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You can fly to Cuba as an American under almost the same rules as last month.  Trump only shut down the cruise ships going to Cuba and section 8 “people to people”. Section 12 is easiest “support for the Cuban people”. Spend money at non black listed Cuban restaurants hotels art gallery etc.  document it.   ViaHero.com  can set you up with itinerary.   When you sign the form you are stating that you are going to live by the rules and keep a record of what you did in case they want to review you. With 2 million tourist going from us to Cuba in the last couple of years I think you have a better chance at the lottery than being reviewed.   Cuba is wonderful to visit, the people are friendly and for the most part honest.  Normal dumb tourist over charge is in effect like many other countries but only a few places.  Havana is incredible beautiful and also heart breaking.   Two classes of people, rich and poor.  We were there on June 1st and 2nd taught a paper making class to Cuban artist.  It was great fun. Then June 4th trump shut down cruise ships to Cuba. Which canceled our return visit on June 8 and 9 Which only really hurts the poor people. American Airlines is $250 round trip from Miami to Havana July 2 I tried.  

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