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  1. I have tried all their options---*86, etc. and when I enter *86 and gone through all the instructions and saved the message, then when I enter *86 again,, it will play my outgoing message, but when I call the number from another phone....nothing! Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good automatic transmission repair shop in David? I have a 2004 Nissan X-Trail. Thank you.
  3. There were already stiff laws on the books regarding animal abuse, including prison time for anyone who caused the death of a domestic animal. My employee says according to the news, the laws were being enforced in Panama City. But here in Volcan? There might as well not be ANY laws. The people who are supposed to enforce them are worthless!
  4. Our November clinic brought our total of dogs and cats sterilized to 5,236. Our next clinic will be on January 19, 2020. Read the details of the 134th clinic at http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/134th.html. And see the photos at https://photos.app.goo.gl/WxC4Qmj7FJtFFtPy6 Happy Holidays to all. And remember this important message: You are the center of your dog's universe. You are the sun, the moon and the stars to your canine companion. With their lifelong devotion to us, we often wonder how we can ever repay our dogs for their unconditional love. How? You can give them a good qu
  5. At this 133rd clinic, Dr. Tello sterilized 27 dogs and 17 cats. This brings our total of dogs and cats sterilized to 5,192. See details at http://spaypanama-chiriqui.org/133rd.html Link to the photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WN3Ei8FW95id1CYJA Every clinic is an "adventure." At this one, a dog that had already been anesthetized and was on the table to be prepped suddenly had EXPLOSIVE diarrhea. Thank God for our wonderful volunteers! They can handle anything and everything! Two of my dogs had major surgery. One had a severed tendon in her left rear leg. Dr. Tello used a new me
  6. So sorry! Because of a severe computer crash, I was unable to create the web pages for August and September. I am having o reinstall all my programs, and I experienced many lost and corrupted files...I am still struggling with those issues. I was using the outdated Microsoft Front Page to create my web pages. All of those files were corrupted, thus my template is gone. Now I'm trying to find a program to replace Front Page, and that is a challenge. I can't figure out how to use Weebly or Wix because I want to create my own template, not use one of theirs. I am exploring other programs to
  7. I solved my particular spam problem. I discovered that in addition to real spam, every time I received a legitimate message in my gmail account, a "non-deliverable" identical message appeared in my spam folder...."can't deliver to muffiemae@yahoo.com." I discovered that I could set up a filter to automatically delete anything that contained "muffiemae@yahoo.com." So far, so good. However, I do have another computer problem: After a massive computer crash and loss of many files, when I click to open some of the remaining files, I get this message. I've done search after search an
  8. I get dozens in messages in my Spam folder every day because they were sent to a non-existent yahoo account. (I deleted that particular yahoo account long ago.) Can anyone advise me how to stop these? If I don't delete them every day, I end up with hundreds! I just deleted 84 of the spam messages. HELP PLEASE. Interestingly, I just noticed that I received and read a message from someone in my gmail account. That particular message was also copied into my Spam folder. Help! Thanks... Dottie
  9. Keith, some time back you posted that PriceSmart had the biodegradable bags and you even posted a picture. I have yet to find them in PriceSmart. On Thursday I asked a young employee about where they would be WHEN they got more. He said right where the other plastic bags are. Was that the location where you had found them? Dottie
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