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Nestled in the heart of the emerald green highlands of Boquete, Panama, a surprising culinary jewel has emerged. Seasons Restaurant, the signature feature of the newly opened clubhouse of Lucero Golf & Country Club brings fine dining to a new level.

A native of New York and Panamanian resident, Seasons Executive Chef Craig Jacobs, draws on influences from his travels to countries as far as Northern Thailand and as close as Cuba and Peru to create menu that is as committed to fresh season ingredients as it is to change. “Seasons will be ever changing,” said Chef Jacobs, “I will modify the menu using what is fresh and in season. We will have a farm-to-table concept and we are starting to plant many ingredients onsite.”

It’s hard to imagine a more fitting environment for exploring Chef Craig’s international fusion menu than the pool side dining deck, or Season’s breezy indoor dining room, which is an equally enticing spot to meet for a drink or to entertain those out-of-town guests who are sure to arrive once word of Chef Craig’s Seasons Restaurant gets out.

Come and visit us at SEASONS from July 18,

Located in La Estrella, Jaramillo, in Boquete

Open from Wednesdays through Mondays from 11:30am to 9pm


For more information, visit:


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So the new Seasons Restaurant advertises and posts a photo of a fancy food item on another website. Too bad Craig Jacobs doesn't realize a Chiriqui.life membership is free (no charge for advertising to sell his fancy food).

Gotta provide funding for that other web sight maybe. :S

What I really don't understand is if the restaurant is already open or not. If so, then their announcement here gave the wrong date. What is the real story here?

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Dear Pat,

As our post advertised, our restaurant opened this past Monday, July 18th. The pictures we have uploaded are from private events held in the premises before the opening.

Thank you for your advise. As a new restaurant we have advertised in many different blogs and websites, including our own website and social media accounts.

Website: http://www.lucerocountryclub.com/

Facebook & Instagram: @seasonsatlucero

But we love posting on Chiriqui Life as well ^_^


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In looking at the menus the pizza looks like the best bet for the price. The main menu is EXPENSIVE!! The least expensive salad is $17??? Hopefully that is the dinner menu and not the lunch menu?  Wine/drink list? Are you honouring Jubilado discount? 


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Full disclosure: I am a resident of Lucero, and pleased to have a quality restaurant near at hand.

We had dinner at Seasons on Monday, their official opening night, with two other couples. Our orders totaled 7 appetizers and five mains, and with no concertation among us, it turned out that there were hardly any duplicates - the menu must have something for everyone! The biggest hits were the Bangkok Noodle soup and the Tuna appetizer. The drinks were very generous, and we were cheerfully given the jubilado discount.

I can't remember ever having a Cobb salad anywhere in Boquete, and mine was real Cobb, and very, very copious. We asked for separate checks for each couple, and from memory mine came to $54 (tip not included) and covered three glasses of wine, two cocktails, one order of mussels, the Cobb, the Mekong Sub sandwich and the Shrimp. The bread is baked on premises and we had two baskets of croissants with a butter dish, real linen napkins, and due to opening-night teething problems (confused ordering, slow service) we were offered a complimentary post-prandial cordial, which we declined. I feel we received good value for the money.

Footnote: the pizza oven is imported from Italy and has not yet been commissioned - apparently it requires some kind of "seasoning" before Craig will issue any pizzas.

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Thanks for your posting. It is good to get a first hand report from one of CL's members.

I fondly recall good meals, good service, and reasonable prices when Craig was here doing his thing at Las Ruinas. Really would like for this new restaurant to prosper. But I have to say some of the prices did kinda scare me off, witness the report of a salad being $17.00. It is not a case of not being able to afford it, but as I get older the issues of good value for the cost seem to take on importance. I am glad to read your report. For the items you had, the price does seem reasonable.

We did hear there are some start up problems, but that always happens, and shouldn't be held against an establishment.

Will give Seasons a try in the near future for a first hand report on my part.

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Thank you for the encouragement.

We share a nostalgia for the Las Ruinas offering - but folks need to know that this new restaurant is not Las Ruinas (or the Fish Market).

My take is that Seasons seeks to join the "fine dining" category of Boquete restaurants. Certainly, Craig's personal style has evolved from the casual roadhouse entepreneur to that of a proper "Chef de Cuisine". Expectations need to be adjusted, otherwise disappointments will surely follow.

I believe there is an opportunity for someone to create a successor to Las Ruinas, but this is definitely not it.

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Good afternoon everyone,

Thank you for your interest in our brand new restaurant. And we apologize that our downloadable menu dollar sign in our website may have caused confusion among readers. We will be taking measures to ensure this never happens again.

To clarify, our salads, soups, appetizers, hamburgers and subs are all priced under $11. Our main dishes range between $15 and $25.

For drinks we have a varied range of pricing. We want to portray exclusivity, while still remaining competitive.

Please find soft drinks & alcoholic drinks menus attached,

Drinks 1 (3).pdf

Drinks 2 (2).pdf

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I love to cook but you have to leave the house sometimes. Visited Seasons with my wife for her birthday. What an excellent choice. Chef Craig has put together a fine dining experience that should get people up the mountain to this beautiful venue.

The mussels were tops. The special chicken curry was enough for two (desayuno para mi), not too spicy but layered with flavor with the heat back. The tender beef filet was prepared rare, as requested. The fresh fried donuts with gelato were wonderful. The wine list is extensive. (Craig, please put the wine list in a binder, flipping loose pages not acceptable)

In my opinion a 5 star experience worthy of a "do again" soon.

Keep up the good work Craig.

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Come join us for a very Special Night in Thailand at Lucero. We will have a lantern Ceremony to bring Luck, Health, Wealth & Happiness or whatever else you wish for.

I have posted the menu below, please RSVP with us at msandoya@lucero.com.pa

Don't miss this very special event.

We are working on having a shuttle but need your RSVP's to organize, We look forward to seeing you all!



Shrimp Tom Yum Goong – Sopa Tom Yum de Camarones

Thai style Chicken Wings – Alitas de Pollo al Estilo Thai


Panang Chicken 
Deep Fried Snapper with chili cilantro sauce


Sticky rice

Stir fried Bok Choi


Thai Iced Tea Gelato

Fresh Mango with Sticky Rice and Coconut Milk



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Dear Seasons Management, Hanna & Chef Craig,

Your restaurant's very fine, a great place to view & dine, but now we're so very vexed, unable to phone-muchas perplexed? Friday we called 8101 for dinner & pina coladas, but were told (in Spanish): "no se", "no transfer", "no reservation", "no nada".....

Please get a direct working number to your restaurant and someone who speaks English and Spanish to answer calls, this would increase reservations, and decrease frustrations. :)


DeDe Wede:)


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