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A Challenge of 2 Local Chefs for Charity


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Chef Chris Young writes:

I recently saw an article my friend Eric with 2 guys and a cooler put out on his newsletter. This article was hilarious, he went into great detail about an observation he made about the street performers in David. These people are more than likely backpackers making there way through central America on a limited budget, and stand at the stop lights demonstrating crazy talents like blowing bubbles, juggling and much more. Erics article, was very thought out and crafted in a way where he explains, how frequent the stoplights change, how many hours a day the people exhibit there talents and hypothesized approximately how much these artist are capable of making per day, week , month and year! This total was upwards in the range of $50,000 dollars per year. I thought that was insane, but he is more than often correct when he does these calculations! So this got me thinking, what if we put his theory to the test? If someone actually spent a afternoon in the hot summer streets of David at a stoplight, doing something like this, how much could be made?

So I propose this challenge to you Eric! I challenge you to an afternoon in the streets doing a trick, with you on one side of the street and me on the other side of the street, after the time we choose to do this If my tips exceed your tips, I get yours and will donate everything to The Handicap foundation here in Boquete, and if yours exceeds mine than you get my tips and you donate all the funds to a charity of your choosing!!

I look forward to hearing back from you!!

Eric does not know I am doing this!!!

For more information about what Eric decides to do, and follow the progress click on the link below to sign up for my mailing list!

Best regards,

Chef Chris

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Wow, I'm like Bonnie. I've never seen anyone give money. And it seems they're always the same people (couple of guys and occasionally a woman) which says to me they're not just traveling through but it also says they make enough money to keep doing it.

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30 years ago in Boulder, CO I was in a workshop, we had a challange to make money, enough for dinner.  Our group (6 people) bought paper towels and window cleaner.  We divided into groups of two and at an intersection with a stop light, washed peoples car windows.  We made $80 profit in about 2 hours.  We never asked for tips.  It was fun.

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Although I applaud the idea of fund raising for charity, I can't imagine these two guys earning enough at clowning around in David to pay for the gas to get there. It seems to me that some kind of competition involving their culinary skills would be a lot more likely to raise cash.

Another thought is that maybe the notice is just a gimmick to get signups for a newsletter.

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