to know it seems. Makes one wonder who he's paying off to play dumb.
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